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  1. Cheers for the help dude, flipped the spring and all is well
  2. Just had a look under the car, my guess is because the actual spring isn't sitting right?? I guess I have to have a mess about with it later
  3. Can do Ill get a few pics up as soon as I can, I'm working nights so don't see much day light unfortunately, I'll see what I can do
  4. I swapped it all over, turns out the rubber bush was broke so just bought a new one and everything is fine now I'm not to sure about the rear tho, I've bottomed the coil out on the rear and it's still really high compared to the front, not to sure what I've done wrong there, might just take it to a garage cause I don't fancy messing with something I don't really know much about
  5. Hi all just bought a set of cheap coilovers for the Arosa and I having a few issues with them, put the rears in and bottom it out and it hasn't lowered the car in the slightest, however this doesn't bother me to much as the fronts are much worse, swapped everything from the old shock to the new ones and when the coilovers are in and the car is on the ground the shock lifts the top cap up and hits the bonnet, I genuinely don't know what I have done wrong, don't know whether it's me being a complete idiot or the coils are ****? Most likely my fault, any help is appreciated Dan
  6. I do plan on blocking the EGR off because I've just had enough with it now, but will it still pass emissions on its MOT or not??
  7. I do plan on blocking it but what is that barometric pressure sensor
  8. Well the EGR is back, the car is still running bad so ran a check through the laptop, got 5 fault codes ? Would any one happen to know a solution to this one because I have no idea, "manifold / barometric pressure sensor (g71) / (f96)" this a also led to the car misfiring as well any help would be appreciated
  9. Thanks for the reply, it's in such an awkward spot, I'm currently taking it to bits to free up some room so I can get my hands in there
  10. Hi all, EGR valve went again so took it off to clean, when it came to putting it back in I decided I wanted to drop the bolts down into the engine bay along with a few Allen keys, managed to get my tools back but can't get the one bolt which has louged it's self near the gearbox, was wondering if any one knew the specs so I can go get another one cheers
  11. Well I made a slight mistake? turns out the bore is 67.1 like are Rota's, contacted the previous owner of the wheels and he said I was trying to fit the wheel onto the hub where the center cap goes and the bit that actually connects with the hub is behind that if that makes any sense, just bought a spigot ring and it fits like a glove, sorry for wasting your time guys but it was a learning experience ??
  12. I've been looking at fks and just wanted to see if anyone has had any problems with them Was planning on getting them fks but won't bother since they leaked within a year, may a well save a bit more money and get something that will last longer cheers for the help guys
  13. Hi all, looking at buying some coilovers for the arosa, had a look at a few but not sure on which to get, would like to spend up to £250 cheers
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