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  1. Noice! I like the mk1s... Forced induction for the win.
  2. Sausage

    GTI Upgrades

    0.8mm will be fine, you will be just doing overlapping spots for a lot of it anyway. Welding upside down is a pain in the ass (or ear when the weld blobs go in there) so get some height on the side if you can. Do some practice on your scrap, clean tight joints help a ton as does no wind if outside. watch some urchfab for panel welding technique:
  3. Sausage

    lupo tdi

    How are they balanced? Do they have more meat on the back of the head area? They are a very marmite wheel and i fall into the disgust camp on them but those splitties do make them easier to stomach...
  4. Amazed that got past the swear filter LOL. Best bargain was my black TDI hillclimb shed i am currently driving. I got a 6 speed TDI box for £1. No use to me, but i bid on it and got it.
  5. Whatever i gain on one thing I lose on another so I find my smugness doesnt last for long, especially when I had the fluffy boo pikies lifting hundreds of £££s of my stuff last year.
  6. Once moving just match the revs to road speed / gear and you can change gears easy enough without touching the clutch pedal. OK for a get you home but long term the syncros will have a hard time of it unless you are quite good at it.
  7. No I havent done it yet, got all the bits, done all the reading and then procrastinated big time. Black TDI needs major overhaul now so either it or the red one will get the treatment. 3 pot mechanicals: 1.4 TDI engine mechanicals.pdf
  8. 02R gearbox fits you just have to shave the mounting lugs as there is webbing between them to fit the gearbox mount. Some ratios here: https://workshop-manuals.com/seat/leon-mk1/02r_5-speed/technical_data/gearbox_identification/code_letters_assembly_allocation_ratios_capacities/ VNT needs suitable n75 and mapping. He needs bigger injectors right off the bat if he wants to do this. Also the 4 pot flywheel wont be offset balanced to the 3 pot piston / crank assembly so either get that done somehow, or get the 3 pot flywheel machined and re pinned for 4 pot clutches or else just live with the vibration.
  9. Yep, other variables are clutch not adjusted right so release bearing is always under some load or clutch faults. Input shaft spins in neutral at clutch bite point, so you can hear excessive bearing noise or rattles then if it has problem. If it only rattles when the car is moving then output shaft, differential side of things comes into play.
  10. Clutch isnt either on or off so try some detective work on when the noise changes. At light touch on the pedal? At the bite point? At clutch released? Same thing coming back up the pedal travel from the floor. Release bearing isnt doing anything until you touch the pedal and move it into contact with the pressure plate. As you press the clutch in it is then under load and will make noise if it is worn. That will be a rotational scraping noise. A rattle there might be broken release bearing mount, broken clutch finger etc but will sound horrendous. If your rattle is coming in at the clutch bite point and then disappearing on clutch pedal down beyond bite point (clutch disengaged) then that is when input shaft on the gearbox starts and stops rotating. If so then gearbox.
  11. Take it off for a proper job, no point leaving the metal bits in there.
  12. No idea, I have not tried it on a lupo, had a back box fall off a mondeo it sounded great, the default mod when a yoof was to remove silencer and substitute something in its place. Probably a middle box delete instead then as my TDI only has rear box and sounds very nice.
  13. Depends what kit you have access to and how knackered the thread is. Unless you have taps the right sizes or helicoil kit the right size it is probably just easier to source another sump. M14x1.5 it looks like. Sump off either way to clean it and get the bits of thread out. Maybe some metal repair stuff might work, but you'd still need to drill and tap that tbh. if you have a grinder you can make a rough tap out of an old bolt the right size thread by cutting slots down the thread for chip clearance and putting a taper on the nose of it, would work fine for softer stuff. I'd probably go M16x1.5 or M18x1.5 and get a sump plug to suit.
  14. Oldstout, my suggestion was for someone who asked what different back boxes might sound like. So the cheapest option (which is always my favourite option) was to see what no back box sounded like first. That can then be moderated with a small silencer and / or large bore tail pipe.
  15. Pull the plugs off the ecu and look for dark corroded pins and connections there as well. That is all 4 injectors not working so check their wiring loom too. If you have to take it somewhere then take it to an auto electrician as opposed to a mechanic due to specialist knowledge, so it will be less guess work.
  16. Probably: https://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/462509-vcdsobdeleven-increased-sensitivity-of-the-throttle-pedal/ Seems like dsg thing only though from my brief look..
  17. There will be some sort of scrappage schemes and then they will be priced off the road thru taxation and ever tighter emissions testing. I cant believe the bidding on this £260 tax SDI, no way is it worth £1500.
  18. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    Err, those splines look awful big, fine and straight cut....
  19. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    085311158N is about £370! You know you want one... You'd also need 085311361G which is another £205.
  20. Do the hoses get hard? Is overheating on the gauge or is it actually boiling the water (you can hear it) and chucking steam out the expansion tank? It sounded like an airlock from the water pump change but that shouldnt still be the issue all this time later if it has had some use. Fans should kick in regardless, if they dont then sort that out first. The sensor might be in air and they dont kick in if still got air in it.
  21. Far too early to tell if it has worked. He didnt wait to see what happened after flushing, so the old catch 22 of was there a problem or did someone put oil in the water by mistake and he's wasted £40? If it is a leak it could well be quite slow anyway otherwise a cup of oil will be off the dipstick and obviously being lost and would have shown up in routine maintenance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_silicate#Automotive_repair interesting stuff...
  22. A tenner might be worth the gamble, I dont think £40 is. You may as well use it as is while monitoring its oil and water quality and levels.
  23. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    You can see the case webbing that gets in the way of the puller legs there, although it is other shaft in pic.
  24. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    You wont be getting any 02J bits on 085 shafts...
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