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  1. You are still throwing money at a problem that hasnt been confirmed. Your replacement ecu will "fix" the problem and you will think your mechanic is the greatest to walk the earth, but as you wont just drive it as it is now to find out if the problem is fixed or not you will never know if the £££s you have chosen to spend have been a waste or not. Most limp modes can be reset by turning the ignition off and back on again, so unless it is happening very often it isnt the end of the world.
  2. I'm also in the leave the bump strips on camp. Plenty to go wrong removing them especially if they have been glued on, reattached, sprayed over etc. I watch a lot of UK dash cam footage on youtube. It is educational. Most of the cammers are useless drivers, too aggressive, no awareness, no idea on road position or able to read what others are likely doing or going to do, straight to the horn instead of avoidance, no toleration of others mistakes and most of the time creating their own incidents. They upload the footage of others apparent poor driving seemingly without realising that they are usually the problem. Learn defensive driving instead. (rant over).
  3. Mine doesnt have abs. Maybe old hard pads or glazing? It had black diamond disks on but currently running standard stuff. Forgot to say: My brakes were initially crap, utter shite when i got the car, MOT passable but rubbish. Seized piston slider and old hard pads. Brakes are miles better now with used (from the red tdi) standard disks and pads and brakes that work properly.
  4. I have the kit in a box, never seen the need to upgrade though so maybe your brakes and suspension arent working too well?
  5. Sausage

    Arosa TDI

    Who's done it / doing it? You could always buy a mpps lead and copy the file from arosa to lupo mind.
  6. At the front right hand corner of the engine.
  7. Sausage

    Arosa TDI

    You've been missing out big time.
  8. OK fixed. I did wonder and it turned out to be correct: Passenger door window motor disconnected over the winter as window wouldnt go back up without assistance so rather than it packing up down I unplugged it. So that was linked in to the sunroof wiring so with it disconnected there the sunroof wouldnt work. Fixed door regulator today and sunroof motor back in and working which is a result.
  9. Understood, I am a total tightwad myself and chances are washers will do just fine and all, but i would feel real uneasy about having vital suspension parts that literally hold the wheels on the car under undue strain with little surface contact between the parts and relying almost solely on the bolts that are now under the extra strain to do the do their job. You also have to dial some toe in as well if you are lowered much. Edit: https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/322498-washer-size-to-camber-rear/
  10. Get some camber shims instead they will have all the markings on them and you have full surface contact on the parts instead of an air gap.
  11. automatic bids when someone is bidding against them most likely. When it "sells" and then gets relisted within a few days is a good sign of fake bids too, especially with no mention of timewaster bidder xyz. Look for 0 feedback or low feedback accounts with excessive percentile activity with the seller. Edit: Here u go:
  12. My mother has a Polo 6n2 1.4 automatic with this engine, the 16v 75hp would have been a superior option. Is this a mk1 Arosa then? I like the front ends on them.
  13. Bidding so far looks alright to me. (unless you have some tools to show linked accounts i guess) and i'm pretty good at spotting shill bidding. Click on bid history, then click on the bidders in that list and you can see their activity with the seller. Obviously some just use friends and family to get the price up and you wont spot that.
  14. Havent you answered your own question by saying one has male and one has female plug? Just look at the wired plug dangling by the hole and stick the only sensor that will plug into it there.
  15. Actually scratch that, I just went and checked it is a very shallow 13mm. Socket wont work unless you grind the end flatter as they have a bevel for easier location.
  16. Try imperial sockets if the nut has shrunk from rust. very likely a 10mm use a hex socket.
  17. RPF1 are about the lightest wheels you can get but the price tag is too silly for a tightwad like me.
  18. EGR valve is stuck open most likely, take it off and clean it. http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/17559/P1151/004433 http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/16786/P0402/001026 Do egr first and see if the other fault is still there after a bit.
  19. I prefer them in anthracite. How much weight difference between them and Superleggeras?
  20. I like the red one, would have bought it ages ago if it was a lot closer and he'd take nearer 2k for it.
  21. I am a cheapskate, also a tightwad, I have 2 Lupo TDIs. Go figure.
  22. Probably the inspection bung and you are looking at the flywheel starter ring teeth not gearbox internals.
  23. That glittery abomination was quite tempting, still a hell of a lot of work to make it worth anything though.
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