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  1. The wheels protrude and in some areas you will be pulled over by Car Plod. Rural areas I'd guess will be places to avoid as their Plod doesn't have much to do, in Wales, that's Dyfed Powys Police
  2. Has anyone on the forum ever had this happen?
  3. A re mapped TDI will give an easy 100bhp and massively more torque, 60 mpg and just £30 road tax. A more leisurely drive too than the high revving Sport, none of the clutch pedal issues is a bonus as well. I've had every model of these cars save the little ultra green 3litre tdi and a GTI and I admit I liked my Arosa Sport but I would never chose it or anything else over a mapped TDI.
  4. A green one here, not my taste and quite old but there aren't many left Volkswagen Lupo Sport | eBay
  5. These are like hens teeth and attracting big money, consider an Arosa Sport too as they have great front seats & side airbags
  6. Why, 15" G60 steels are cool, I have a set of 15" R50 steels with new tyres, won't be that different
  7. thanks, I'll check, I have a spare set of steels which might look ok on my TDI, I'll let you know
  8. Would wheels from a R50 Mini fit, the come in 15, 16 & 17 inch sizes, as an e.g 16 x 6.5 et48
  9. sent to me by x-line, can this crap be blocked?
  10. After buying a 1.0 litre for my son, I progressively fell for them too, his 2nd one was a 1.4 litre an electric sunroof, then I bought a few spares cars to repair inc another 1 litre that had a front end smash, an Arosa Sport and a 2nd 1.4, the sport had the clutch pedal issue but the Lupo just needed tlc and suited my son when he came back from a year in OZ. In the meantime I bought another 2 Arosa's, a very smelly and smoky sdi and a tdi that needed a gearbox rebuild. Onwards and upwards I bought a Lupo TDI sport with a sunroof, which my wife confiscated. Down to just one now, my Arosa tdi,
  11. A bit of a job as the black gum is difficult to remove, I did one on the drivers side, but gave up on the 2nd one
  12. Nice car, have you kept the seats, I think they are the best in any of these Lupo/Arosa models
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