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  1. Looks like my son isn't getting his licence back as soon as he'd hoped so if anyone is interested in the car give me a call 07518 785 005
  2. Looks like my youngest son wants it, and its the only thing he can afford to run
  3. I'm smitten with my Mini Cooper's and now rarely drive my 'rosa so considering passing it on. 175K Miles, mine since 2014, 6 previous owners, all in South Wales, so no rust issues. New shocks, lowered springs, reconditioned gearbox, several pairs of new discs, Arosa Sport interior, black roof, both inside and out. Rear spoiler, manual windows fitted as it will come with a spare steering rack, spare rear lights, a VW radio and CD player, and a black bonnet. The car is described as grey on the V5 but I'd say it was closer to silver, usual £30 in tax and 60 mpg. The best bit though is that it was remapped by James Hawkins of Hawkins Automotive Tuning a Llanelli based company, Much much quicker than the previous TDI's that I have owned, 100bhp+ I'm looking for £750, photos tomorrow
  4. A VW Lupo or Seat Arosa TDI is better in every respect, faster, better brakes, equal or better economy and able to be boosted by a re-map
  5. In Scotland the issue will always be rust, they use a lot of salt on the roads in Winter, if the sub frames are ok the car will or should be ok or fixable
  6. The wheels protrude and in some areas you will be pulled over by Car Plod. Rural areas I'd guess will be places to avoid as their Plod doesn't have much to do, in Wales, that's Dyfed Powys Police
  7. Has anyone on the forum ever had this happen?
  8. A re mapped TDI will give an easy 100bhp and massively more torque, 60 mpg and just £30 road tax. A more leisurely drive too than the high revving Sport, none of the clutch pedal issues is a bonus as well. I've had every model of these cars save the little ultra green 3litre tdi and a GTI and I admit I liked my Arosa Sport but I would never chose it or anything else over a mapped TDI.
  9. A green one here, not my taste and quite old but there aren't many left Volkswagen Lupo Sport | eBay
  10. These are like hens teeth and attracting big money, consider an Arosa Sport too as they have great front seats & side airbags
  11. Why, 15" G60 steels are cool, I have a set of 15" R50 steels with new tyres, won't be that different
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