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  1. Would wheels from a R50 Mini fit, the come in 15, 16 & 17 inch sizes, as an e.g 16 x 6.5 et48
  2. sent to me by x-line, can this crap be blocked?
  3. After buying a 1.0 litre for my son, I progressively fell for them too, his 2nd one was a 1.4 litre an electric sunroof, then I bought a few spares cars to repair inc another 1 litre that had a front end smash, an Arosa Sport and a 2nd 1.4, the sport had the clutch pedal issue but the Lupo just needed tlc and suited my son when he came back from a year in OZ. In the meantime I bought another 2 Arosa's, a very smelly and smoky sdi and a tdi that needed a gearbox rebuild. Onwards and upwards I bought a Lupo TDI sport with a sunroof, which my wife confiscated. Down to just one now, my Arosa tdi,
  4. A bit of a job as the black gum is difficult to remove, I did one on the drivers side, but gave up on the 2nd one
  5. Nice car, have you kept the seats, I think they are the best in any of these Lupo/Arosa models
  6. Opening rear windows, rare on a GTI, the mileage is high so use it and enjoy it, but money aside for maintenance as its nearly 20 years old
  7. I put £60 lowering springs on my Arosa and am very pleased with them, you don't need to spend a fortune and a hard ride is horrible on crap British roads
  8. I bit rich for me at the moment but I may come back later in the year if you still have them
  9. did I see a set of 15" steel wheels
  10. nothing really but in that link he's really cut away at the rear bumper quite drastically
  11. phenomenal output, no room for a towbar at the back though which is a shame as it could pull a tank
  12. I regret selling my Mk 16v Scirocco GTX but having driven a Lupo GTI I wasn't impressed; deep breaths, calm yourself
  13. its daft because with better brakes you can push your car much further towards its limits, with or without any better engine fitted
  14. not colour co-ordinated but does the job
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