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Found 4 results

  1. Lupo SDi 1.7 AKN engine code. Can You Help? My Lupo suffers from excessive vibration, its not the normal vibration, but more, hopefully someone has had a similar experience and solved it? This is the second SDI Lupo I have owned, in comparison, the previous one ran like a 'Swiss watch' until the engine management gave up. The L & R engine mount appear fine, I recently changed the rear gearbox mount (dogbone) while underneath replacing the center & rear silencers. The front small 'knuckle joint was completely shot, but the larger rear rubber mounting was ok, I hope this would solve the problem, not such luck, it is now much worse! At tick over (950rpm) is unbearable, 20mph plus better, but the mind-numbimng vibration comes back around 60-65mph, over 73mph its fine. Tricky to drive anywhere like this! I initially beleived the problem may be clutch related, as the previous owner made a number of 'schoolboy' reassembly errors, not doing mount bolts up properly etc, however there are no other clutch related symptoms whatsoever. Please share any ideas you may have about the cause would be fantastic. Gary7
  2. Right, where to start with this... Having now reached a dizzying 1000 miles in my new Lupo I'm getting to grips with it's niggles and minor faults, but there's one persistent issue that really irks me... When accelerating hard in 4th and 5th gear (Around 3K RPM or above and between 40-70mph) I tend to get a heavy pulsing/judder/vibration feeling through both the steering wheel and the pedals. Most of the time this isn't an issue as I poodle the car round at sub 2k engine speeds, but it's something I'd like to get to the bottom of none the less! So far I've had all four wheels balanced and also had the car's alignment set up with a hunter 4-wheel alignment machine. This was actually carried out by the chaps who work on my Mazda (As a bit of a favour because we're friends ) they're a sportscar specialist and I have the printouts and saw the wheel balancing happening so I know this was done properly! You guessed it, no improvement At this stage my thoughts have turned to engine/gearbox mounts or possibly a flywheel issue *Crosses fingers for not flywheel* My question is simple... 1. Does anyone have any thoughts/musings/advice as to where I should be looking and as to what this issue might be? 2. Is my car (SDI) fitted with a dual mass flywheel? I'm assuming the answer to this is yes on the basis there seem to be several 'Single Mass' conversion kits available online, like this...https://www.dmrclutch.co.uk/products/dmr6008-dual-mass-replacement-flywheel-clutch-kit-75.html and another...http://www.eurocarparts.com/solid-flywheel-conversion-kit It's also worth mentioning that despite finding multiple 'Solid Conversion' kits online if there is an original style 'Dual Mass' available I can't find it so I'm assuming this is a part I'd need to go to VW for? Thanks in advance for any help or advice chaps. FWIW the car's so old/cheap that I may well not bother chasing this down but my inner meddler means that I can't stop trying to think of ways to get round or explain this issue.
  3. My TDi is making a vibration noise that can be felt at idle and is even more noticeable when pulling away. At first I thought it was an engine mount but it seems to be more of a running problem. I think it may be an injection problem, maybe gunked up if not a balancing issue. I have a new gear, chain and tensioner kit for the balance shaft to go on
  4. Hi all, The other day I changed both my wishbones with new rubber bushes all round and new ball joints too and it knocked the wheel alignment out by a mile, so I changed the track rod ends after cutting the old ones off and adjusted the tracking so the car was driveable and I've just had the alignment done BUT Now the car is vibrating like mad, the faster I go the more it vibrates and when I dip the clutch it almost completely disappears. Obviously im thinking drivetrain rather than suspension problems. I recently changed the cambelt so today I double checked the engine mount incase I hadn't tightened it up enough but it's fine.I haven't had the hubs apart.It's pulling well but when I get up to about 60mph it doesn't feel like it wants to keep accelerating like it used to.Clutch feels ok.Steering feels great and doesn't pull to the side.Thanks in advance Ben P.s. It's a 5speed 2001 GTi
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