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  1. Agreed, the front on pic isn’t the best but I can assure you it’s very red - Flash Red I presume but happy to be corrected
  2. The car was on a limit mileage policy and import declared so not much at all but appreciate some will buy and use (as they are meant to be!)
  3. It's my Dad's and it's posted on Classic Cars for Sale: https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/volkswagen/lupo+gti/aetv70012299 It's immaculate inside and out - Japanese import, FSH, 39,000 miles It's best giving him a call on 01670 366247 with any questions.
  4. Quick update: insurance came back and offered 40% more than their initial valuation. They said this was "based on an internal review following my complaint". I said I still didn't agree and was pushing on with the ombudsman. The good news is this has a ratchet effect so value cannot go down on their offer. Will let you know the final outcome...
  5. Hi all, listing some bit over the next few days on eBay. Currently got these listed: Stainless exhaust (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283896513971) Rear GTI bumper (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283896510364) Xenons (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283896518548) Will list some mirrors, rear lights and other bits soon.
  6. It's all openly documented (https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk), you just have a state why you think the funding offered is not fair/realistic. I've yet to find the outcome of the GTI submission as the process takes a while. However, on the Brabus I did a table listing all the cars of similar spec available (not many!) and then plotted a graph - mileage v price. I then drew a line from the mileage mine had which provided a suggested price. The Ombudsman service I though was very communicative and fair in their decision (slightly below my suggestion). Obviously part of the argue with the Brabus (and Lupo GTI) was there really isn't enough changing hands to allow the price guides to list realistic prices.
  7. They have made a final offer which includes me keeping the car. I have accepted but this does not prejudice me taking them to the Financial Ombudsman (which I am). I've had the sam scenario before when my Smart Brabus Roadster Coupe was stolen, Ombudsman ruled in my favour and insurance company paid more money.
  8. I'm in Morpeth, I'll sill is ok, but not perfect - drop me a PM with your number and I can send you a pic.
  9. One final bump before I finish removing parts and get it scrapped on Thursday...
  10. Still arguing with them - they don't have a clue!
  11. Drop me a PM with an offer on the suspension - happy to send you a photo if you send me your mobile. Someone is looking to purchase the whole bumper assembly so can't sell the plastic cover separately (assume you mean the bit in the pic)
  12. Firemen thought it was an electrical fault near fuse box, no evidence of foul play. Wiring loom and interior shot and the cost to rebuild wouldn’t work. Even firemen said it was a shame given how clean (and recently polished!) the car was... Gutted is an understatement
  13. Hi all, it saddens me to say my much loved GTI ended up on fire a few weeks back. As a category B I am now breaking the car and open to contact about parts you might need. Quick heads up: The fire was in the passenger compartment and hence the (leather!) interior is gone. The firewall did it's job (in reverse) so the engine bay is fine. Bonnet and front passenger wing received the the firemen's best work so are bent and broken No glass in doors or boot KW suspension (adjustable dampers and shocks) with a circa 40mm drop G60 front callipers Customer stainless exhaust Bathurst 15" alloys and good tyres I'm going to strip the car and list some specific items but happy to take any requests for specifics. Happy to post items during lockdown within reason! Drop me an PM Cheers
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