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  1. ive bought one before, was abit of faf to get it to work, but in the end (with my version anyway) you get access to most vw's not just lupos
  2. As per the title, does anyone have a 18mm front ARB they would sell and ship to jersey? Cheers, imaparana
  3. a thin spanner was all ive ever needed, i cant remember the size but even a thin adjustable spanner will do the trick
  4. id get back under and have a look, might be something metal on metal or loose
  5. I run 14" e30 bottle tops with the stock brake set up on my GTI when using gravel tyres
  6. I think most bog standard 16v in like the mk4 golf dont have VVC? Maybe the heads are different also, ports and valve sizes?
  7. ive had a look at the superpro and they seem like they are similar however with a long sleeve though the middle rather than little washers. Just removed the smaller washers and gave me the adjustment back
  8. UPDATE: it worked, the wheel is now central in the arch which alot more subframe play. Im not sure why the powerflex bushes come with these spacers but they massively limit the alignment range of the front subframe.
  9. Cheers for the reply, will see how i go with removing the spacers, the super pro ones like they have a similar concept with the longer inner tube, r32 is an option, however not so easy to swap to a spare arm if one gets bent but will have a think, thinking abouT getting an alignment next week if I can sort the subframe out so will see
  10. Hi all, It looks like im not the only one that has subframe/caster issues on oneside or the other. As previously mentioned on other topics, loosening the subframe bolts enables the subframe to be shifted about to align them. Ive tried this and havnt had too much luck. Im running powerflex bushes in my lower arms and remembered they have a washer/sleeve you insert above and below the rear bush into the subframe..... which thinking about it removes all adjustment for the subframe ? Ill give removing these washers a go on the weekend and see how i get on, attached are the powerflex instructions on this. For anyone with these issues and running powerflex this may be the issue. if anyone sees anything im missing please let me know. Lupo front rear bush powerflex.pdf
  11. ive a similar problem in my gti, im putting it down tot he resistor in the fan as i cant hot wire it to come on slow. Fans are pretty pricey so i just wired it to come on at a low temp, ill cough up the cash one day to get a new one
  12. Hi all, I stripped my rear calipers, sliders and all at some point. Failing to take note which slider goes where, normally wouldn’t be too fussed but I’ve noticed that they are not all the same. One is straight like a normal one/front one and the other is stepped (Christmas tree like). does anyone know which way they go? Cheers
  13. they do a manifold, and they do a cat-back like Janspeed. They are 2 separate items
  14. I got one brand new a while back, I think it was in the region of 55 quid
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