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  1. whats up with the box?
  2. i havnt replaced these before, just been on and off a fair few times now. I guess the previous owner could have had longer ones, will keep this updated
  3. Thanks all for the replies. That last pic is exactly what i was after thanks alot! It appears that my bolts stick through the flange alot more than yours hence the rubbing. i think the driveshaft bolts must have stretched through use. ive got a set on order which will hopefully not stick out as far, ill check the lengths against the ones in there at the moment and let you guys know. For now there is no rubbing, and that photo shows the same distance between the flange and gearbox so pretty happy that the gearbox is okay
  4. An odd one but does anyone have any pictures or could take some of the space between the passenger side drift shaft flange and the gearbox. After an off in a rally the bolts on one side of the box started rubbing on the casing, spacers were added behind the bolts to provide clearance until the end of the event. A new flange has now gone in and the is still only 2mm max. between the end of the bolts and the casing. The gearbox otherwise operates fine and am in two minds whether to pull the box apart and have a look, with an event at the end of next month itd be nice to put this issue to bed. Cheers in advance
  5. Their the puppies i got to, hopefully they work!
  6. Are the ones on all the threads on here not right?
  7. I used 2 layers of 450csm with a core material (lightweight spacer) inbetween to increase stiffness without adding weight, im going to make the next one out of lighter matt and see how it goes, doesnt need be strong, only enough to hold itself up, i was amazed by how aluminium one tore so badly. The flared arches crossed my mind the minute i pulled the arch out of the mould As for ball joists i think i managed to source the aftermarket gti ones, i will compare when i go to do it.
  8. Hi, does it only pressurise when its hot? have you tried running it with the cap off from cold, if there are bubbles coming out constantly this would suggest a headgasket issue. Does the temperature gauge show it over heating? Does the fan come on? Im no fox expert but would just be a few things to check
  9. Cheers, am yet to fit it but looks like it should be sweet, it’s only using the top mounting points, so will find a way of securing to the bumper and will, it’ll do for a rally car at least
  10. As you can see from on of the pictures above i ruin a lovely Aluminium wing So i thought now i dont have a spare wing, why not try and make one. So i went a made a mould of the 1 good wing remaining and then made a fibreglass copy, which didnt turn out too bad. I even managed to save a little bit of weight on the stock item. Ill be making another one and try to match the gel coat colour to the tornado red abit better to save me in paint costs. Ill probably do the same for the passenger side, then maybe even try making a boot lid.
  11. Right long over due an update, have done a few events since the build, Got the car ready to rally without any crazy mods, just the basics to get us racing. The first even was an autosolo in the local quarry, a very relaxed event which can be entered in a road car. it was a good event to give the car a shakedown after having it in bits. Car performed flawlessly Next was the Dirt rally back again at the same quarry, The misses drove this one and had a blast, apart from one butt clenching moment. Again, the car as great. After the event the car got treated the a G60 front brake upgrade along with CL RC5 pads, which work great! Shortly after was the first (short) tarmac rally, L'etacq attack. Where again the car performed great apart from the stock handbrake (putting this down to new stock rear pads which hadnt bedded in thus the contact patch was alot less than before. Then, was the task of fitting the quaife ATB LSD, new clutch and hydraulic handbrake. The first test of the new diff was the Bouley bay hillclimb, It made such a bike difference to the car in the corners and gave us a best time of only 2 seconds of the class record, so not bad for a stock motor'd car. This lead to the big one, The 2 day Jersey Rally. The car was great where after 2 stages we'd gone from our seeded 78th to 53rd beating alot of higher powered cars (the lupo was probaly the lowest of the lot). However on stage 3 i let the side down and had abit of a incidident with a tree. We managed to get the car back on the road after needing a new wing, lower arm, ball joist, inner and out tie rod, drive shaft and passenger window, (thank god for a spares car) we were back out and finished the second day. Now the rally blues have kicked in and planning the next one. to do before the next rally: -Get the passenger side fixed and repainted. -Fit new perspex windows -full front steering refresh along with new ball joints (then the old can be spares) -Fit new side mounts which managed to bend in the impact. -Swap out passenger drive shaft flange (thanks rich for the spares) Here are a few piccies
  12. the 6 speed on my gti uses bolt in flanges, ive just fitted a quaife atb in it (all works fine), but noticed that most places list the box as an 02T, however im sure the ELSAWIN software calls it an 02U
  13. As per title, i had an off on my last rally and think ive bent the passenger side output flange if anyone is breaking a dodgy box? or has a 6 speed for sale? Cheers
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