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  1. Cheers, that explains a lot have ordered a Bias valve so hopefully thatll sort it
  2. put it this way, at the point the rad fan kicks in (approx. 90 degrees) i can confidently open the expansion tank cap
  3. one step ahead of you already got the evans coolant in it now, may put a smaller heater in will see how i get on
  4. Hi all, ive noticed this evening in my lupo gti rally car, with abs fuse pulled, the rear brakes are wanting to lock under heavy braking. Does anyone know if the abs unit does the brake proportioning ? or if there is a separate system that does it? Cheers!
  5. Yes no heater in it, reduces risk of boiling fluid in the cabin also
  6. I don't think ill be able to get the price down, this is the same price as all their other heated screen unfortunately Nope, probably best going oem or elsewhere for that im afraid
  7. Hi All, Ive spoken to Ricky evans motorsport about getting a heated windscreen for my rally car. He can do it but needs a minimum order of 5. they would be 225 +vat Is there any interest? Cheers
  8. How did the new pads deal with the ring?
  9. Good plan, do you get any rubbing with the 195/50/15's ?
  10. Agreed on the Toyo's, any awful tyre, maybe try and swap out while your out there
  11. Odd as it does work on my phone or my MacBook unless it’s something to do with my account
  12. Thanks for uploading, however wont let me open it, says attachment not available
  13. cheers, thats what ive tried and it still cuts it might need to work round it
  14. Hi all, On my rally car im hoping to enable left foot braking/braking while still able to use the accelerator, however unlike my other cars (older cars) the lupo cuts the power. id heard the modern VW's with flyby wire (mainly mk4 golfs) this can be overcome by permanently connecting 2 wires on the switch, such the brake lights still work but the ecu doesnt get told the brakes are on and kill the power. however. i have tired this, brake lights still work however it has proved unsuccessful, does anyone have any ideas on how to over come this? Cheers Nathan
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