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  1. As per title, i had an off on my last rally and think ive bent the passenger side output flange if anyone is breaking a dodgy box? or has a 6 speed for sale? Cheers
  2. It was only a mini a series so space wasn't a problem
  3. The coilovers for gti and non gti are different (based on coilover websites)
  4. Just to update if anyone gets one and gets worried, I have spoken to sachs and they have said that its meant to be like that and is good to use
  5. yea this did cross my mind about balancing. This is the new one same marks slightly different location. ill use it I think as I don't think ordering another with get me a different result.
  6. Hi mk2, its not the wear on the plate I was initially worried about, its the chips out of the side that I was surprised to see
  7. Hi all, I have just bought a sachs clutch kit for my gti as with the gearbox out I thought id inspect the clutch and found this (see attached photo) This was a clutch that I fitted 2 years ago, genuine sachs kit. As you can see there are what look like chips in the pressure plate, however when inspecting the edge they look like they are in the casting. I have looked at the new one and they have the EXACT same marks! Has anyone had a sach kit before or seen this before?
  8. I think your engine light is coming from the decat
  9. Cheers, that explains a lot have ordered a Bias valve so hopefully thatll sort it
  10. put it this way, at the point the rad fan kicks in (approx. 90 degrees) i can confidently open the expansion tank cap
  11. one step ahead of you already got the evans coolant in it now, may put a smaller heater in will see how i get on
  12. Hi all, ive noticed this evening in my lupo gti rally car, with abs fuse pulled, the rear brakes are wanting to lock under heavy braking. Does anyone know if the abs unit does the brake proportioning ? or if there is a separate system that does it? Cheers!
  13. Yes no heater in it, reduces risk of boiling fluid in the cabin also
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