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  1. St suspension are a decent option, made by KW but less expensive and have lasted me a while, had them 2 years as a road car, then another 2/3 as a rally car and cant complain. i think the gti ones 'may' fit, but if your buying new i cant see any benefit from buying them. Yes they will need the 'ears' that bolt to the hub
  2. ill be honest there wasnt much 'tuning' involved with the trumpets, there isnt much room under the bonnet and airfilter for them so just made them long enough to fill the filter whilst leaving some space. the outer 2 are a tad shorter becasuse of the curve of the filter. luckily it didnt take too much out, had just gone round a tight bend when it went, it bogged down so gave it a clutch kick (which obviously isnt the nicest thing to do) and bang it went. could have been an overtightened nut. They do get tightened pretty tight. The weekend was very dry and hot so pretty tough on drive train to everyone, a mate of mine snapped one on his bmw on the first stage.
  3. Long overdue update! I sang the praises of epytec too soon! i got a new flywheel down which was still incorrectly machined. the friction surface was too small for the gti 220mm clutch. So if anyone ordered one be prepared to have it machined down. A few updates have happened since the last update: A new ebay afh manifold was fitted, as expected this too a fair bit of bending the clear the gti sump. This gave a few ft/lbs in the mid range of increase over the stock item I 3d printed a Carbon fibre Nylon inlet manifold for the ITBS, the alloy one purchased didnt have very smooth gas flow and pretty poor port matching. 3d printing one enabled me to port match it perfectly. Along with this i 3d printed some trumpets. This along gave a massive increase in power and torque. dyno runs showed a consistent 170-172bhp. This is for all intensive purposes a 10bhp upgrade from the manifold and trumpets alone. A very worthwhile exercise I dropped the 6 speed out to refresh it with new bearings and fitted a 4.53 final drive, at the same time fitted a helix sprung paddle clutch. the final drive made a nice difference, in hindsight a 5.08 final drive would be better for my application but is a fair chunk of change. For anyone wandering the helix clutch is still very driveable! SInce the last update we have done a few rallies down in the quarry. Car ran flawlessly for all events! We entered the 2021 L'etacq attack rally, coming 1st in class out of 5 and beat some very quick cars. The 2021 Jersey rally came around very quickly (8th & 9th) and although the car was thoroughly prepared we had multiple issues all weekend The first came on SS4, we were battling for 1st in class when we bent a lower arm which lost us a lot of him. this wasnt from hitting anything and we due to the amount of grip the tyres had on an off camber hairpin right. We were gutted as this pushed us right down the standings. This for swapped out at service and started the push to make up the lost time. The night stages came around and an electrical issue left us stranded on the side of a road section, luckily we managed to fix it with a pair of snips and duct tape! The Saturday went great until the penultimate stage (25 out of 26) where we sheared the stub on the RHS cv joint, this put us out of the rally as we lost all drive. upon inspection the cv joint fitted wasnt a JR cv joint, maybe this is why... Lessons learnt/to do: Lightly reinforce lower arms and dont buy cheap arms. there are reinforcement plates available for mk2 golf arms, ill do a similar exercise. however i don't want to make the arms so strong that the chassis is now the weak point Only use quality cv joints, a lad on the polo forums upgraded to r32 cv joints however this requires a full custom front suspension set up which is abit out of my skill set. Ill just use quality CV's from now on and inspect them once a year Here's some photos of whats happened since the last update (in no order)
  4. Hallo, Does anyone know who the factory manufacturer was for the genuine CV joints? I snapped the splined stub on mine on the weekend (in a rally) and am wanting to replace with oem quality or better? anyone know of any upgraded joints? or a hub with bigger cv's that would fit without needing to change everything else Thaanks
  5. i used autodoc when i rebuilt my AFH head, give them a try
  6. shipping costs to and from jersey would end up costing a fair bit
  7. yes replaced all bearings and seals and 5th gear syncro
  8. I have just “rebuilt” my 6 speed as I changed the final drive ratio. it’s not as easy to do as a 5 speed and will cost more as there is no way around breaking the 5th gear synchro in the process of stripping the box. The synchro I think is 40 quid ish. Also new bolts are recommended as they are stretch items everything in the 5th/6th gear cover is press fit so a pig to get off the strip took me a good few hours and same with reassembly (mind you I did have to swap output shaft gears onto the new output shaft) £1000 sounds very steep for the job but it’s not as easy as doing a 5 speed box
  9. cheers rich its the whole unit i need i believe, i dont think i can replace just the plastic lever
  10. bump Anyone got one? or even a whole 6 speed box?
  11. Hi all, The locking tab has snapped on my 6 speed, has anyone got a busted 6 speed they would break and remove the shift unit from? cheers nathan
  12. ive bought one before, was abit of faf to get it to work, but in the end (with my version anyway) you get access to most vw's not just lupos
  13. As per the title, does anyone have a 18mm front ARB they would sell and ship to jersey? Cheers, imaparana
  14. a thin spanner was all ive ever needed, i cant remember the size but even a thin adjustable spanner will do the trick
  15. id get back under and have a look, might be something metal on metal or loose
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