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  1. imaparana

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Good plan, do you get any rubbing with the 195/50/15's ?
  2. imaparana

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Agreed on the Toyo's, any awful tyre, maybe try and swap out while your out there
  3. imaparana

    AVY / ARC Wiring Diagram

    Odd as it does work on my phone or my MacBook unless it’s something to do with my account
  4. imaparana

    AVY / ARC Wiring Diagram

    Thanks for uploading, however wont let me open it, says attachment not available
  5. imaparana

    Brake light switch/left foot braking

    cheers, thats what ive tried and it still cuts it might need to work round it
  6. Hi all, On my rally car im hoping to enable left foot braking/braking while still able to use the accelerator, however unlike my other cars (older cars) the lupo cuts the power. id heard the modern VW's with flyby wire (mainly mk4 golfs) this can be overcome by permanently connecting 2 wires on the switch, such the brake lights still work but the ecu doesnt get told the brakes are on and kill the power. however. i have tired this, brake lights still work however it has proved unsuccessful, does anyone have any ideas on how to over come this? Cheers Nathan
  7. imaparana

    3 word story

    ill pull out
  8. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    Update- Spoken to my parts guy at VW and my VIN says no aircon but also says that it shouldn't have the fan controlled, I guess its just a cock up at the factory fitting it
  9. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    the fan now works with the new thermoswitch, there is no connectors near this modules, the module is in my front room now and the fan comes on so god knows. if I have any more problems ill dig a little deeper
  10. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    that's the puppy, It looked like it was in an OEM mounting and everything. Lights, horns etc all oem nothing looked messed with. Really weird as the terminals were sooo corroded it looked like there had never been anything in them. I thought maybe it used to have AC but there are no signs of any tampering. very odd
  11. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    No connectors anywhere to be seen
  12. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    I think the resistor in the fan is blown as i can only get high speed Anyone able to shed light on why the fan relay box thing, under the passenger wing, is present on my car (no AC) but not connected?
  13. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    When you say fan controller what do you mean? as far as im aware the fan is just controlled by the thermoswitch ? im going to wire up a switch to run in the cabin just incase it fails again i can flick it on. i have thought about an oil cooler but am yet to have a problem with the factory cooling system so will see, they do make a massive difference on my 350z which love to cook its oil.
  14. imaparana

    Another gti fan issue

    Just an update on this is anyone else has the same problem. Seems there was 2 issues: the fan only works at its high speed, assuming the resistor is goosed. The switch isn't telling it to go onto its highspeed, the low speed might be working on the switch but there is no lowspeed on the fan to operate. If anyone needs to replace a fan switch I recommend buying a 29mm DEEP socket, makes the job so much easier and quicker
  15. imaparana

    Project Rally lupo!

    Nightmare, are you thinking headgasket gone?

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