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  1. looks epic, a great wheel for the gti!
  2. Yea obviously the vvt doesn’t work? When revved it seems like the ignition timing still adjusts yes it chucks a code
  3. Just tried this, it’ll start and rev with the cam position and solonoid removed/disconnected
  4. I know this is a pretty old thread now. However im looking at doing an AFH/AVY hybrid at some point, will the AVY ecu not take a dump if the cam position sensor is removed?
  5. As mk2 said, this is probably the best way, i did this with my classic mini (probably a little more involved on the lupo) But put your switch somewhere hidden but also not a pain in the arse for you to get to when sitting in the car.
  6. imaparana


    youll have less grip at the front than the back. Also the rolling radius's are different so could play with your abs? if you can id put 205/45 on the front to
  7. the teamdynamics i run are 15x7 ET40, i ran them like this for years but after my first rally i had to roll the arches as had clearance issues with the arches. So probably would hold out for the ET40 unless you want to roll your arches a fair bit
  8. mine has always been like that when cold (moreso with a goosed lower engine mount)
  9. are there running issues or is it just throwing a code?
  10. id use as little lube as you can on this one, ive had one on my gti pop out. it does get abused though
  11. is it worth refitting the subframe while you weld the captive nut back on? just so its in a close to factory location?
  12. UPDATE: Noise has gone... I don't know what it was as it was there after i redid everything, but its gone. im not going to waste any more time on it as it runs fine. If it comes back i may investigate further. Thanks for all the input.
  13. The fan isn’t on when the noise is there unfortunately
  14. Indeed on both pulley, both times round. I rechecked after a few full rotations
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