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  1. For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium doors and bootlids Hoarding has gone a bit too far and I need room to get a project started. I have 5 sets of early 3L doors, which means they have manual window winders. Doors come with door cards, grab handles etc. Doors are in good condition but not mint. 1 set in red 1 set in dark green 1 set in light green 1 set in grey 1 set in black Doors are £75 each, preferrably sold in pairs. Pics to follow shortly. Also, I have 3 rare early aluminium bootlids, complete with interior trim, brake light, wiper etc. Even the correct gas struts (for alloy bootlids) are included. Wiring loom is cut off where it exits the bootlid so this needs replacing. Bootlids are otherwise in good condition. 2 in grey 1 in light green Bootlids are £85 each. Pics to follow shortly. Doors and bootlids can be delived en route anywhere between Folkestone/Dover and Derby (M20 - M25 south/westbound - M1 jct 24) early 2018. Cheers, Niek p.s. my whatsapp is on 0031 6 48410165
  2. Niek

    Lupo 3l tacho

    Iwcham, did you ever get the instrument cluster swap sorted, or have you replaced the LEDs? I'm facing the same issue with my 3L - the light behind the 120 km/h isn't working and needs replacing.
  3. Niek

    Pair of Pop Out Windows

    Same here, are these still for sale?
  4. Niek

    Lupo 3L front Bumper - Complete

    Your best bet would be to look about in Germany. I frequently go there (living in the Netherlands makes this a bit easier) and travel to the UK several times a year so if you need anything, just drop me a line. Cheers, Niek
  5. Niek

    Pop out windows...

    I know it's a bit late, but do you still have these? Thanks, Niek.
  6. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    Got tons more pics, will update when I manage to pull my finger out.
  7. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    My first big trip was collecting a full interior in Berlin, an 800 mile round trip. I though it'd be a good idea to register with BlaBlaCar and it worked - I had a passenger from Amsterdam to Berlin. Passenger being talkative Bombing down the Autobahn Interior loaded up, along with 4 alloys for a chap from the Dutch Lupo 3L club More luggage stuffed in, including a set of pop out rear windows Sunset on the Autobahn Puncture - but no jack or tools to fit a spare wheel, remember post-2001 3L's came without spare tyre or tools. German AA to the rescue Another passenger on the way to the Netherlands. Who needs a big S-class Merc when you can get some kip in a Lupo? It turned out to be a long day (25 hours) but I got home safe and with a nice new interior. And thanks to a guy from the Lupo club I got home without having to buy a spare tyre. The poor old front tyre was well beyond repair
  8. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    So what do you do when you buy yourself a new(ish) car? You take it out for a spin. This does, however, sometimes result in having a bit of a "difference in opinion" with the law. Near Rotterdam Again near Rotterdam (a few milleseconds later). At least I didn't run a red light, as that'd be £££££. This was on a random N-road (similar to an A-road in the UK) doing a touch over the limit - as you do. Wonder if the guy in the tranny van got done for speeding as well. Also wonder if a gatso pic with 2 cars in them has any rights in court. Tranny buggered off at warp speed surely.
  9. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    So in the end I settled for this, the "black magic" as I like to call her. A nice little car with every thinkable option - well on a 3L anyway.
  10. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    Another one (no pics) came up for sale local to me, so I went to check it out. Seller and I got in the car, he put it in neutral and started the car. Now for those not familiar with the notorious 3L-gearbox and shifter mechanism: if you can't start it in "P", then something is wrong with either the gearbox or the auto shift mechanism. In layman's terms: £££££ So I friendly told him I wasn't interested and why. Next!
  11. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    This is the one that came up for sale in Germany. As said, it'd be quite a trek from Lelystad to near Stuttgart.
  12. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    Not long after, this came up on sale. Not quite full options (no sunroof nor heated seats) but a clean example with reliable milage. Didn't work out though. (the seller being an absolute tool didn't help either lol)
  13. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    Initially, I was going to have a look at this 1999 3L. Non-imported car with leather interior, lowering kit, alloys, cruise control, xenon and some subtle mods. Looked nice, although a check proved the milage was dodgy. And the seller didn't want to know. Last month I coincidentelly ran into this car at my friendly Lupo 3L specialist so I got a chance to have a looksee. It looked rather tired after only 2 years. Good thing I never bought it, although it did look quite nice.
  14. Niek

    The Netherlands calling

    Meanwhile in the Netherlands, the quest for a Lupo 3L was in full swing. Finding the right example was a bit of a challenge, as was being dicked about by various sellers. High on the list was a full option model, which is hard to come by. I did find one in the south of Germany with fsh, winter tyres on original alloys and lots more. This car was over 400 miles from here and it looked good. Unfortunately, it was sold before I had a chance to destroy the piggy bank and make the trek to Kraut country. Oh well... Never mind that, I eventually found one at 30 miles. It's an German imports from 2003. Sunroof, electric everything, power steering, a/c, the lot. 150,000 miles on the clock (word of warning: 90% of German imports have been tampered with) and judging by the condition this looked plausible. Unfortunately no history and 7 previous owners in the Netherlands alone. Oh dear... Fast forward to July 2016 and the Loopmobile and I have travelled places. So far, we've been to a wedding in Swansea, Wales. To family in Prague, Czech Republic. To Lisbon, Portugal, to visit my sister. Countless times to Germany for bits and bobs. To Belgium, just because it's only 150ish miles from here. During that time I've racked up 50,000 miles and - other than some notorious 3L gearbox issues and a collection of mildly expensive parts - it hasn't let me down. Much. Fuel economy averages at 3.4 litres per 100 km which equals 83 mpg. Quite happy with that, as it gets me over 750 miles from a tankful. Over the past 2 years I've done a few mods, but nothing major. I've deleted the 2 particle filters with a straight through pipe, I've removed the tank breather valve and bought an extra set of alloys for winter tyres. I've replaced the old head unit with a bluetooth Pioneer one, ditched the old speakers in favour of some fresh OEM ones (nothing fancy here - yet) and bought a new interior with heated seats. The current seats are a bit odd, as the drivers seat isn't heated but the passenger seat is. Makes you wonder about the history of the car. Plans for the future include a tune, cruise control, a new drivers door (door catch strap was completely broken out of the door frame by previous owner), an early alloy bootlid and a decent subwoofer. One of the chaps from the 3L club in the Netherlands kindly donated an old cylinder head so I'm thinking of having that ported and polished, along with new valves, seats, guides and injectors. Sweet. Below is a selection of pics from the past 2 years. Enjoy!

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