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  1. Found a couple of big washers from old coilovers, a spacer and a bolt, worked a treat..
  2. Thanks all, I'll give it a bash. I haven't given it a final coat of paint until I've fitted the bushes as I dont want to scratch it . 🤣🤣 I'll post pics after that.
  3. Hi all, got my rear axle removed, old bushes removed and axle shotblasted. Have ordered standard axle bushes which are winging their way to me now. Any tips on fitting the new ones or will I need a special tool/press. Thanks in advance
  4. Finally got round to getting axle off. Away to get blasted tommorrow.
  5. Yeah new bolts etc, had read about the mk 4 brake lines but wasnt too sure. If theres a big saving I'll probably go for them. Thanks for the advice, I'll update in a few weeks when I get time to get it removed and stripped. Not sure about bushes yet, standard or poly?? Cars going to be pretty much standard apart from coilovers as they are cheaper than standard setup.
  6. I used wurth rost off and left it for a few hours. Was amazed it came off. Got new brake lines anyway so I'll just cut them off if they dont come off. Was going to coat mounts with hammerite then silver paint before rebuilding or any other suggestions?
  7. Ok, forget the above. Thought I would try and loosen it with a spanner and surprise surprise it worked. Back to work tommorrow for a few days then I'll remove it and send it for shotblasting.
  8. Hi all, planning removing my rear axle to refurb it and will change bushes at the same time. The retaining nuts and bolts look pretty corroded. Im thinking i should just cut the bolts with a grinder/hacksaw or has anyone any better ideas? The cars in my garage so dont have the luxury of a ramp..
  9. Did you buy these, I'm also looking at jom. Was going to put on standard suspension but cheaper to go for a set of coilovers. Not really looking to lower the car so would be set to the highest setting.
  10. Thanks, I'll get one ordered..
  11. It listed that numbers for the standard lupo but not the gti. Also need the wiring plug for the brake light but I can buy a pre wired plug on ebay for a few pounds
  12. Great, thanks. It's the first number I need I think.
  13. Replacing the brake light on my lupo gti but the cover on the inside which covers the 3 screws is missing. I've been to vw dealer but it wasnt clear which part it was. Could anyone possibly get the part no from the back of theirs so I can get one ordered. Or if anyone has a 2nd hand one for sale.. thanks
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