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  1. When the car was last mot'd 5 years ago it had an advisory for exhaust corrosion. Whilst I was getting parts shotblasted I thought I would get the exhaust done to see how it came out. I was going to buy a new exhaust anyway but it turned out pretty good, not bad for a 16 year old exhaust so I've decided to give it a coat of paint and refit it to save myself £250.. dont ask why but when it got blasted, the guy did the chrome tailpipes as well.... 😡😡 so I'll need to polish them up.. any tips?? I should have taken a pic before it was blasted..
  2. I got some domed ones from aliexpress, took a couple of weeks to come but a good fit
  3. I was just going to spray the inside with grease or sealant
  4. Subframe blasted and primed
  5. Some priming tonight after getting some parts blasted
  6. I've looked before and couldnt find any pics so thought it would be useful to share, I sprayed rustoff in the small hole at the other side after this one failed which I think helped to free it off. I'll get a new bolt and re use the original nut/block. I'll post pics
  7. Finally got round to this captive nut, straight forward enough so far. 20 minutes with a grinder and some messing about to get the captive nut cage out. No idea when I'll get back to welding it back up, will wait til I've got the subframe refurbed. Some pics..
  8. On a different note, went out to the garage and noticed the appropriately placed empty brewdog box
  9. Thanks all, I'll look into them. They arent too low are they?
  10. Been looking at different suspension kits for the lupo, not wanting to spend £500 on suspension and not really fussed about coilovers. Looking at the koni kit for a reasonable price but it doesn't list it for the gti. I know the rear shocks are the same for all models but why is the front different for the gti. Will it fit? Thanks
  11. Yes james that's right, will cut it open at the weekend. I'll post pics, could be a right mess 🤣
  12. Since I was refurbing the back axle, thought I might as well do the subframe as it looked pretty corroded. Did it on my garage floor so thought it would be a nightmare job but hasn't turned out too bad. One of the captive nuts has gone so I'll need to open that up but thankfully the subframe isn't too bad. Once places open up again I'll get it blasted and painted.
  13. Primed and first coat of paint, need to wait til shops open before I get more paint. Need to rub down and paint axle mounts on car before fitting it.
  14. Found a couple of big washers from old coilovers, a spacer and a bolt, worked a treat..
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