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  1. Thanks, I'll get one ordered..
  2. It listed that numbers for the standard lupo but not the gti. Also need the wiring plug for the brake light but I can buy a pre wired plug on ebay for a few pounds
  3. Great, thanks. It's the first number I need I think.
  4. Replacing the brake light on my lupo gti but the cover on the inside which covers the 3 screws is missing. I've been to vw dealer but it wasnt clear which part it was. Could anyone possibly get the part no from the back of theirs so I can get one ordered. Or if anyone has a 2nd hand one for sale.. thanks
  5. Dont know if this is allowed but spotted a 2004 1.4 lupo with 38k miles for £950 on facebook adverts. Located in Montrose scotland. I dont know the seller but thought it would be a bargain for someone
  6. Not sure yet, not a huge fan of the bbs but we'll see what happens
  7. Yeah I was planning doing that
  8. It will be garaged over winter, need to get it up on a ramp and have a good look underneath though
  9. Hi all, finally found a decent low mileage near standard lupo gti after looking for a while. Not sure what the plans are yet, probably back to standard and keep it as a summer car.
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