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  1. Finally got round to fitting subframe and welding captive nut in place, just need to clean up welds, put on some bodysealant and paint..
  2. The 2 anti roll bar links I bought came with different style washers. Fitted fine but not good for my ocd
  3. I bought the moog ones, they also have starline which were dearer. Came with bushes also, fitted no problem
  4. ECP also do the 22mm ones, I bought from them last month and fitted no problem
  5. kids are off to school so peace and quiet to do some painting. Using small brushes to paint the edges
  6. hi all, bought new rear calipers for my gti but the new calipers don't have a hole for screwing the balance weight onto. Should I swap over the complete bracket from the old one or just leave the weights off? My originals don't have springs fitted which I assume get removed when you fit the weights?? Thanks
  7. Shocks on order from Germany so no update on whether this will solve the problem.
  8. I've ordered the proper shocks from vw and see if that solves the issue although I did speak to my mot tester and he said it wouldnt be an mot failure as long as the springs dont move with the weight of the car on them. He has seen this before plenty of times
  9. I dont suppose you have a gti strut in stock for a measurement do you
  10. Yeah I looked at them websites as well but 2 separate vw dealers assured me they were for gti. Think i need to speak to them again. Would gtiboy know??
  11. That's what I thought mk2, I bought genuine vw struts but it's the value range(JZW413031D) I was assured by the vw dealer these would fit my car but these fit every model of lupo not just the gti although they are gas filled. The eibach springs should fit every model so even if the struts are wrong they should still fit in the struts I have..
  12. Started rebuilding my from suspension tonight. Standard shocks and eibach lowering springs. Didn't need to use a spring compressor which I found strange, tightened the nut and the spring can move in the strut which doesn't feel right to me. Wondering if the struts are wrong? Does anyone have a standard front strut so that they could measure the length of the piston fully extended? This one piston is 210mm and the whole strut length is 570mm.
  13. Rear axle ready to be bolted back on, just a few bits to tidy up underneath. Brake lines were solid so I rubbed them down and painted them, everything else is new. Got standard suspension with eibach springs to be fitted.
  14. When the car was last mot'd 5 years ago it had an advisory for exhaust corrosion. Whilst I was getting parts shotblasted I thought I would get the exhaust done to see how it came out. I was going to buy a new exhaust anyway but it turned out pretty good, not bad for a 16 year old exhaust so I've decided to give it a coat of paint and refit it to save myself £250.. dont ask why but when it got blasted, the guy did the chrome tailpipes as well.... 😡😡 so I'll need to polish them up.. any tips?? I should have taken a pic before it was blasted..
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