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  1. Also the only aftermarket I can find is the Kam racing at £842 Inc cat 🙃
  2. I had it welded about 2 months ago as don't have access to a welder and lack the skills. I will be returning it to the company that did it and see what happens. This is why I like doing things myself as then I am the only to blame! I think I will swap it from my other GTI for the time being and look at repairing it myself. I know of someone with a stick welder with this suffice?
  3. The flexi has snapped. I have had a look for a replacement part although there aren't any listed for the GTI or usually are not the correct size. I believe both the sport and GTI have the same diameter exhaust? The GTI is around 2" 50mm diameter and the standard 1.0 and 1.4 are less. Has anybody been able to purchase a new one?
  4. It's happened again 👀
  5. Anybody have suggestions for a shark fin aerial? Been looking at these: https://www.co-star.co.uk/4104/am-fm-dab-dab-shark-fin-ant-a-3775-01/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eightwood-Antenna-Adapter-Splitter-Amplifier-SMB-Shark-Fin-Aerial/dp/B07FZVZTZR?th=1&psc=1 Any good? What have you used?
  6. I found this. Rich suggests they do fit.
  7. Are golf MK4 the same? eBay 222838481282 Would they work?
  8. The immobiliser part is fine. Runs and drives no problems. It's literally just the pairing of a remote unlock and lock.
  9. Thanks for replies. All I need to do is get the remote fob paired with the car. I do have a spare 6n2 GTi fob which could be used? I'm guessing they are similar? It's just the process of pairing them? Would this work to code them? My other option is that I believe I do have a spare GTi ECU and immobiliser that has 2 keys. So I would just have to swap the ECU and immobiliser. Keep the existing key and barrels then swap the existing cut key into the new fobs.
  10. Got a GTI with no remote key fob. Key just has a transponder. How can I add a remote fob?
  11. Thanks, I need to get it moving tomorrow and have polo 6n2 GTi driveshafts aswell as polo 6n2 TDI driveshafts. I am hoping that one of the outers is the same. I was just enquiring before attempting them tomorrow. I found a post by @Rich which mentions inners, but not much on outers. Thanks for the help!
  12. Searching on here shows that all inner joints are the same except for TDI's I'm struggling to find out info for outer CV joints? Do polo 6n2 GTi outer CV joints fit?
  13. Are all 1.0 / 1.4 / 1.6 alternators the same? Guessing polo 6n2 will be the same aswell?
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