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  1. Now fixed (hopefully) Found a old alternator and swapped over the regulators. 0.02amps now 13.8v charge 13.5v under load Will charge the battery overnight and watch over the next week or two
  2. I'll going to order an alternator regulator and hope that resolves it. The internet says that it's a diode which is faulty and is allowing current back through the alternator. I have crossed reference with a good GTi and once the alternator was isolated the amps matched. Because the alternator was sufficient in providing enough charge I hadn't had thought it would be at fault.
  3. I've been having a parasitic drain issue on the GTi. Battery at 12.6v Charging at 14.2v All accessories on charging at 13.8v The drain is 0.50amps tested on a 10amp multimeter in series. I pulled all fuses which made no difference I disconnected the main 100amp fuse in the bonnet. Bingo, amps now at 0.05 Main fuse back on Alternator plug and wire disconnected same again 0.05 Looks to be an alternator diode issue? Is it just a case of replacing the voltage regulator in the alternator?
  4. Could you put a hole saw through it? Would that then leave you with a nice circle to weld back up with? I've never done it, just a thought?
  5. Is that the sub frame bolt? was it just spinning and so you've cut the head of the bolt off?
  6. No, literally like a solid key (like what you get with standard Lupo). I also rang a local garage who are renowned who can supply, cut and program for £80. I do have a full ECU lock kit from another Lupo GTi but after finding where the CCM unit is located (right at the top above the fuse box!) I'll try to get one paired. As above, hopefully they can sort it for £80, at that price not worth the messing about.
  7. Ok, could do with finding a remote, any tips to figure this out? I have rang VW today and quoted £60 to pair a remote (surprised at that price) but was unable to get me price on a remote fob at this moment in time.
  8. Can you tell me how you paired the remote fob and which fob I need to purchase?
  9. Also the only aftermarket I can find is the Kam racing at £842 Inc cat 🙃
  10. I had it welded about 2 months ago as don't have access to a welder and lack the skills. I will be returning it to the company that did it and see what happens. This is why I like doing things myself as then I am the only to blame! I think I will swap it from my other GTI for the time being and look at repairing it myself. I know of someone with a stick welder with this suffice?
  11. The flexi has snapped. I have had a look for a replacement part although there aren't any listed for the GTI or usually are not the correct size. I believe both the sport and GTI have the same diameter exhaust? The GTI is around 2" 50mm diameter and the standard 1.0 and 1.4 are less. Has anybody been able to purchase a new one?
  12. It's happened again 👀
  13. Anybody have suggestions for a shark fin aerial? Been looking at these: https://www.co-star.co.uk/4104/am-fm-dab-dab-shark-fin-ant-a-3775-01/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eightwood-Antenna-Adapter-Splitter-Amplifier-SMB-Shark-Fin-Aerial/dp/B07FZVZTZR?th=1&psc=1 Any good? What have you used?
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