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  1. Thanks for your help. Discovered to be GVX.
  2. I have checked the top and I have: WWO O2T301103T GD-TL 023 I was worried the WWO was the gearbox code but I have cross referenced with another GTI 6 speed that also has the same numbers. I will check that spot and see if I can spot it!
  3. Where is the gearbox code located on a GTi 6 speed gearbox?
  4. Need to replace / upgrade the front speakers on the GTI. Yes the originals are good but they are non existent. I think I am best getting component speakers? Now how does the wiring work for this? Does the existing wiring from the headunit split so the signal is sent both to the tweeter (in the dash) and to the door speaker? Can I use the existing wiring to the door? So what am thinking... Existing wiring into door then into a crossover. Crossover to the speaker. Then a new wire from door up into tweeter? Is there a better way to do this? What are your thoughts?
  5. Apparently an Alfa Romeo 166 ballast is the same.
  6. Got hold of some 16" 4x100 I believe I need spigot rings 73.1 - 57.1? And the wheel bolts which will fit are M12 X 1.5 X 27mm - 60 degree taper? Does that sound correct? Anybody got these to fit as well?
  7. Wow, embarrassing. Fuse 16 was popped. Glad it was just a fuse... Cheers, anyways
  8. Measured both. Generic pic found online. Letter L (brown/red) = Lupo has no volts throughout. Polo has 0V at ignition off and 12V at ignition on. Letter I = Lupo has 7V at ignition off and 10V ignition on. Polo has 0V at off and 10V ignition on. Letter J = Polo has no wire. Lupo has green/grey wire So I'm assuming the problem lies with the letter L being there is no ignition voltage. What can cause this?
  9. Having an issue with the stereo not powering on at all. Tried 2 different stereos, neither work in the GTI but both do in the polo 6n2. Safe to say the stereos are good. Here is a pic of the stereo wires. (unsure what the purple and black wires are, but have no voltage at any stage) I have recorded the voltage of the black plug as I think the brown plug is just for the speakers? I have checked fuses 20 and 46 and and seem good. These voltages are as if you are looking at the black plug straight on. Any thoughts?
  10. I really wish that when I first started driving I bought a TDI. Would have saved so much money on gearboxes and fuel ? If buying a TDI I would look at gumtree and Facebook etc, eBay ones seem far to high priced for what they are. If buying one I would be looking in the region of around £500 max £750. I've got a polo 6n2 TDI same running gear as the lupo and genuinely cheaper car than a lupo, something to look at
  11. Welcome, Defiantly a TDI, all other models are now redundant except the GTI (IMO) 1.0 and 1.4 just burn oil and destroy gearboxes. TDI are cheap to run, munch miles, cheap parts and £30 tax if you get the right year.
  12. James_VW

    lost key

    Throw this out there... What if the same scenario happened to the previous owner and there is a completely different lock kit than the original? VW wouldn't have know about the lock change so I presume a whole new lock kit is needed? Or is there a way to get the key shape manually? All this makes me want to get a spare sorted for my GTI
  13. Update on this for anyone else with TDI issues. It wasn't the bearing inside the shift tower but the counterweight. Nothing was stripped it was just loose but couldn't be tightened anymore by the nut. So I just put a washer between the nut and counterweight. You have to make sure the washer fits over the spindle so when the nut is tightened it pushes force on the counterweight. Gear changes are much smoother and when in gear the gear stick in the cabin doesn't shake. It seems to be a common fault as a lupo TDI around me also had the issue and now is resolved with the same method.
  14. I think there will be a Lupo TDi in black for sale near me very soon which doesn't seem far from you (Barnsley) if that's still correct on your location.
  15. My first year with Lupo 1.4 75bhp... £1600 blackbox £1800 no blackbox. I Paid the extra £200 as blackboxes are more hassle than there worth... cant drive after 11.... can charge you more if your percentages decrease... etc etc horrible things. Second year exactly half the amount £900. I think its just a case of biting the bullet and getting the first year out of the way as the policy holder and not a named driver as you wont be getting any no-claims bonuses, meaning you'll just get stung every year. The £1500 doesn't seem that bad for a new driver. Also I wouldn't bother paying monthly as you'll be giving the robbing t***s even more money. 0% interest credit cards are a good shout here as long as you are sure you can pay it off before the interest charges become applicable. Hope that helps
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