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  1. Thanks, I need to get it moving tomorrow and have polo 6n2 GTi driveshafts aswell as polo 6n2 TDI driveshafts. I am hoping that one of the outers is the same. I was just enquiring before attempting them tomorrow. I found a post by @Rich which mentions inners, but not much on outers. Thanks for the help!
  2. Searching on here shows that all inner joints are the same except for TDI's I'm struggling to find out info for outer CV joints? Do polo 6n2 GTi outer CV joints fit?
  3. Are all 1.0 / 1.4 / 1.6 alternators the same? Guessing polo 6n2 will be the same aswell?
  4. Any body have: Drivers wing Passenger door Good condition. Collection around Sheffield or be able to post. Thanks James
  5. Thanks for the replies. I would rather replace the ends so that next time it is easier. Can I not make the fuel lines from rubber hose? The quick release connectors are also available online.
  6. Was going to replace fuel filter but noticed both connectors are broken. The connectors need replacing but would it be easier to replace the line? Ive already tried putting a new connector on some spare Lupo line I had but was unsuccessful due to how tight the fitting is. It would be even harder underneath the car. So my thoughts are a new line or second hand. Would second hand ones be any good still or be brittle? Does anyone know the diameter of fuel lines?
  7. Hmm I'm sure I've got an old one kicking about somewhere. Might have to rip it apart to figure out how it works. I had thought it would be a pin but applying some force doesn't budge it.
  8. Does anyone know how to further disassamble the fuel cap? I need to spray it so would ideally like to remove the flap to avoid overspray etc.
  9. Yes there has been a few! Will be keeping hold of the blue GTI for a while. Do have some amount of spares knocking about. Will keep an eye out for you 👍
  10. One of the first alterations was to swap out the OEM steering wheel. I decide to go for the OMP Trecento 300mm. I think it's much better for the size of the car. Also noticed the indicator stalk has been swapped out for an aftermarket one. Will be on the look out for an OEM one. Next up is a service, android head unit and a good clean.
  11. Might be a possibility, I'll inbox you.
  12. Still in the Lupo game 😁 (although have been driving round in a polo 6n2 TDI) Although I now own another Lupo GTI in a colour I've always wanted! 150k miles but still drives great. Plan on keeping this for a while and doing it properly. Still have the moon silver GTI which now has MOT. Still unsure what to do with it? Do feel like the price will rocket in a few years so might keep hold?
  13. Has anybody installed an android double din headunit? What's the quality like? Do they fit well? What's the startup times? Been looking at something like this: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113715283582 Lots of features and cheaper than branded versions. Any reviews?
  14. Thanks for your help. Discovered to be GVX.
  15. I have checked the top and I have: WWO O2T301103T GD-TL 023 I was worried the WWO was the gearbox code but I have cross referenced with another GTI 6 speed that also has the same numbers. I will check that spot and see if I can spot it!
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