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  1. Bump... As suggested the part number for the sump is 032 103 601 QA but it is now obsolete. Having checked ebay 1 has sold previously but with a different part number: 032 103 603 M (wish I had got that!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-lupo-2002-GTI-Alloy-Sump/193651411418?hash=item2d168609da:g:2wsAAOSwDIZfVOvO Having had a quick check on mine it is also 032 103 603 M. I have phoned VW and they say they have no history of this part number and unable to find any results! So I think the only option is to try and find an alternative. As @LR5V says there are some
  2. This one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAKE-PIPE-FLARING-TOOL-4-75mm-DIN-BUBBLE-ON-CAR-FLARE-BY-TRIDENT-T413705-/183109692784?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 Push pipe into the tool. Just about nip it up. Use one side to set the pipe to the correct depth. Tighten the bolts. Little bit of grease and then flare it with the other end. I also used a little sandpaper to clean up the edges before flaring. Good tool, easy to use, can't go wrong. I'm guessing the brake lines are the first thing VW put into the shell. Nightmare trying to get the correct bends and positions. This was on a p
  3. I think I win, I had life within mine.
  4. I had a similar issue before where my LCD time and mileage failed. The issue was water damage to the instrument cluster pcb. I would suggest to plug in an OBD2 and check for any issues. Try a different cluster if you have access to one. I don't believe the cluster is mapped to the ECU so wont cause any issues with starting etc, but worth double checking. Pull apart the cluster and check for any water damage.
  5. Had the same issue on my GTI, also the exact same one which corroded as yours. I replaced the coil pack with an aftermarket one about £16. Been on over 12 months now with no issues. I also replaced the leads with the ones by mr-leads on eBay. Again, no issues at all.
  6. Thanks very much for the help. Did the job at the weekend in the great English weather. As you said, was a bubble flare which required just a single flare (one action) I ordered the tool which allows you to do the brake lines whilst still on the car, mainly because of how well it has been reviewed and its simplicity. No leaks or loss of fluid so far, will keep a check on it over the week.
  7. I need to replace the hard lines from the ABS pump to each front brake calipers. I believe the pipe is 3/16 but unsure what type of brake flare I need? Most online suggest double flare but have seen some mention bubble flare Can the flares be interchanged? Are the fittings M10x1.0 but aslo may be a m12x1.0?
  8. Now sold. Sorry not for sale
  9. Price reduced to £2000 I have been driving the car more recently and the clutch issue has pretty much resolved it's self. I'm guessing it was because it has stood for a while and needing bedding back in. Not entirely sure but it no longer concerns me. Anyway, please no more dreamers asking to swap for a Corsa b 😂
  10. £2250 Lupo GTi Moon silver - earlier of the silvers not to be confused with reflex silver 5 speed gearbox 12 months MOT 136k mileage 1 key 17 owners Full log book Plenty of reciepts Inc genuine VW parts HPI clear Inc proof I have owned the car for around 5 years and in this time I have made it road worthy. The engine is smooth, doesn't burn oil or coolant and pulls well. Gearbox is smooth and goes into every gear without any crunches, whining or grinding. Full cambelt and waterpump 1k miles ago (may 2020) Brand new genuine VW thermostat housing Fu
  11. Now fixed (hopefully) Found a old alternator and swapped over the regulators. 0.02amps now 13.8v charge 13.5v under load Will charge the battery overnight and watch over the next week or two
  12. I'll going to order an alternator regulator and hope that resolves it. The internet says that it's a diode which is faulty and is allowing current back through the alternator. I have crossed reference with a good GTi and once the alternator was isolated the amps matched. Because the alternator was sufficient in providing enough charge I hadn't had thought it would be at fault.
  13. I've been having a parasitic drain issue on the GTi. Battery at 12.6v Charging at 14.2v All accessories on charging at 13.8v The drain is 0.50amps tested on a 10amp multimeter in series. I pulled all fuses which made no difference I disconnected the main 100amp fuse in the bonnet. Bingo, amps now at 0.05 Main fuse back on Alternator plug and wire disconnected same again 0.05 Looks to be an alternator diode issue? Is it just a case of replacing the voltage regulator in the alternator?
  14. Could you put a hole saw through it? Would that then leave you with a nice circle to weld back up with? I've never done it, just a thought?
  15. Is that the sub frame bolt? was it just spinning and so you've cut the head of the bolt off?
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