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  1. I'm sure Rich has talked about this mod. If doable, it would be interesting to see what economy is achievable.
  2. I would love a 3L but I think RAB sums it up. There's a lack of knowledge in the UK about them. You'll need to be very capable of 3L maintenance, whereas a plain jane TDI/SDI is more like your typical car.
  3. Odd combination. Most people who have done such a swap go for a 1.4 gearbox in a 1.0.
  4. No, just reproduced it on my phone though: https://clublupo.co.uk is being redirected to AMG via an SSL man in the middle attack/redirect. http://clublupo.co.uk is redirecting to clublupo site as expected.
  5. I think you need to price it accordingly then otherwise it won't sell.
  6. My suggestion would be find the time to sort that window issue and you have a perfect car for someone. Words like "easy fix" don't stretch very far if you're an 18 year old who has never so much as done your own oil change. Price is right, if work is done.
  7. Have you considered the throttle cable?
  8. In all honesty, not that long at all. Extracted the pin and adapted a new key. Then it was just all the fun that comes after the engine turns over for the first time.
  9. Me and @mattarosa brought an immobilized 6n2 Polo GTI conversion to life tonight which had the original standard key. Surprising amount of fun
  10. You scanned it yet? Could be a damaged MAF sensor still plugged. Wouldould cause this issue, or an air leak also... Both would indeed light up EPC light, if you have no EML.
  11. Expect to see it as an unfinished project coming to an eBay near you, very soon.
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