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  1. This is correct. You can swap the clocks. They are modular.
  2. We're all intrigued by them. I've wanted one for years. They're a very special car imo. Problem is, you are looking at single figures in the UK. I think there was 5 at one point. No idea how many now.
  3. Its almost like tuning a car that has been manufactured to maximize economy isn't the easiest job in that world. Shock. Hope you find what you are looking for but 3Ls are rare in the UK so they're a bit of a mystery. Sorry to say.
  4. So I've been able to pair a remote tonight. That's progress. The chip still remains a task.
  5. I just paid 230 to admiral for lupo gti
  6. Does anyone actually bother on an SDI. They're agricultural as hell, foam or not.
  7. Looks like it sold.
  8. Screams problem car.
  9. That doesn't bother me. I reverse engineered a tool entirely in stupid-hex (hex but every value is shifted by 2) when I was 21. That doesn't scare me. Every time I've tried to access the ECU or Cluster I've either been booted out or it's timed out... At least using VAG commander
  10. I've always said 80w90 but it's a 3L so god knows
  11. You've still got to access the memory location
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