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  1. Lol 40 quid ... It's all the same. Sodium silicate. Still if it has worked then great news. Have you completed the process yet? I would have turned the heater down to cold before doing it
  2. It's awful.... Truly awful, but each to their own.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGEN-LUPO-1-7-SDI-12MTHS-MOT-EXTENSIVE-SERVICE-HISTORY-DRIVES-FANTASTIC/323829729731?hash=item4b65c189c3:g:3-UAAOSw8n5c~MjQ Why not bid on this......
  4. You see them around, wouldn't say they're common but they do exist. No SDI's with AC. No (?) 1.0E with AC? 1.4's, TDi's and GTi's only I believe.
  5. Equally, I watched a severely distracted mechanic pour a significant amount of coolant straight into an engine. I try in vain to shout round the door (was watching him through the glass) but it was too late and he then realised what an absolute balls up had occurred. Wonder how they sorted that mess out? It wasn't my car luckily. You'd think however, drain the coolant out the engine obviously, fill up with fresh oil, run at idle up to temperature, two or three revs to get the pressure up(?), drain again, then completely fresh oil? Would that actually be enough.... My concern would be that good old science never lies and a simple rule of physics is that oil and water do not mix, they separate.......... so how do you know for sure that adding fresh oil is even going to guarantee it extracts all the coolant left in the block? A sticky situation, undoubtedly. Glad I wasn't the young man who made that mistake. Does that actually work? I don't mind the idea of coolant flush but a dishwasher tablet surely has loads of detergent and stuff that won't play nicely?
  6. You could wrap it..... now before anyone jumps at me regarding the airbag, yes you'd need to cut a door in the cloth to ensure the airbag deployed correctly. Seen it done. Seen the airbag deploy despite wrapped. Perfectly reasonable and safe way of doing it, if done right, entirely up to you though. Disclaimer: Your own risk, do it right, or don't do at all.
  7. It does work, it's just a nasty way of fixing it. Do it properly though and it does work.
  8. Not really. I wasn't trying to be a know-it-all, I just hate seeing people mugged off and despite the huge progress in the second hand car/repair garage world, we're still a long way off having widespread scrupulous garages. There are still too many dodgy characters in the car world and some sound advice from a decent mechanic would have put you at ease, rather than some absolute tool telling you that there was a potential of water ingress and then further mechanics telling you that you needed a new bloody ECU. That said, we were all fairly open with our predictions on this one, so it's a shame that you've spent as much money as you have finding out. Hope they bloody sealed it properly.... sorry, couldn't help it Still, it's a win to some degree, because if this issue appears on another Lupo, the owner will hopefully find this thread and be more at ease, so to some degree you've done others a potential favour At the end of the day, the money you paid is worth the peace of mind, for you personally, so I don't blame you for that. That's only real reason any of us get the cambelt changed at the interval right? I just tend to play fast and loose with this kind of stuff. I drove several miles a few months ago with coolant absolutely pouring out the turbo return on my A4. Race against the traffic lights.... How are you going about claiming against the person you purchased it from? Are you sure they were aware of it being an issue?
  9. So has this work actually been completed now, or have you taken the advice of a mechanic to just drive and appreciate the car..... something we've been telling you to do for weeks? If the exterior pins were corroded on the ECU, then I fail to see how that's a surefire sign of water ingress. The exterior pins are exposed to the elements to some degree. I suspect most likely someone misfitted the scuttle panel or left it off for a period of time which allowed a bit of additional moisture to build up. Alternatively, it was a bit of bad luck and condensation played games. Even so...... what a bunch of buffoons some of these guys are: "I won't look at it because of potential water ingress" ? I swear the world is going absolutely bonkers.
  10. Sadly, I noticed a few months back that Barry Boys has closed it's forum It's just an archive nowadays, albeit a magical one.... even a few **** Lupo's on there. Lupo was auto corrected to antiquated breadbin which did give me a giggle or two. Still, BB was one of the greatest car websites on the Internet in my opinion. Documenting utterly terrible cars for about 15+ years and nowhere has a database as complete as theirs. Ultimately, the reason they closed the site was for a valid reason.... and they have a valid point... Barry culture has basically died and been replaced by cheap cars on finance. An 18 year old with a minimum wage job, living at home with his parents can probably afford something like a Seat Ibiza. Really, Barry Boy culture came from the massive insurance hikes in the 90's.... it was pretty difficult for a young (and even some older) drivers to find affordable insurance on hot hatchbacks and faster cars.... so the obvious solution was to modify the crap out of cheap shitty slow cars. Even slow cars aren't that slow these days and it's easy to get insured on nippy cars as well. I think the demise of magazines like Max Power, Nuts, lads mags etc, and also the change in focus of Fast Car which now exclusively covers high performance factory cars rather than Barry'd nonsense also contributed to this shift in trend. I'll always remember the good old days though...... dreadfully modified Nova's with a SNES in the glovebox, fur roof lining and the handling characteristics of bambi on ice.
  11. I remember Fox racing wheels from the good old days of twin subs in the boot and Children by Robert Miles blaring at 140 decibels. Very 2002 Barry boy.
  12. If you're not busy this week, I'm keen to come have a look.
  13. Like most fault codes, always suggest clearing them first, see what returns. Your airbag fault for example is basically a false positive.
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