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  1. You done a point to point wiring check?
  2. It'll either be the lock module or the wiring... It's usually the lock module, although the wires can get splinched on rare occasions. It's a dead simple system on the face of it. A reflection of the times ultimately. You can repair the lock modules if you've got time (take apart clean up switches and touch up solder) but honestly, I wouldn't bother. You can pick them up on the internet, aftermarket for about £20-£30 inc shipping. They're fine and they're probably a lot better made. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372779804854?chn=ps&_ul=GB&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&mkscid=101&itemid=372779804854&targetid=1814673647502&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9046430&poi=&campaignid=19089547614&mkgroupid=142438599285&rlsatarget=aud-1641271186540:pla-1814673647502&abcId=9303859&merchantid=138795771&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpZWzBhC0ARIsACvjWRMwmQRlLcXahVXFvVso-bk2I0PSvRrggd7nt5xffW66_-eB3osTTCsaAjZxEALw_wcB
  3. It kind of sounds like another faulty thermostat. Mine's just gone, very similar symptoms. Mine wouldn't get anywhere near 12 o clock on the dial, where it has always been before. It blew lukewarm out of the vents. If I sat in traffic, it might get up to 12 o clock. I never could tell if it was running rich or whether the engine was clever enough to compensate, but I think it probably did run rich constantly as it thought it was excessively cooling the engine. Just replaced mine as well. Pretty stupid job on a Lupo GTI. The thermostat housing is right next to a gear linkage which leaves you very little space to work in, unless you start moving or removing crap. 15 minute job becomes an hour job.
  4. Any noticeable vibrations? Does it sound rough?
  5. I don't think there would be any issues from an ECU perspective, but how are you going to wire it in? Do you have the right looms?
  6. I had it beep once or twice on my SDI. Usually right on starting the car for some reason (oil was never low). Never stayed on though. @mattarosahad a Lupo 1.0 which had it intermittently for a while without engine failure. Maybe a dodgy design?
  7. Uhh, effort. Fine. Got some VHT in the garage anyway.
  8. Brother in law has been borrowing my GTI and got it MOTd. They said it needed a new rear caliper but the caliper they've installed is silver. Do aftermarket parts come on silver or is this likely the wrong caliper?
  9. That sounds like the kind of energy a radio might pull if it was wired up wrong.
  10. You could do with the immo code but I don't think it's needed if you have the original key. What ECU is it?
  11. You're going to need to pair it with your immobilizer. Ross tech have a guide, it's not madly complicated.
  12. It almost certainly isn't blown. Your car just didn't come with one.
  13. I don't think you can reset to a specific value without actually changing the interval. You can use VCDS to reset the service interval.
  14. Do you have the bonnet release handle?
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