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  1. Can't say the ETA on my guide....coming though
  2. Not kept up on this thread. Didn't expect it to be that bad.
  3. If it's a good TDI it's worth getting back on the road
  4. Don't break it. Not yet.
  5. Which? I've been doing truck loads of research lately.
  6. I saw Mk4 and dialled out. I'll read again sober. Imo, Lupos CL systems are awful (primitive) but simple (easy as heck to fix). Same systems no?
  7. I'll try and create a guide when I do my GTI key. I'll work out the best way that avoids a pricey trip to Volks
  8. Pairing the remote should be easy. It's getting the SKC to pair the key that's not fun.
  9. It's only held in the connecting piece by gravity really. Pain in the arse to get back into place. Not actually that useful on CL cars tbh.
  10. Does it actually run?
  11. Does the audible alarm when locking thing actually work? Never seen it work properly in practice.
  12. Not what the op asked though.
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