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  1. The Fox is horrible in my opinion, but perhaps I'm too busy comparing to the Lupo.
  2. Kline is just that nickname for KWP2000. Stands for keyword protocol 2000. There's several reasons that it's been phased out in favour of CAN but it will always have a special place in my heart....
  3. I suggest flushing with de-ionised water rather than tap water. I tend to get a couple of big bottles from Tesco, drain car, fill with de-ionised, bleed, and repeat. Leave enough for when you decide to fill with concentrate.
  4. If you have any similar issues with your new switch it'll be more likely the wiring in the boot between the door and car. Not a fun job.
  5. One inch makes a difference. 16 inch looks fairly daft in my opinion:
  6. I'd just fit them and try out. What's it take, half an hour to change 4 wheels?
  7. OB061208, 2.99 free delivery on Amazon. You're welcome.
  8. Press in an oilite bearing. I did it using a set of pliers. Hammer pin in. Never replace again. Heat shrink does work indeed. I think it was me that came up with that idea
  9. I would replace the stalk again. And probably try a second hazard switch. The wiring in Lupos really aren't that complicated. You could easily prove this off by taking the cowelling off and testing the wiring from the stalks.
  10. Tried a second set of stalk/s? The main culprit is usually the stalk. The indicator relay is in the warning switch.
  11. Not comparing like with like. The Lupo head unit was quite outdated even at the time... Let alone now.
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