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  1. I looked at a few cars on eBay and thought that with 136k, £3500 was about right. Every person who doesn't know Lupo GTIs looks shocked when you say what it's worth. They expect it to be worth a few hundred quid. Which means it's enthusiast only. And you never know how many enthusiasts are waiting to get one. It does seem like I could have sold it a few times over. The buyer has definitely got a bargain but once you decide on your price and someone says yes, it's not right to up it or try to start a bidding war or anything. So one for experience.
  2. Thanks for all the help you've provided. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi. It's finally time to part with my lovely GTI because my son is starting to learn to drive and I need something he can insure and not knock about. I've had this car since 29th May 2012 and it's been our 2nd car / runabout / wife's transport to the station. We got it with about 100k on and since then we've added about 3k a year so now it's at 136k. Higher mileage than some but still way below average for a 19 year old car. It has: Original factory fitted leather interior with heated front seats Air con Cup holders! 6 speed box EW/PAS etc Pioneer double DIN bluetooth head unit with phone mic All of the options apart from the MP3 player. I believe this car was a dealer demo vehicle so has everything. It had the cam belt changed by the previous owner at 65k and then by me at a local garage at 120k. It's serviced once a year but I do it myself so no service history for oil changes over the past few years. I have got all of the MOTs, receipts for things etc. Last year I had it almost all resprayed and I put some Vogtland coilovers on to lower it just enough to make it look like it should. Lupo GTIs on original suspension look a bit out of place these days. They almost look like Polo Dunes. I think the height this is at is pretty much perfect. The suspension is great, it isn't harsh but it keeps the car very flat around corners. I also changed the rear bushes on the front wishbones for polyflex, and new top mounts on the front and rear shocks. Last year new battery, new alternator, new Brembo discs and pads front and rear. At the same I had the 4 wheels refurbed and repainted with new centre caps. I've recently replaced both window regulators and the windows go up and down fast and smooth. This car has wanted for nothing. It would have been sacrilege to not keep it looking and running nice and it looks and drives like a dream. It turns heads everywhere you go. I've got a mass of photos and I also did a YouTube video which is here. I'm aware of how rare this car is and how well its been looked after but I'm also aware that the mileage is higher than some would like. I *think* £3500 is a fair price. There are currently 2 problems with the car: the aircon isn't very cold and the passenger door actuator is intermittent. I intend to sort those before selling the car.
  4. Every time I drive it and look at it I think I couldn't have set up the suspension any better. I never got the camber redone either and the tyres are wearing perfectly.
  5. Changing my coilpack made mine better. It was never really bad but I'd changed the CTS a few years back anyway
  6. for £20 if it fails I'll get another one. If the performance is poor I'll be able to tell and order a better one.
  7. Good thinking I'll get some leads too. This set has been on the car at least since I've had it so they're 10 years old+ Interesting. I've already ordered the coilpack for £20 so not a massive outlay.
  8. Have you seen my post today about my leads and coil pack? Could well be something similar.
  9. I was going to post about this earlier asking what it could be. Hesitation/misfire/3 cylinders firing from around 1500-2000 rpm but fine above that. I took the leads off and looked. This looks pretty conclusive: 1 corroded, 3 fine. I blasted the coil pack and lead with carb cleaner which cleaned it right up. It drives so much better now. Even gear changes and pulling away are smoother. I've ordered a new coilpack too.
  10. I took the nut off and reseated the top bush and the plate with some grease on both sides. That stopped it. Blissful silence now.
  11. I've had a bit of squeaking for a while and it seems that the latest increase seems to have coincided with me changing the suspension in the summer. I put it down to it being bumpier now but with how much noise it's now making I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. The top mounts of the rear shocks are supposed to look like this aren't they? Is there anything I could have put back together wrong? It's all tight but I've retightened in case.
  12. Absolutely fine. I can't see how the GTI ones would be different. Perhaps just the motor is different?
  13. Can you PM me with a price? Cheers
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