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  1. dirk1978


    Yeah the raven blue: https://goo.gl/photos/5m6WAwxRhvz1XSHy5
  2. If you find them you can sell the passenger side to me
  3. You're welcome to my spare one. It's raven blue obviously.
  4. Anyone got one of these for sale / spare? It's the off side cover. Came back from a garage once without it. They claimed no knowledge of course. Weirdly I've got 1 spare of the other side.
  5. dirk1978


    It's more of a ponder. I'm not a collector or a big enthusiast. I like the car but I'm more about the practicalities. So if it's worth my while keeping it to increase in value I'll do that. And I don't know if the money I would spend on trying to improve it (rather than just servicing and maintenance) would be worth it in the long run, because I don't know if the mileage will always be an issue.
  6. dirk1978


    So my GTI has done 132,000. It's 17 years old. Old wisdom is that it's 10,000 a year average. Nowawadays it's more like 12,000. So my car is still a fair bit below the average. But it's got too many miles to be collectable. What are my options? If I sell the car it'll be devaluing it compared to cars with maybe 50,000 less on but haven't gone over the magic 100k watermark in people's minds. But if I keep it and keep spending money to keep it working well, or improve it towards factory, is it worth doing that? Will it ever be worth it? Or when you get to 130k ish, will it always be a dead duck, even if the steering and suspension is replaced, the interior is perfect, the bodywork has no rust, and the engine has been rebuilt?
  7. I was getting confused and my roofbox is the Thule Pacific 200 which is 410L https://www.thule.com/en/be/cargo-carrier/car-top-carrier/thule-pacific-m-_-631215 Probably won't be that different to the silver one above. That's got a maximum load of 50KG anyway. The roof box is 13 KG and the wing bars weigh almost nothing. I think I'd be OK with 37 KG in the box.
  8. Thanks but I've already got most of the bits. Good finds. Thanks for the info. Looks about a metre to me. I might try the 500L roof box for a laugh.
  9. Does anyone know the measurement between the feet or bars on the roof racks on Lupos? I've already got various bike racks and a 500L roof box and some 961 wing bars (apparently the right ones for Lupos?) but I need to get a foot pack and fitting kit. Just wondering if my Thule 500L box and bike carriers will fit.
  10. Resurrecting this thread. Is it fairly safe to run without a tray for a week or so? Judging by the replies here some people run without them anyway? Isn't the aluminium sump a bit exposed?
  11. I've put oil back in and a guy offered to tap it for me but it seems a waste to drive it there with new oil, drain it, tap it, new oil and it may need the sump off anyway. It isn't leaking now with oil in so I'll leave it to dry properly overnight and see what the leak is like in the morning then just book it in somewhere to helicoil it. Cheers for the help.
  12. The sump doesn't look that difficult to get off to me? Looks like dropping the exhaust off, 2 gearbox bolts then a good number of bolts around the outside? There's maybe 2 long recessed bolts also? Now stuck wondering whether to just take the sump off now and get it sorted somewhere or leave it on, try to seal it enough to get it somewhere and let them sort it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1sw9HZ2AX6Ju2ku49
  13. I don't have access to anything 🙁 I've put some PTFE around the plug and used some instant gasket so I can at least drive it to a garage so they can retap it or whatever they do. Sumps look really difficult to source for the AVY?
  14. Or rather, about the thread on the oil sump plug, not a thread about GTi oil sumps 😃 Anyway, just come to change my oil and as I was undoing my sump plug, bits of the sump thread were coming off with it. Then when putting it back on, it got to tightening it and it went very loose. Undone and pretty much the whole thread has disintegrated. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to source a sump? Or is there any way to do a magic fix (I doubt it I can't think of anything). Anyone else had this happen?
  15. The camber looks much better. Not sure if this is already accepted as fact but the 3 bolts on the wishbone to balljoint are definitely camber adjustment. There's way too much movement for it not to be. I shoved mine all the way back when locking up.
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