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  1. Thanks Mk2 - I dont know how to read these numbers out. I only have a very basic OBD2 reader -Ebay special via an app called Torque on my phone.
  2. All, My daughters 52 plate Lupo 1.4 16v has had the EML light come on. A quick OBD II diagnostic later and I can see the fault is P0407 - Powertrain Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor "B" Circuit low. We have noted that the fuel consumption has increased. Any ideas please?
  3. I will check the subframe carefully. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi All. After owning a 1.4 16v Cambridge Lupo for over a year now - well its my daughters. We have a hankering for a GTI. These pocket rockets are so cute and i believe that they will appreciate in value soon. I have found a car for sale in Scotland. Its black and on a 05 plate - which is the last of this model. Cloth interior. What should i look out for when viewing? The body work has some bubbling here and there, is this a big issue, or can this be corrected easily? Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Hi All. My daughters Fresco green Cambridge 1.4 16v has a hissing problem on switch off. We traced this to the pipe that runs from the brake servo to the inlet manifold. This has a one way valve in the way. I just cannot find this anywhere new and have bought a couple on Ebay and Facebook, only to find they are shot. Is it possible to make your own? What would i need in terms of piping? Or perhaps someone here has a decent one that I can buy. Any help appreciated.
  6. Hi All. My daughter is 18 and has been patiently waiting for her driving test which has been cancelled due to the pandemic. She bought a 1.4 16v Lupo the weekend before the pandemic kicked off in 2020 and has been driving on L plates with me in the car for the best part of a year. She has managed to clock up 3k miles between complete lockdowns. We are currently insuring her with Admiral for a learner driver for about £300/year limited miles etc. I was considering buying her a GTI as a bit of an investment and something to do. I am sure that the insurance will not go up massively over her 1.4 16v, but when she passes, this could really leap up. An example is that we thought about a Mk3 golf gti 16v a while ago and pre passing her test, the premium was £600 and as soon as she passed, it shot up to £6000. Has anyone out there insured on a GTI Lupo as a new driver, what sort of premiums are you paying and who are you insured with please?
  7. It still partially squirts water on the screen so i think it is the brass tube that has broken. Was bidding on one from Ebay last night - The seller pulled.......
  8. All - I am looking for the rear wiper motor for my daughters Lupo, it has the dreaded leak and this water sprays inside the boot lid and onto the catch mechanism.
  9. Thanks all - Still looking for this part - but the car seems to be running fine with the current one and some bandages! MOT passed today - the tester commented on how clean the car is! One important fix i need to make is that the rear shocks have had it. Time to replace these!! The Oil service light came on today - I gave the car a full service only a few hundred miles ago and didnt reset - i should be ok just to reset it. Please could someone tell me how to reset this? Will try this now -
  10. LOL - fair answer, i asked for that!! The old one is a straight pipe, but TPS and VW are telling me that it should be the part as above. I took my part back to TPS swindon and got shouted at for an hour about how they cant give refunds just because i changed my mind etc. I told them that it was the wrong part, but they were adamant that this was the right part...... Refund finally sorted. Lesson learnt - never goto TPS.
  11. Thanks Mk2 - Please can i ask a question about this pipe - My car has a single pipe with one connector at the brake servo end and one connector at the inlet manifold end and some sort of valve in between. I think that it is like this - but this is for LHD cars: I have just bought a replacement pipe from TPS at massive cost £130 and it has a Y piece in it and three openings. TPS Swindon have been very rude to me and are telling me that this is the right part and no return. What should the right part look like please?
  12. A new issue which i need your help with please..... The car is a 1.4 16v 2002. I have been told and shown that the vacuum pipe is cracked and when the car is switched off a loud hissing sound can be heard from this pipe. I was told that this could not be bought from anywhere other than the main dealers, so i contacted TPS and bought one for an eye watering £130. Went to fit it today and its wrong. My pipe goes from the Brake Servo to the inlet manifold as a single piece. The replacement pipe has an extra pipe that looks like it goes to the air box. I dont have this. Can anyone help - or does anyone have a good version of the pipe i am after please?
  13. Thanks freinds - all sorted, it was exactly what you guys said. The connector pops off - i reconnected it and secured with a cable tie. Sorted!
  14. Looks like this might be half of the issue: Any ideas on where the water exiting from the middle of the car on passenger side might be from?
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