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  1. @mk2 thoughts on this? Waterproofing would be easy enough I assume. Or too much of a budge? Not so worried about a slightly higher pedal as documented with this fix.
  2. Also, is there a decent how to for pedal box removal? May try and tackle it tomorrow.
  3. Pedal box a dear do or? Hoped it may have been as simple as the lock nut on the cable being loose. Worth buying used or should you only buy new? Or if you can find that pic of where it breaks, I can probably have it welded.
  4. Symptoms I'm having started today. Previously gear changes were notchy at times but associated that with oil more than anything for the box. But coming home from Leeds today the clutch pedals lower than the brake pedal, it's not fully engaging when I put my foot to the floor (car still rolling when clutch fully dipped) so I'm guessing the fact that it is an absolute b*stard of a job to get it into gear is down to the fact that the clutch isnt dipping. Suggestions so far have been slave cylinder, clutch hydraulic fluid or pedal box. Will try to check the fluid reservoir to see if its empty. Anything else I'm missing that it could be?
  5. absolutely not. ive been told to always keep a fuel filter spare, and if you look back on the forums, some recommend trying an inline fuel filter which may help as well. I seem to remember @Skezza discussing it on some old posts, if i find the thread ill tag you @Sarahs Lupo. If this lupo becomes long term for me (bought it to save money whilst i pay off my wedding) then its something ill be looking at doing anyway, at that point i was going to oil change so maybe ill throw a bit of money into it then.
  6. getting a build up of condensation, especially so in my pop outs. windscreen and front windows dont seem to be as bad. No obvious signs of water getting in, no wet footwells etc. Any ideas? pollen filter maybe? Cheers
  7. personally wouldnt use used veg oil. I assume this is where many problems will start as used oil would obviously need to be strained, cleaned etc. and its chemical properties would be different. If you have the space, storage and equipment to strain it then great. dont forget to keep on top of servicing if you do plenty of miles
  8. i get 360 to a tank of veg, at 60p a litre haha
  9. Ever been done in a lupo? Fancy a black with stars headliner. Or would it look garbage? Tia
  10. Not what a lot of other users have done. I've done 2k miles now on 100% veg. Better to mix it however which I will be doing a lot more with it getting colder.
  11. Definitely. I was using diesel before and it was a bit better but not massively. Probably wants an oil/filter change and the exhaust sorting but. I use clean new veg, got a deal from sainsburys at 60p a litre. And delivered to my door!
  12. worked out my 1.7 SDi to be getting 48mpg and never above 3k revs - A roads 25mile daily journey, same journey my old 1.9 pd100 polo would get around 55-56mpg. I am running near straight SVO though, and its got a straight through exhaust which I'm hoping to replace for standard or at least put a midbox on.
  13. Wouldnt bother. Nice when they work but they are very error prone. If you can live with windy windows then stick to them bud.
  14. I thought as much it looks a tidy finish. For the sake of some cheap tint film for the rear 3 windows it's probably easier. It's no show pony.
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