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  1. To be fair I've seen a few updates of her since she's gone and a bolt going into the box has snapped causing an oil/fluid leak which was the final straw for me really. I could have put the back seats down to be fair but I think I was just a bit tired of the gutlessness and it wanted a fair bit of work (new exhaust, said bolt repair, full service, front shocks and springs were goosed etc. So I would have been putting more money into it than it was worth. It did me great for 9 months and probably 8-10k miles mostly on veg oil without letting me down. Do miss it now and then but the ibiza pd100 has been sweet as a nut. New discs and pads on her and a cv joint and she's not given me any bother in the first 1k miles. Doesn't have as much character as the lupo but I'm not getting headaches with the noise anymore and the extra poke has been a welcome bonus. Part of me wishes I'd went for a lupo tdi for the extra grunt but great fun to drive still. The ibiza is quick but its a bit bland, doesn't have that chuck-a-bility the lupo had. Still, for an 08 plate car for 250 quid and 150 in new tyres, cv joint and tracking I can't complain too much, considering I got 350 for the lupo (only paid 400 for it)
  2. I used to own a golf pd150 and it was a fantastic car. Genuinely the only reason I decided to part with it was because the boot wasnt big enough to fit delivery bags in and theyd fly about on the rear seats so I had a couple of complaints from customers about damaged food. Maybe one day 😂
  3. More of a goodbye than a welcome post, but on tuesday I waved goodbye to my 1.7 SDi lupo. 10,000 miles, 9 months ownership, over £5,000 in takeaway deliveries it more than earned its keep. I picked it up for £400 and in that time it only wanted 2 new front tires, a couple of bulbs and the odd free/cheap repair. It sold to a guy from dumfries way for £300. Not a bad return to be truthful. It wanted a bit of work as it had developed an oil leak, wanted fresh oil and filters anyway. It's been replaced with an 08 plate ibiza sport pd100 that I picked up ludicrously cheap locally that wants a cv joint, 2 tyres and some discs and pads all of which have been ordered. Thanks to everyone who helped with advice, namely rich, skezza and mk2. It was a blast and a genuinely fun car to drive and own. I'll still lurk here when I'm bored no doubt but thanks to all those that helped along the way.
  4. Just get him to leave the seats outside the house for you. And if a bobby asks what your doing in the area, make sure you get an hours walk in
  5. Just had a quick read and apparantly a pd100 clutch (they mentioned fabia but I assume it's the same clutch) should fit which would be more than adequate for the torque and power I'd be looking for, is it a direct fit?
  6. That's great news! Like I say 120bhp would be more than adequate, and the less to replace or upgrade unnecessarily the better. Any suggestions for a clutch? Guessing it will have to be a paddle clutch (shame, hate them!) Or is there an OEM fit? I know i had a vr6 clutch and g60 flywheel fitted to my polo pd100 9n, was a tad noisy mind... so what upgrades would you recommend? I'm aware the intercooler will be fine for circa 130-140bhp) and I'll know I'll need a larger exhaust (probably going to get silencers as I want something subtle) I may still opt for the pd130 injectors if some come up reasonably priced, then just a clutch and maybe a turbo (apparantly the fabia vrs turbo would spool better but not sure how much fab work etc would be needed to fit that) and then just finding a clutch that can take the power
  7. Way beyond where I'd like to go. I'd just want it to be as quick as a stock pd130, but still a good laugh to drive and reliable enough for daily.
  8. Hi all. Looking at a 1.4 tdi lupo (to accompany my SDi) and have been reading up on tuning etc. I'd like to set a goal to reach a safe 120-125bhp, so it is still a nice enough daily without being too stressful on the engine. I've read the turbo upgrade to go for is a fabia vrs pd130 turbo, and use 3 injectors from a pd130 (but I'm assuming you could equally use pd100/pd110/pd115 injectors considering the modest power increase. Anyone here gone beyond the standard 100bhp average from just a map and maybe a bigger (2.25/2.5" stainless) exhaust?
  9. Update: fixed, clutch sitting correctly and no clicking. Cheers.
  10. They look like bmw bbs wheels - judging by the centre caps already fitted I'm guessing so. 4x100 is the pcd you need and it should be stamped somewhere on the wheels.
  11. I'm assuming it goes over the bolt and theres a nut that holds the bolt in place? As I've found a black nut (here) in the car and assume this is the culprit And would this being off or the bolt being loose cause the clicking noise when you press the pedal?
  12. What's the fix @Rich? Cheers No 😂 cash float (delivery driver) Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all. Driving along and this came out my pedal box (my clutch pedal keeps losing position and moving higher and lower and side to side, think it needs welding so whilst I'm on the topic does anyone have the pic of where the weld needs to be done?) Heres the pic and excuse the missus nails 😂
  14. Surely easier for the sake of a few hundred quid picking up a mk2 Octavia estate? Perfect surely for the job... or any van (inca would be ideal for height, but a bit pricier like for like compared to say a combo van. DI is bulletproof too.
  15. You cant and shouldn't do it.
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