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  1. At 57p a litre it's a lot cheaper. Plenty of folk seem to rave about old sdi being great on veg and a lot run it on svo. Not what I would do personally I'd always use a bit of diesel in as a mix or as a friend recommended some petrol (small amount)
  2. I'm running a 70/30 mix mostly, 20-25l of veg to 5-10l of diesel. In the warmer months itll be more than that though I would imagine. Oil change twice a year and fuel filter and it should be fine. I have to say I've had zero issues thus far. Starts first turn of the key and runs great.
  3. You can get a 1.8t golf or a3 for about 400 quid. Drive it for a year to get used to it, then do the conversion. Insurance will be cheaper and you'll be a better driver
  4. your insurance will check your engine. If you have lied to them by not declaring an engine conversion (because they WILL ask if the car has any modifications) You will have void insurance, and depending on the circumstances, you could end up in prison. dont be a dick. declare it. I wouldn't necessarily do a logbook declaration, but if you fail to declare and even if someone totals your car whilst parked up, they will still void your policy. If you cant afford the insurance dont do the swap.
  5. Sadly nobody seems to be on this forum in general anymore 😂
  6. Performance - dont bother. Engine conversion would be the best choice because a non turbo 1.4 petrol wont tune much at all. Styling - wind deflectors, pressed number plates, LED side lights and number plate lights, led interior light. GTI spoiler is essential if you can find one too, transforms the look of the car. Interior: obviously stereo upgrade, audi TT knee bars, gti seats (many others available, TT leathers can be fitted with minor work but afaik any mk4 golf platform which includes audi a3 seat leon etc. Seats will fit. Good luck!
  7. Sadly forums seem a ghost town since facebook etc really took off killing BB forums. Hope you get all the help you need pal.
  8. Stephenmacleod


    If I was you I'd stick with the 3l and if you want something faster get a second vehicle. The 3l is an extremely sought after car, designed exclusively for extreme mpg.
  9. Probably going to be asking a few questions on here with the odds and sods ill need to maintain this wee runabout, so heres a pic, 300miles later after picking it up. Its a hoot to drive and runs on thin air. got it for a bargain price too I feel, and she loves veg oil already. Im Stephen from Cumbria. PS I've already removed the poxy wrap from the headlights, was lethal driving at night. Dewiper'd and thats it so far. Thanks,
  10. hi all. got a 01 Lupo SDI. Heard its a common issue but unsure if its motor, switch or wiring that would likely be the issue. Of course, i could take the doorcard off and have a nosey but hoped someone could help diagnose this in case its specific. Passenger side electric window comes down whenever it wants, sometimes just a little, other times fully goes down. When i press the switch on the drivers side to put the passenger side back up, it usually comes right back down again. however, leaning over and using the switch on the passenger side seems to keep it shut (certainly for longer) This happens sporadically. I will point out that currently I have one wind deflector fitted and thats the drivers side where I have no issues, no deflector on the passenger side (Need to replace it) TIA.
  11. Hi all, I'm Stephen, from Cumbria, UK. I currently drive an astra, and it's murder on tax, insurance and fuel. And it's not even fast to make all that expense worth it Having always loved lupos, (and arosas, but given choice I'd prefer a lupo) I'd love to get my hands on a 51+ reg 1.4 TDI, for the dirt cheap tax and mpg benefits. 30 quid for 3-400 miles Is certainly better than 60 quid for 2-300 miles! Plus, with my girlfriend nearing her test date, something we could both drive would be a bonus. Thanks in advance! Stevo
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