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  1. UPDATE: passenger side is a 25A fuse no. 39. removed and now no more window issues. will just fire it back in at MOT time or ill pull the door card off and clean the contacts at some point before then.
  2. Cheers mate much obliged. Link me when you find it if not I'll rip it out anyway does my tits in on deliveries 🤣
  3. Check your employer or if you are in a union - I'm a unison member and you get free legal cover for up to 100k. Some unions give other freebies to like break down so always worth a look.
  4. luckily thus far all Ive spent is 2 new front tyres (serious camber wear on the inside, one punctured and 3 days later the other came off the rim! luckily I was aware of the camber wear and had ordered them, left my car abandoned at a petrol station overnight and took the 2 wheels home (up on wooden blocks as axle stands) and got the tyres fitted first thing in the morning, and collected it at 9am. the petrol garage were fine with it haha. Aside from that its ran like clockwork for around 5k that ive racked up so far. debating putting a belt and pump on it, just my thinking is the cost of a second hand engine is only around 100 if it did go bang, but ill maybe do it for peace of mind anyway as it had no paperwork when i purchased it.
  5. jeez i paid 400 for mine, bit of a chavbox but im reverting back to stock and i dont expect it to owe me more than 500.
  6. In regards to purging, what do you recommend? I'm not doing galactic miles, only around 15k per annum and it's a 2 year car for me, once the wedding is paid off and the house deposit saved and house bought I'll probably go for a newish 0 road tax or sub 30 road tax small car. I'm only planning 30-40k miles in this before I part with it. Just I saw some Redex diesel cleaner and dont know if that would be sufficient.
  7. car breaking or full car for sale? cheers
  8. im only averaging 380-400 to a tank, but as im only spending around 82p a litre in fuel, actual real world cost is probably similar (a tank costs me around £28 vs around 43 at current diesel prices)
  9. Could be my exhaust that's the issue, I've got a feeling its straight piped. I'll try and find a stock exhaust and I'll give it a good service and I'd be happy at 60mpg on short journeys tbh. Otherwise its faultless, I like the fact that being a basic engine theres little to go wrong.
  10. Petrol will never be great mpg especially a 1.0 where you are likely to drive harder to keep up than you would in say a tdi or sdi. I average around 10.5miles to a litre which is around 48mpg.
  11. I think I may upgrade to a 1.4 tdi after the next mot on my 1.7 sdi. Although I run veg oil which is cheaper (with some diesel of course) I'd like a bit more grunt and better mpg. I'm getting around 48mpg on short journeys so I'm guessing a 1.4 tdi can do a bit better than that as it's got a bit more poke so you dont have to 'hammer' it as such. Have people found the 1.4 tdi to be much better on fuel?
  12. Passenger side window is playing up (going up and down while driving) wondering if they are on a single or 2 fuses. If its separate fuses for drivers side to passenger side I'll just take it out, never need the passenger window open anyway and will refit it come MOT time. Thanks
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