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  1. I'm assuming hes basically bolted a pd130 turbo and all the work that goes along with that then? I wouldn't really bother with mine, it's not particularly a clean car (no major rot just its red and has a couple of battle scars) I'd probably want a mint black lupo or grey/blue arosa for that particular swap.
  2. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here got a pd130 swapped lupo or arosa? Assuming the easiest to convert would be a 1.4 tdi as I believe that is a trimmed down pd100. I also assume youd have to use the box from the tdi. Is a pd130 too heavy for a lupo? I assume with regards to ecu youd probably use the 1.9 setup. Was thinking of ditching the SDI at the new mot time and considering an up! For fuel economy but there again a pd130 easily gets 50 to the gallon and in a 1 tonne car will have a lot more poke.
  3. Got a link for some cheap ones? I know your a guru haha. And are they sided? Found some on fleabay for 7.74 but it states left and eurocarparts is the same, just wondering if 2 left is ok and if 7.74 can be beaten.
  4. So just check and replace the ball joints?
  5. Can it be repaired or is it a replacement job? And if its replace, what other racks fit. 1.7 sdi so I assume all non gti racks should fit (please correct me if I'm wrong) and maybe polo 6n? And at a guess arosa's maybe. Cheers, ste
  6. Sold. Pretty cheaply too considering.
  7. Been for sale for yonks and is a dog from what I hear.
  8. what he said. mine appears to be straight piped and its even more gutless than usual going uphill. that and its effing annoying how loud it is. however if you want to swap a stock exhaust for my straight pipe, your welcome to it haha.
  9. Jom blueline are great budgets. 196 from eurocarparts
  10. Honestly I thought the same prior to de-wipering. But nothing that a good regular jetwash and rain-ex doesnt solve. Plus like you say, it looks so OEM+
  11. UPDATE: passenger side is a 25A fuse no. 39. removed and now no more window issues. will just fire it back in at MOT time or ill pull the door card off and clean the contacts at some point before then.
  12. Cheers mate much obliged. Link me when you find it if not I'll rip it out anyway does my tits in on deliveries 🤣
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