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  1. Ok that clears it up thanks a lot mate!
  2. Cool ... where’s the switch ?
  3. Happy Friday 🙌 So I have the opposite problem to what usually happens .. When the boot is open there’s no light on the dash .. I recently Took out my boot handle to respray it and ever since putting it back there is no light on the dashboard is this the tailgate lock or is it something to do with the handle itself?
  4. Yeah works a bit like clockwork ..
  5. It’s fixed!! if anyone’s interested..... if you get this problem it’s just out of sync ...just adjust the coin like part behind the swivelling plastic arm and the metal arm then it should line up right .
  6. Hi guys ...took the boot handle lock out refurbished the handle and then putting it back I think I put it back the right way but it just doesn’t seem to be working with the central locking lever ...here’s a video to explain what I mean I’m baffled hope you can shed some light on it thanks IMG_6461.MOV
  7. Nice work and welcome !
  8. I think it’s rear axle first with new oem bushes fitted while it’s off. prices from VW rear axle bushes £45.82 for the pair. new Lupo GTI rear axle £827.27 😬 for those that are interested
  9. Is it worth getting wishbones sandblasted and refitted or is it just better buying new aftermarket ones? Like Febi
  10. How much are new ones I wonder??
  11. I need to do this to mine ..How much would a garage charge to remove and then refit this? Or is anyone near Chester?
  12. LexG

    My new car

    Sounds good I want to do my axle and wishbones etc do t have a ramp tho got the Halfords car stands tho
  13. LexG

    Polish time

    Good tip and thanks for the complements .. it’s totally standard one previous owner and full VW servicing up until last year. She polishes up well for 118000 miles. I used Mequiars ultimate compound on some bits and ultimate polish on all.. then Auto Glym Extra gloss Protection.. Then a little Mequiars quick wax. I’m going to clay bar next week and try that Mequiars super duper wax not sure which to get yet tho
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