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  1. keep us up to date with this... the car deserves a bit of TLC
  2. where did you get that done ? id like to have my underneath, all cleaned and protected at some point
  3. The door locks are really cheap on eBay , I've changed both on mine and they've worked great for years the VW dealer Ones are horrendously expensive .
  4. I'm not affiliated with the seller but it's nice.. 2004 VOLKSWAGEN LUPO 1.0, 65764 MILES, 12 MONTHS MOT WITH NO ADVISORIES, MINT CONDITION. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/2004-volkswagen-lupo-10-65764-miles-12-months-mot-with-no-advisories-mint-condition/1264695889?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  5. LexG

    GTI arb

    Thanks for the advice Rich, I won't be fitting it and I am in no way a mechanic so I won't be able to do the test but I've noticed the steering feels a little loose especially when at higher speeds.. I just feel it could be a bit tighter but I'm probably wrong. Is it worth replacing the wishbones as well? They have surface rust but the bushes must be well worn after 15 years and 104000 miles
  6. LexG

    GTI arb

    Hi thanks for this don't know how I missed them, I contacted tps they have genuine new ones with track rod ends for £120 I'm thinking I may as well go with this as I've got to pay someone to fit it I don't want to do it twice.
  7. LexG

    GTI arb

    Hi does anyone have a front arb and track rod ends for a GTI? Mine are corroded particularly at the ends and have been picked up as an advisory twice.. so I think it's time to change them...
  8. Bloody spell check.. i couldn't seem to find them but thanks anyway
  9. Could seem to find them but that's anyways
  10. Looking for a set of 4 gti bathurst alloys .. new or refurbed .. or in really good nick cheers
  11. Hi can anyone recommend a good but reasonable priced place to get my front wing and rear quarter done on my gti? Location in twickenham, Hampton , teddington area but would travel further. ive been quoted £600 so far which I'm not gonna do as the car is only probably worth £2500. They look ok in the pics but there not, someone reversed parked and dented and scraped the front, and then someone did the same to the back .... then I tried to patch it up...... Now it's not very good, shame as it was mint before I spent slit of money getting it nice but I can't keep spending hundreds on the body.. i even have a matched can and 2k lacquer can ready if they want to use that? any help would be gratefully appreciated... cheers
  12. These are gonna be expensive ... like really expensive.. i think we should guess how much .. I'll go first.. No extras- £18000
  13. Hi all Ok so those who have a Gti this is the code that autoglass uses for the sekurit thinner glass windscreen.. 8560agnvz1a this is only used by autoglass ... They will however tell you that it doesn't exsist and that there's no such thing as thinner glass.. then send them the pic attached.. And tell them they can phone vw if they don't believe you ... they will then order it.... I've had the incorrect one (fy) glass fitted by them and it leaked .. I then got them to fit the proper one above , that one has cracked now and I'm trying to get them to fit it again... But .. They've just turned up with the wrong one .. Again. Edited February 10, 2016 by LexG Quote Edit
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