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  1. It’s blasted with Garnet which is actually my surname. i would been there for hours rubbing away or with a drill. They guy who did it was going to leave the good parts but he said the paint was so thin it came straight off so he just did the whole lot. It now has a primer coat and two coats of POR which I tested is rock hard.
  2. Hi all so I have Lupo gti Alarm problems... Both doors lock interior light comes on, lights on buzzer works. Boot lock works and the boot open light is not on, on the dash. But when I lock the car remotely it doesn’t flash the hazards once. It used to. If I press the key again they do flash once. it flashes twice when unlocked Any ideas what I missed?? Thanks all x
  3. Primed and POR 15’d
  4. Subframe is off .. getting blasted then coated with POR 15 after cleaning and rust proofing.
  5. Thanks Martin.. I think I may have got somewhere live changed the boot sensor that made no difference but noticed the passenger door is UNlocking when I press the lock button on the key twice so I think the problem is with the passenger door lock module which I’ve changed many times so here’s hoping 🤞 cheers alex
  6. Any ideas?? which sensor in the boot is linked to alarm?
  7. Strange VW dealer told me this is obsolete .. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Does anyone know where to get one??? According to VW .. part 6X0 947 569 is no longer available.. 😬
  9. Hello and thanks btw🙏
  10. As title says strange things are afoot. Everything works as it should it’s just that the hazards don’t flash when I remote lock the car. the ‘lights on’ warning buzzer works the ‘boot open’ light on dash is NOT on but does come on if it’s not closed properly any thoughts ?
  11. Such a great thread nice to see a GTI brought back.
  12. Thanks for the reply’s now I’m really confused 😂 I think for the extra money I might as well get new the arms as the lemforder bushes alone are £30 the arms with bushes are £70 I don’t want anything fancy, just the standard feel but I guess it would be tighter and newer feeling with new arms and bushes. im getting the rear axle taken off sandblasted and powder coated as well so have new vw bushes for that too, hopefully the ride will be nicer, not that is bad now just feels a bit woolly
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