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  1. I completely forgot about this thread. On my last box refurb (I don't have the tools to do it), I asked if I could hang around and take pics while they were working. I'll post them when I have a mo. It shows the most common failure point, and the parts that are in most need of refurb. Bearings...
  2. still taxed and has an MOT according to .gov
  3. yeah leave the loom alone. rewire the cluster. Means you can swap Lupo lights back in again later... :)
  4. Most vdubs of that era have the exact same. Golfs, Boras, Passats... loads on Ebay. Still used on new vdubs in China, so yeah they're still making some sort of equivalent flavour that is a perfect replacement. Go for the clear type and use a metallic silvered amber bulb for the coolest looks
  5. Nah, I hate to say it, but there must be a fault. My guess is it's running lean- possibly caused by a dodgy temp sensor. The only thing you should notice is with a lower octane fuel is lower power at WOT and slight knocking. Higher octane fuel burns slower at a specific compression pressure, developing high combustion pressure later in the cycle (think crank pedal being horizontal - instead of at a slight angle- on a bicycle gives max push for a given pressure). The additional of ethanol actually improves octane rating and slows down the burn. The only thing that it's not good for
  6. It's a fairly standard filter that fits loads of cars... The only things to watch are the direction the hose connections face and the total length of the filter. You can get different length filters- they all will work perfectly. I'm pretty sure it's the same as polo, golf, passat and bora of that age. But they last a 'very' long time (lifetime). I wouldn't mess with it unless you think it's blocked. And when you do change it, it's worth changing the two little 'O' rings on the one way valve that clips into the filter. Smear some silicone grease on them first
  7. Check your crank sensor. Unlikely, but one of the most common causes for engines to sputter and die is a dodgy crank sensor. But ultimately, it's either no fuel or no spark. The symptoms sound like fuel starvation, but I don't think it is.
  8. If it is the pedal sensor, it might simply be a loose plug...? I'm pretty sure ALL Lupos and Arosas are drive by wire, as in there's no physical link between the engine and the pedal. (ok, i think there were a few early skoda factory versions that have a regular cable throttle). The throttle pedal (accelerator) sensor is above the pedal box and IS a right pain to get to.
  9. mk2

    My Lupo Gti

    I can lend you a pair of rear springs from one of mine just for MOT day. I'm in the process of getting them sand blasted and powdercoated. Quick job popping them in or out. The best place for Lupo replacement bits is from https://www.qp24.de/de/ but they told me they've stopped selling to the UK, which is annoying. However, you know someone in Germany... (I need a few bits)
  10. mk2

    GTI Sold!

    Whoever buys this car (assuming nothing in the deal is split), if you want to sell me the worst rims, I know a place that can do them up for £30 a pop. Please PM me... I've been looking for a set for a while now. Also there are a few people on here desperate for front headlights (can't remember who), but they do go for very good money as no-one stocks them anymore. I reckon that repair to the wing and door would be about £500 all in- at a 'decent' body shop. Selling all the extra bits would cover it This sale should go to sealed bids...!
  11. mk2


    ¡Qué sorpresa! ¡Buen trabajo! Muéstranos más fotos mientras lo vuelves a armar. 👍🏻
  12. mk2

    GTI Sold!

    I'm interested in the spare set of rims/wheels... could come round and pay cash? Got any pics by chance?
  13. mk2

    GTI Sold!

    Split all the parts from the car you will... (Yoda). Much more money you will get. Many more people happy you will make
  14. In case anyone missed it... (by the way, this is the average age of the core design team in car companies!)
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