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  1. If you click on "all activity" to find out the latest gossip on here, chances are there will be some discussions that will not show up. There are premium members who have a private discussion group. I don't know what you need to do to become a premium member... I imagine that there is an administrator/moderator level above this too?
  2. I must admit that when I chucked in the MCD unit, i had to fit the GPS antenna up behind the instrument cluster so it could see the sky. So if there ever was a GPS option, it would have needed a different loom (just for the GPS antenna cable). And a different loom just for a few models would probably be too expensive to manage? As it is there are probably about 16 different loom options (different engines with different trim specs). And that is just for Vdub. Seat have their own flavours. Probably the reason my SDIs never came with an AC option.
  3. I have a genuine standard vdub sat nav in one of my loops. Its really cr@p. Decent FM radio on it though. It came out if a GTi a few years back.
  4. That'll be the linkage If R/1/3/5 are ok. Just needs adjusting is my guess. 10 min job. It's the in-out control shaft on the gearbox if that helps.
  5. I think keyrings is about it. And maybe tie pins. No stickers or clothing as far as I know.
  6. A low temperature soldering iron is what I use to 'weld' plastic pieces back together. It's more a problem in icy cold weather in the UK. The plastic cracks easily. Nice work πŸ‘πŸ»
  7. For me, the no.1 most important thing is the interior. Most bodywork and mechanicals are relatively straight forward to sort. For example; A ripped driver's seat is almost impossible to replace, even from breakers yards in germany (where it's a passenger seat). A broken headlight is tricky, but there is always a source somewhere for a used one. These cars are now 20 years old. VDub warranty support stopped around 2013, so Lupo specific parts are naturally much harder to find.
  8. Beautiful work πŸ‘πŸ» You have to write a how-to remove the dashboard, as you put it all back together again. OMG! It would help so many people... Great photos Put the 'how-to' in here- https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/forum/23-the-archive-quothow-toquot-and-quotinformationquot/
  9. I've seen this a few times and it's "usually" not the EGR valve. If you have any diagnostics have a look at the injection quantity amounts when idling. If they are more than 10% out, it usually means the camshaft has gone, and the inlet or exhaust valve isn't opening enough, meaning the mixture is rich in one particular cylinder (not enough air). And the ECU thinks that the cylinder isn't generating the same power as the others so it actually increases the injection quantity, making the situation worse. Eventually leading to a misfire. But it could just be a gunged up EGR, which you might as well remove, give a clean and re-fit. Cellulose or 2K thinners and a paint brush works best for cleaning really easily. If that doesn't fix it, you'll need to pull off the valve cover and inspect the camshaft. If it is the camshaft, you'll need a new one, a new seal and some new cam followers. And while at it, a new cam belt and tensioner (as they need to come off anyway). 3 bolts, a rubber hose and a hose clamp to remove it. 10 min job. You could just take it for an hour's run on the motorway at a steady 65... The heat may clean everything out? And finally.... if it is the EGR, think about replacing it with a straight pipe kit.
  10. I like your scientific methodπŸ‘πŸ» I once had the same problem on one of my Lupos. At the pedal it was so stiff/hard to disengage I thought the clutch cable was going to snap (or the pedal box break). It also was that sticky residue on the inside of the release bearing... The clutch diaphram spring only needs to pop in and out. If it works, then it is ok. The force isn't really that important as the engine torque is quite low in our Lupos. Just check where the release bearing contacts on the spring centre; The wear limit is half the thickness of the metal. So 1/2mm groove is ok... use a tiny amount of MS3 (CV joint) grease.
  11. It is important in case there is an accident- the front of the car has to collapse in the right way.
  12. This is a known problem. It is caused by a mixture of clutch dust and gear oil, which creates a sticky, glue like substance. It sticks to the outside of the clutch release bearing spacer tube, and prevents the release bearing from sliding up and down easily. It should be dry. Yes, it creates a huge force. A new clutch needs about 200N (~20kg) of force to operate at the pedal. It is unrelated to the gearbox itself, but indicates that there is a leak on the input shaft seal. Now that the gearbox is out, it makes sense to change all the bearings and seals πŸ‘πŸ» Lots of pics please
  13. You must add a plate to each side of the cut. Make a round disc, about 200mm diameter. Cut a hole out of the centre, the same size as your notch. It looks like a giant steel washer. Cut in half. Weld on each side. Make two (4 halves). Minimum 5mm steel.
  14. Yeah sounds like it... But can also be ignition switch. Most common temporary death of our little Loops/Rossers is 109 or ignition switch. Especially if the dash cluster goes Blackpool lights. I think it might be happening on one of my SDIs. Died the other day while doing about 50 and then came alive again a moment later while still in gear. Gave the ignition key a wiggle and it died again. Once home, I started it and very slowly turned the key to off, and noticed that the ignition 'on' amount was tiny. Like it was just enough, but barely. So I think my ig sw needs some work. Sigh. That's not a fun job. Obviously worn out. And my 109 runs warmer than I'd like.
  15. Is that an old Merc? Whatever it is, some lovely lines on there. And rust. Oh yes. Plenty of rust. Not just the easy to deal with surface corrosion, but full on swiss cheese, paper thin, can't weld to it rust. Mmmm. Lovely. There's going to hours of fun fabricating lots of tiny little pieces to stitch the whole thing back together. And filler. And some fibreglassing too. Ooh, I can't wait (to let someone else do all the work). It'll be a thing of beauty when done though. Got all the bits? Complete?
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