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  1. You make it sound like you have no control... 😳 Only thing I notice is that on Safari (on ipad), the slightly greyed areas look almost white. Could do with more contrast?
  2. To pass any MOT, I've found the secret is to turn up for a test with a paper mat on the driver's footwell, a clear plastic seat cover and most essential, a clean set of overalls (with some sort of car logo on- mine's Aston Martin!). When they know you're a pro, they'll always pass it and simply mention anything that you've missed. When I turn up for an MOT in my office clothes, incl a tie, the car ALWAYS fails on something that they coincidentally have in stock... The industry is such a racket.
  3. I like your floor mats Extremely unusual and very different!
  4. @MattyB have you just uploaded a new script? Or is my old ipad becoming obsolete.... (html5- not compatible) Looks a bit more trendy with rounded highlights. Not as blocky.
  5. I'd love a 3L wheel. But they just go for such silly money which I can't justify only for the cool factor. Even in germany they're asking like £125. Mad. But you need the 3L clock spring that is 3L specific as well, which people are scared to remove. Oh, and that round airbag module.
  6. Nah... one of my SDIs has been parked up since march. I've probably done only about 200 miles since then in one of them. Had to go out for it's MOT in August, but other than that I only take it round the block once every couple of weeks just to keep the brakes clean and keep the cobwebs away. I get trade price on my MOT from Halfords in Tilehurst for just £24 as I help them out occasionally on clients' electrical problems, so my main cost is insurance at about £20 a month. Plus tax at £30 a year. Running costs are almost negligible now, as spare parts prices are on clearance everywhere, a
  7. People still use CDs?!? I thought they died 10 years ago. I download music to my phone then link via bluetooth to my car hifi. Yeah, so the theory is that the quality on bluetooth isn't perfect, but with a loud diesel tractor engine in my SDI, sounds pretty good to me...
  8. Found the pics of one of mine, in the 'before' fixed state. I never took any pics of 'after'... Considering that the steel is about 2mm thick, it makes me think that the inside of the subframes aren't coated with anything in production. They must start rusting the day they leave the production line.
  9. The question I guess, is, is (are) there a datum or reference point on the bodyshell? If there is, it wouldn't be too hard to measure between various points. But which...? I know the car is on some sort of jig when it runs down the production line, so there must be some points/holes/notches/something (?) that they set up with. @Rich, having someone blast the thing for you is soooo much easier. May cost a few pints, but saves all the effort. Plus, you know that the outer surface will be good for years. I don't think they ever used a primer under that cheap black chassis paint. But, mine c
  10. Does anyone know the correct front subframe installation and alignment method? Is there some sort of jig or measurement you need to follow? I've never done one on a Lupo before. There's space to move it about quite a bit, and if you put it back in just a mm or two out, the car will be crabbing down the road and the camber on the front wheels will be completely wrong. It's made very accurately, to under 0.5mm I'd guess. The lower wishbones lock into those U shaped slots very precisely, ensuring the tracking is spot on even after changing components. Before I start, I want to make sure
  11. Yeah this thing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133476884071 There is another more expensive type with more functions from germany. But you're not allowed to even touch your mobile phone now while driving (what about sat nav apps???).
  12. Actually, you're right- I forgot that E-spec cars don't have the dimmer function. You can check by leaving your door open. On cars with the dimmer function, the CCU switches off the interior light after about 5 mins. On E spec cars it stays on until the battery goes flat. Also the light stays on when you get in the car, but only goes off when the ignition key is turned on. Handy... Yeah, @cj1 is right- a fix is with a 220 ohm resistor soldered across the LED. I had loads of hassle trying to get an LED working on my interior lamp thing. Gave up in the end as it was either fully lit or off.
  13. You can fit a bluetooth module to the standard tape deck. You simply use the CD addon function. Works really well too.
  14. Don't use LED interior lamps. The CCU has a dimmer function that relies on the filament bulb drawing current. When you fit an LED, it kinda flickers... not good. Standard bulbs are still the best (old tech!).
  15. Deffo take some shots of before and after... How about a build thread? Bespoke finished Lupos can look so good. 👍🏻
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