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  1. Biodiesel is not veggie oil (SVO). Basically the oil portion of straight veggie oil is only about 80% (from memory). The rest is made up of glycerols, fatty acids, protiens, sugars and aromas. Veggie oil diesters, or biodiesels are purified SVO, with only the oil component remaining. All the non combustible products have been removed. The problem is that when you have a hot engine, the non-combustible portion of the SVO gets slowly cooked inside the injector and then turns into a plastic like substance. With newer diesel injectors that use tiny holes instead of a jet, they get clogged with this sticky stuff- game over. That's why most dual fuel systems need to have a purge before you switch off the engine so that no SVO is left in the injection system. Usually starting the changover about 3-5 minutes before parking up.
  2. Oh, just had a thought... SVO clogs the cat. It's the glycerols that cause the problems. Ah unless you're going down the route of diesters? I've helped a few people do SVO dual tank conversions. Small extra tank for regular diesel and main tank for veggie oil. Thermostatic changeover control and press button purge, which automatically clears whne you switch off. Tell us more about your plans... unusual mods are always interesting.
  3. Are you going SVO? If so, SDI injectors don't like the acids. You really need an older PSA 1.9 indirect diesel engine (Peugeot 309 type). Tell us more...
  4. mk2

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    @loopydebs , if you haven't 100% committed with that overpriced ECU service, back out. There'll be someother small mechanic's place in your area that specialises in vdubs. They'll provide you with a much better service, and may actually know what's going on. And they'll plug in their diagnostics for a quick look for FREE. It takes two minutes to get the info from the car's computer. Please please look around. I hate seeing people getting ripped off! Anyone else here know any decent vdub/audi enthusiasts in Norfolk area?
  5. I'm very tempted to go for that 3L on here at the mo. IF I could find a way to keep everything completely standard, with the exception of the auto shifting box function, I'd do it. I don't know any way of deleting the throttle control and gear changing. Any ideas anyone?
  6. Hey hey! Glad you held out... Any SDI in that sort of condition is well worth it. Whoever bought it got a bargain.
  7. mk2

    Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Mmmm, nice. I like a lot.
  8. mk2

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    Where abouts are you in the country? There are quite a few of us here that could give you pointers before you see your favourite mechanic...
  9. mk2

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    All cars go wrong. It's just a machine. The more faults that are fixed, the more reliable and better the car will be. ECUs rarely go wrong and wiring faults are the biggest problems on all modern cars, so once fixed, you should be fine. Usually it's pretty obvious where the cause of the fault originated when you pull a car to bits to fix it. Worth asking for their opinion what the cause may have been. Source of the leak and corroded wire? Sometimes it's a rare manufacturing fault that has been festering for years and decides to fail just at the wrong time, but more often it's "expert" mechanics that do the most damage. You go in to fix the car and immediately it becomes very obvious that some grease monkey has been in there before and completely messed everything up. And now it needs fixing... properly. When my clients bring their cars in and I find a grease monkey problem, I always take pics to show them what caused it. And then again once fixed properly. You'll be fine. Just enjoy the car...
  10. mk2

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Yeah it's the grey foam... There's a pic of my fix in here: https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/99888-had-a-small-leak-and-found-this/ but when you do replace it, don't keep the new 'seal' as drum tight as I did. It does need to go into the door recesses as the door panels push into it.
  11. How did you do the stitching?
  12. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yeah, they are the same as polo wheels. What does it say on the inside of your fuel door? (Wheel sizes)
  13. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yes, but.... the overall diameter of the wheels and tyre combination works out the same for all combos listed inside the fuel door. So (here's my plea for mercy...), for rough potholed roads like we have around where I live, it makes sense to have a deeper profile tyre. And being an SDI tractor, handling isn't critical. Anyone convinced?

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