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  1. I love this car! Not discovered this thread. Happy it's been revived...
  2. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    Depends if your mechanic chap considers his time more valuable... he could save money by welding it, but it would take much more time than just buying the bits. £150 is about the going rate for a pedal box swap. But I've heard that Vdub occasionally do it for a lot less as they do know about the pedal box "issue"...
  3. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    The cable holder bends which is why the pedal drops. You need to pull it back into shape before welding it. Which is much easier with it removed...
  4. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    You could pester your local vdub dealer, as they are aware that there was a recall on the Polo- which has the exact same design. There was no recall on the lupo (there should have been). They may do it for you at a low cost with a good will gesture...
  5. mk2

    Bonnet release

    Yeah. If that's the bit that's broken. You can buy just that piece on ebay for about £4 delivered.
  6. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    Should cost about £150 to swap for a new one. (Parts and labour). Once done, flush the gearbox with some cheap oil and refill with some good stuff.
  7. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    Welcome to club lupo to be sure if it has gone or if it's on its way out, the clutch pedal should be level with the brake pedal... if the clutch is lower, then you're right, the pedal box assembly will need replacing. If level, then it "may" just have a crack in, which buys you a bit of time. The creaking is often caused by the edges of the metal crack sliding against each other. pics of your car?
  8. mk2

    Bonnet release

    Found an old pic of mine...
  9. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I wish I were... don't get me and my dad confused. He'll have a go at me otherwise.
  10. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    You should be able to get that as you have everything else (incl birthday)...
  11. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    You and Danno know me of course as I've bought stuff off you... And you have my mob number and bank details and paypal account.
  12. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    That was my business partner. lovely person who took all my cash.
  13. mk2

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Being 75, i don't need to enjoy life anymore. Can't walk. Can't see. Can't hear. Even stairs are difficult now. I wish my SDI were an automatic.
  14. mk2

    Bonnet release

    From memory, the back bit is the same as a mk4. It's the little plastic pin bit that usually snaps. Then you can use the adjustable cable clamp, lever and clip from a lupo. I need to do this on one of mine too... I should post a how-to. This is so so common.

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