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  1. Have a look at the photo thread.
  2. mk2

    Hello 😁

    Welcome to Club Lupo! 🙂
  3. mk2

    sdi exhaust

    Yes. Germany is the only reasonably priced solution that will last longer than 2 years... About £100 delivered for complete system, cat back. Made by Ernst (Ernst and Walker make them for vdub). Walker and another identical copy, Asso, are not as good. I'll find the link when I get a mo. Welcome to CL! 🙂
  4. Never seen (or heard of) that before. Looks ever so tasty... served with Rice? Mash? Bread? Pasta? Is that mayo in the cup? yeah well, I'm down south.
  5. This has just got to be code for something....? frappes. Parmo. Must be the northerners' way.
  6. Ok, so maybe not everyones idea of a fun thing to do, but here're some pics... Pull injectors out. Dismantle on a bench by simply unscrewing the nozzle cap. It is very tight. Remove the Nozzle and injector pin that slides down the middle. Remove guts of injector- but make sure you keep everything in the right order. If you drop everything the first time (like I did), you do have 3 more that you can copy. But make sure you don't mix up bits between injectors, as each one has been hand calibrated (shimmed) to deliver exactly the same quantity per squirt. Means you keep a nice smooth idle (VCDS will tell you if they're out of balance). Clean everything properly. I mean 'operating theatre' level of clean. The nozzle holes are the width of a human hair and are easily blocked from inside, if something gets trapped just before reassembly. Make an LED light that you can poke down the middle of the nozzle. Inspect under a microscope and clear out any blocked or partially blocked holes with some fine steel wire. I used a strand of thin flexible rope- like bicycle gear cable wire. Smaller than 0.15mm diameter ideally. Wash with some solvent and reinspect. keep clean. Then reassemble. Grease the nozzle retaining cap thread before tightening up.
  7. mk2

    How many?

    Is there still any money breaking cars? (As in enough to make a living and pay off a mortagage) I still do it for pocket money or when I get bored. I'd say maybe £1k for all the bits/metal for just about any older vdub these days.
  8. Woah hey! And best of all, work done without pulling engine and box.... result. Once you get it going, it's seriously worth hot flushing the crud out of the gearbox. Take for a run, get properly warmed up and then dump the gear oil with the engine running. It helps keep all the bits of metal in suspension, which get flushed when you drain it. When you collect everything and allow it to settle, you'll see hiw much there was in the oil, indicating how much wear there was in the box (lupo's weakest link IMO). Then refill with 3.5 L of ep75w90 synth GL4/5 gear oil.
  9. It could be plenum resonance? How did you convert the car to manual? I guess everything is standard, but the map has been reprogrammed... Tell us how you did the conversion. Here in the UK we're interested in doing it also. No-one has done it here.
  10. Apparently tinypic is going down, so any images that are shown in posts, that are shown via links to tinypic will be dead soon... Is there a way to save all the images? Or do we have to go in through all our old 'useful' posts and edit them one by one? I checked into my old tinypic account, and apparently there are about 200 images that I've posted on CL. That will take me hours to edit.
  11. Got any pics of inside and bodywork? Box and engine ok? Apart from being stripped out and coil overs, any other mods- Could it be restored back to mint assuming I can source the interior? But if you're anything like me- and you do visit club lupo, which tells me that you're definitely into Lupos... surely it wouldn't be that difficult to pull the rear beam out and take it down to a fabricator to weld? Then you could powdercoat it, waxoyl and put it all back toegther again I haven't been in touch with my mate in Dorking; he can weld... but you'd need to get the thing out first. An hour. I guess if you did decide to sell as is, the best way to price it is compare it to a good original Lupo gti (£3-5k ?). Then calculate how much it'd cost to buy all the bits that were removed, then put everything back again. Maybe replacing broken bits...? Obviously you can't include labour costs.
  12. When's the MOT run out? I'm not that far... what sort of money are looking for? I know another vdub mate down the road from you in Dorking, which I'm guessing is nearby? He's got a trailer. @Rich you have a spare rear beam I think? How much do you want for the thing? You could ship me the front subframe for my SDI at the same time
  13. Let us know how it goes... They can generate interesting attitudes towards their owners.
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