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  1. The trick here is simply to get the gti ECU to think it's running completely stock. It can control the ignition just as before using coil packs. Yes, cover the dizzy hole. The main things to watch are the sensor input timings. If the ecu thinks the timing is out it'll complain. Everything else fairly straight forward. Only at high revs will you notice a difference once it's running.
  2. mk2

    Putting a PD130 in a GTi

    Was there oil in it when you switched off? What condition is the old oil in? What condition are the 'O' ring seals on the water flanges on the head? If they are still rubbery and relatively pliable, the head didn't get that hot- meaning something else is going on. Did it seize? How hot did the ali pistons get? Are the bores glazed? An engine can take up to about 150c before any serious damage starts going on (expansion problems like valve guides dropping out- that kind of thing). If you think the head has warped, check for cracks. It's just an anealed ali casting after all. I've seen engines running dry, to the point where the pistons have begun to melt but still the head hadn't warped.
  3. mk2

    Putting a PD130 in a GTi

    Welcome to club lupo! er, it's not as easy a job to swap over as you think. @Skezza is right. It'd be much much easier to fix the original than do a very time consuming engineering job. It'll take about 1200h of work to do a conversion. Not to mention the cost of another decent used Lupo.
  4. mk2

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Ah... i get it now
  5. mk2

    Replacing alternator

    Everything you're thinking is correct! Thats why i just change the regulator...
  6. mk2

    Lupo Enamel Pin Badges - £5

    Fishing or hooked...?
  7. mk2

    Gerti Innocently Waits

    Do you have a waste oil burner? Thinking of getting or welding one up... so much waste oil.
  8. mk2

    Gerti Innocently Waits

    I prefer waxoyl, but you need to prep everything. Don't leave your application tin sitting on a hot camping stove to warm it and wander off to have a cuppa.... sets fire to workshops quite well.
  9. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    This thread is a real learning experience for me. Things are happening to your car @oprn that would have never ever even popped into my tiny head. Water in your handbrake cable freezing solid and locking it on.... Mind you, I have noticed another very similar design fault where the central pipe spindle on the rear wash wipe pipe can freeze. Then when you activate the rear wiper on a frosty morning, it snaps it clean in half. Then it spews water into the back of the car. Keep the news coming... makes interesting reading for us here in balmy britain!
  10. Acrylic plastic is easy to revive. But you do need to flat it back with 600 grit (wet) paper. Then clearcoat with a very thin (and even, if you want it to be optically perfect) coating of 2k lacquer. Same for headlight lenses.
  11. I love this car! Not discovered this thread. Happy it's been revived...
  12. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    Depends if your mechanic chap considers his time more valuable... he could save money by welding it, but it would take much more time than just buying the bits. £150 is about the going rate for a pedal box swap. But I've heard that Vdub occasionally do it for a lot less as they do know about the pedal box "issue"...
  13. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    The cable holder bends which is why the pedal drops. You need to pull it back into shape before welding it. Which is much easier with it removed...
  14. mk2

    Pedal box on an 03 plate

    You could pester your local vdub dealer, as they are aware that there was a recall on the Polo- which has the exact same design. There was no recall on the lupo (there should have been). They may do it for you at a low cost with a good will gesture...

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