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  1. I agree. "£$^*^#"!!! Not happy. 7mph above the limit and just cruising same speed as everyone else. My GPS dash cam says I was doing 55. Speed awareness course selected. Cheaper than points in the long run (insurance premiums go up by 20% for 5 years otherwise).
  2. mk2

    Ad free?

    In the olden days, you could drop in a frame and hide it. Not sure if the forum template would allow that, but it might work. So basically bung in a frame, make the size something like 2 pixels square, shove it to the background then bung the ads in there? Some browsers (and ad blockers) don't like it though, with lots of click jacking warnings! @Skezza might know a trick? Maybe even @RAB? Who's that guy that moved to Spain or Switzerland- I think he's also html savvy? Just one thing, please can you exclude script and animated ads. They sap browser performance.
  3. I think you're right! It did have a Gti spoiler on though which is what I look for when moving rapidly. Some other mods too. I'll amend the title. Thanks for looking closely at the pic and telling me!
  4. Guess who took a pic of me and my car. I took a pic of them too. Shame I can't demand money from them.
  5. Yeah, before mapping it do the egr and breather. Main advantage is the power is up a bit (good clean air ingested instead of exhaust gas plus oil fumes), smoother running, cleaner emissions for MOT time, less engine and turbo wear and better fuel economy. Once done, you may not even feel the need to remap.
  6. I love that colour. You must do the EGR bypass and breather mods. It makes a huge difference on the AMF engine. I think there are fewer Arosa tdis around than Lupos, so you really do have a rarity there.
  7. mk2

    Ad free?

    Hadn't thought of that... I'm on a PC or tablet mostly. So tiny compared to screen size. But yeah on a phone, they'd be big. Ebay also has an annoying habit of using animated banner ads which I hate. They takes ages to load, eat up processor time and block everything on the screen (on a tablet). The ads were smaller up to a few months back.
  8. Yeah, making wierd arty stuff to sell on Etsy seems like a good plan. Forged Lupo statues, tools reformed in the shape of a Lupo, Lupo shaped garden tools... All worked by hand through volcanic heat. Mmmm. Nice. Leaf blower as air souce, with light dimmer to control fan speed?
  9. mk2

    Ad free?

    Ask @MattyB, who runs the site. The ads simply pay for the hosting service and the domain registration renewals, plus a few pints. Otherwise he does it all for free for us.
  10. Old vdub campers/busses are known to be a money pit. A mate restored one till it looked perfect. And lowered, but just about everything else stock. Work of art it was. Really nice. Total cost... £24k! Sold it for £16k two years later. Yeah. The only Lupos worth investing in right now are Gtis, but they HAVE to be original and UK registered (not Jap imports). A car that won't depreciate any more (so long as it's well looked after). 👍🏻
  11. And even though I have leccy windows and wind ups in my Lupos, i prefer the wind ups. The leccy window switches are in such stupid positions. I mean who can click the switches with their elbows (which is where they are!)? And I have the seat fully back.
  12. Lidl extra special super cheapo die grinder and cheap chinese bit. Works very well. https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/106416-sdi-egr-delete-and-gas-flowing-for-more-power/
  13. Yeah, what is it with people ripping the weather seal membranes?! It keeps the rain out! So annoying, as you can't buy replacements anymore. I don't think it's possible to burn out the leccy window motors by holding a button down. The microprocessor analyses the pulses it gets from that magnet ring to see if the motor is turning. If nothing happens after a few seconds, I reckon it just shuts off the activation relay. No power, no serious damage. I do like the way it knows how many pulses from top to bottom, so if it sees a change in speed before it gets to the top, it knows that someone h
  14. Yup, I have 3... All gas flowed and EGR deleted. Now getting about 78MPG all day long. Popped up to Wolverhampton the other day (210 mile round trip, mostly motorway), and as I was too early, slowed down and cruised at about 65. Managed 88 MPG. Amazing! Gotta love the SDI. Simple, reliable, cheap to maintain and way more economical than even the latest fossil fuel burners.
  15. mk2

    My Lupo Gti

    I love the fact that you stopped to take a pic of it
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