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    Sorry for all the posts, getting around the post upload limit. You'll notice the tints are gone aswell. Heat gun made light work of them!
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    Well I'm back from what can only be described as one of the best trips ever. The weather was perfect! I covered 1273 miles in total, 6 laps of the Ring and the car didn't miss a beat. It continues to amaze me and anyone else that comes in the car. Last year my best BTG was a 9.50 taking it fairly easy as I didn't know the track at all. This year, with the car feeling much more capable than last year I managed to get into the 8's with a 8.49! With a passenger and a couple of hold ups. I say it to everyone who has never been to the Nurburgring, make it a priority as it is simply the best place in the world for petrol heads! It was extremely busy on the Friday as it was Car Freitag, but Saturday, Sunday and Monday were a bit quieter. Especially if you get to the track first thing. I thought a few of you would spot me in Shmee's video, it was a very strange moment as I have been watching him for so long. Safe to say the Senna looked even better in person. I also stopped at Circuit de Reims-Gueux as I was passing through from Paris, would of been rude not to get a few photo's! I'll leave a few pictures below of the whole trip! And save the best till last...
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    Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha 😅 did most of the mods on it ✌🏼 glad to see its still in decent condition did you buy it from near Chorley?
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    Greetings! I have just bought my wife a really tidy little Lupo in Fantasia green, 2002 with an unbelievable 7,800 miles from new. Absolutely immaculate condition with full vw history. Apparently the lady owner bought 2 brand new, an auto and a manual and very rarely used it. Still had it serviced every year though. I am amazed at the build quality for a little car and compares to my Audi A4 quattro! I have posted a question about the cigarette lighter but just wanted to say HI to everyone here
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    I'm just clarifying terminology you sarcastic lovely persono
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    Do a compression test on it before chucking money at cambelt change, you can get tester kit for £20. Sounds like you have a well worn (knackered) engine that probably needs a rebuild of some sort to bring it back to health, compression test will confirm. Do a visual inspection on cambelt for tension belt condition as well as obvious clues as to how old it is, (water pump, tensioners, the print on the belt etc).
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    Hi all Jonny here from leicester I would upload a pic but it says max file Blablabla and won’t allow me
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    Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha 😅 did most of the mods on it ✌🏼
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    If you just need to get to the shops then it's an ok motor but not good on mpg. Needs to be real cheap to make lack hp liveable. Better than a Lada or Yogo! The automatic isn't very clever! Your 60hp feels like 20! It's got 4wheels and keeps you dry and it's made with VW parts so you pays your money, you makes your choice. If it's cheap and in good nick, also a manual then go for it.
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    Be prepared to cut the pipe to get it off, it can probably be repaired at Pirtek but not always, each model seems to be a little different and aren't always compatible but this is not a good reason to scrap the car.
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    Actually scratch that, I just went and checked it is a very shallow 13mm. Socket wont work unless you grind the end flatter as they have a bevel for easier location.
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    Try imperial sockets if the nut has shrunk from rust. very likely a 10mm use a hex socket.
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    very nice - good clearance on the ~Wilwoods too
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    Hi everyone, picking up a GTI for some track fun today. Always fancied one and a perfect example popped up. Off to have a read of the forum now 😊
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    I am a cheapskate, also a tightwad, I have 2 Lupo TDIs. Go figure.
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    And now the wheels, had them powdercoated in chrome, looks lovely and looks quite similar to the original RC finish!
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    Without wishing to be a pedant the front is a mc person strut as it utilises the wishbone and control arms the rear is basically a coilover unit, attached as it is to a trailing arm🤐 Just so as not to cause confusion 🤓
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    Welcome! You should get the inserts in the front seats retrimmed with original cloth so they match the rears
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    What we really need, is to see some pics of it!
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    Flog off the unwanted bits and return closer to standard. Shame about the wheel arches messing up the body work that wont be easy to put right.
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    I would but my Wife absolutely loves driving it! So many comments aboyut the colour too - she's only been to Tesco's a few times in it so far but has always had somebody want to talk to her about it! Why oh why did VW stop making this great little car???
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    Skezza get out of here with your logic and reasoned argument sillyness.
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    Weekend's here. Get them on already and some pictures for us all
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    Could I have the name and address of the vag specialist.
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    I'd love to go to the Reims circuit (or what's left of it) but it seems to be too far from everywhere else for it to be worth as a weekend trip... That last picture on the Caroussel is amazing.
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    Car back, fresh paint. Slowly coming together now 😎
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    that last pic is stunning
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    Love this Lupo! That last pic on the Ring is awesome!
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    Omg it looks sick!!! 😍🚗❤️
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    Hope you get it sorted! I’ve recently been wanting to be able to do this stuff myself, especially since buying my latest Lupo which is stuck in the garage... If you were near me I’d love to come and help/watch and learn!
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    Waste your money on the locking pins for the engine instead. Then you can't screw it up
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    Not sure if I follow what you are saying? I was suggesting practic8ng on a car in a scrap yard, remove and reinstate the belt just to gain knowledge and confidence. What parts are you looking for?
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    Many miles at high revs seem to enjoy burning out exhaust valves
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    Thanks. Also forgot to say, if you plan on learning this stuff anyway (which is a damn fine plan) at some future point you may as well just start now and spend the money on some tools that you will need instead of paying it to others and then having to buy them later anyway. You could buy a scrap / cheap 4 cylinder engine (VAG stuff would probably be more helpful) and pull it apart in a sensible fashion to see what does what and get your head around how they work if needs be. or if you dont have room for that sort of clutter just go from books (showing my age) or internet and get stuck into the GTI engine. Probably just needs valve stem seals, maybe valve guides, maybe valves lapping in, maybe more involved stuff, maybe piston rings, you wont know until the head is off and you see what the problem is. Compression test will point you to likely suspects or else show the core engine is fine.
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    Keep chipping away at the small jobs and for inspiration search saved from the scrapyard on here.
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    When pushing the centre thing back in you have bent the locating pins. That's why it won't fit, snap them off or bend them and get it right.
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    Hey welcome - what code number keeps coming back?
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    Loving this thread ❤️🚗💨
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    Enjoying the bank holiday with a good clean.
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    Biodiesel is not veggie oil (SVO). Basically the oil portion of straight veggie oil is only about 80% (from memory). The rest is made up of glycerols, fatty acids, protiens, sugars and aromas. Veggie oil diesters, or biodiesels are purified SVO, with only the oil component remaining. All the non combustible products have been removed. The problem is that when you have a hot engine, the non-combustible portion of the SVO gets slowly cooked inside the injector and then turns into a plastic like substance. With newer diesel injectors that use tiny holes instead of a jet, they get clogged with this sticky stuff- game over. That's why most dual fuel systems need to have a purge before you switch off the engine so that no SVO is left in the injection system. Usually starting the changover about 3-5 minutes before parking up.
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    If it is the RVT silicone seal between head and cam box that has failed, to properly fix you need to take the cam box off, this includes timing belt. Do you know when the timing belt was last changed? -If you don’t you need to prioritise this there are various products that claim to stop oil leaks, but unsure how effective they are.
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    Oil is usually the gasket failure or weepage. Work out your own bodge for it. Word of advice, spark plugs from a cold engine is hassle, taking them out of a warm engine isn't any hassle. Thermal expansion and all that crap.
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    The oil around spark plugs may just be overspill from topping up oil. The cam box under the filter/cover acts as a funnel to the spark plugs. Do a few hundred miles and pull a plug to see if it’s still oily. sump plug is easily cross threaded as it’s alloy, I wouldn’t say ha4d life, just exposed to more ham fisted maintenance. Thats really unusual for the foam membrane to still be intact on such a high mile car! Tearing is what the animals do - you can cut access openings into it and tape it up.
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    @loopydebs , if you haven't 100% committed with that overpriced ECU service, back out. There'll be someother small mechanic's place in your area that specialises in vdubs. They'll provide you with a much better service, and may actually know what's going on. And they'll plug in their diagnostics for a quick look for FREE. It takes two minutes to get the info from the car's computer. Please please look around. I hate seeing people getting ripped off! Anyone else here know any decent vdub/audi enthusiasts in Norfolk area?
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    Treatment for the collapsed cat came from Kam Racing. Catless headers followed by 2,5¨ Bastuck catback.
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    Thank you all for support!😀 Very productive day on the GTI, can finally say that the rear washer fluid is now finally working after nearly a week of being clueless! Turns out one of the previous owners had cut the washer fluid hose and knotted it for some reason... Very annoying that it was such a simple thing which I never bothered to check but oh well, lesson learnt😃 The section of pipe going through the firewall looked like a pain to pull out so a trip to Halfords to buy some additional washer fluid hose, and then I joined the missing sections of hose together. Job done! Nearly... The 90 degree pipe which is connected to the wiper motor was firing water all over the boot so that was ripped out and that was replaced with some normal washer hose. Water comes out now but the valve needs adjusting as it just sprays water at pedestrians but that's for another day😂 Next job, repairing the engine cover. Just used a hot glue gun for the time being as a temporary fix until I see a one for sale at a reasonable price. Although the repaired one does fit very nicely. I know I said I wanted to keep it looking factory but I had to😓 Painted the handles black and removed all the rubbery parts off the door trim. Not a bad job but if the paint doesn't hold up however, I will end up wrapping them black instead. Finally, gutted the interior as much as possible and gave it a good clean! So far found 2 raisins, 6p and a smoked cigarette😂 To say one of the owners used to smoke in this car, I wouldn't have been able to tell aside from a cig burn in the rear seat and a dirty headliner like it doesn't smell of it at all. Have side indicators and Quantum 5w40 on order! So giving it a service will be happening soon😀
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