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    Well i’m back from a long weekend at the Nürburgring, if you have never been I highly advise you to go. The most incredible place i’ve ever been, a petrol heads dream! The Lupo performed faultlessly and not a single issue! Oh and the tyre writing didn’t last, a permanent solution is being worked on. I’ll leave a few pictures below?? p
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    2002 Arosa 1.4s TDi for sale. Silver 147k miles. In decent condition for age. Lowered on coilovers, spotless 15x7 Borbet c’s, spacers front and rear (I think 15 or 20mm hubcentric on rear, 5mm front), 175/50/15 tyres (bit of scrubbage on rears, but still got few mm of tread left all round), rear whiteline ARB, original alloys with tyres will be included (but have had a bad paint job in the past), MOT until end of june. 2 owners from new, I’ve had her 7 years and she has served me very well. FSH with a folder full of receipts. Never wanted for anything but I need something a bit more comfortable and newer now I’m getting old and have 2 kids! Has only ever required an injector rail over normal service items in 7 years. Engine is good and strong, no leaks and only uses around 250ml between 10k services. Bad bits: rust on offside lower wing, missing nearside mirror cover, offside mirror glass needs replacing, needs offside side light bulb, offside brake calliper sticking, due timing belt and service in june. Pics are taken in rain, will try to get more detailed pics at the weekend after a clean. £495 ono as is, or will remove wheels, spacers, anti-roll bar and put standard wheels back on for £250 ono. Located in wakefield, just 1 mile from J39 of M1. Insurance will have been transferred so will need own insurance for test drive. Tel: 07557 one six one one four five
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    For swaps: Any lupo headlining for a black/grey headlining from a Lupo GTi. (please note, it cant be one with a sun roof). I dont care if your headlining is dirty or the trim is hanging off, as long as the board behind is in one peace with no bends or holes. My reason for swaps - its getting re-trimmed and I thought it would be nice for someone else to benefit from the nice black trim before it gets destroyed, there's no other catch, I dont want your money! Its the headlining only, no sun visors, no handles. I have tried swapping this since last year and have been let down 4 times! So because of this I will not hold it for you for long. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire, if you would like to swap you will have to come to Hull to do it please. No I will not go to you. Thanks.
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    Just a quick update, finally found someone in the UK who acn supply decent tyre writing! I’m really hally with how they turned out, let me know what you think!
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    I’ve got a strap on. Just say when you’re ready.
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    if you're local and want to sell it then i would discuss as I have a spare head kicking about and I am a chancer.
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    Mattarosa fwend.
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    As we all know the GTI has different ball joints to a standard Lupo and all the 3rd party ones never fit because they just give you standard ones. Well I was on buycarparts just having a look and noticed these https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/rts/7883717 From the picture they looked like GTI ones so I figured for the price I'd just have a go and see, no harm done if they were the wrong ones...Well it arrived and they are identical to the GTI ball joints. Got a brand new VW one for comparison so here's a few pictures comparing them. Definitely handy seeing as the OEM one's are a pain in the arse to get hold of!
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    Have you got a picture of your mum?
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    Hi all. Managed to de-wiper the loop today with fair ease. Only trouble I had was pulling the wiper from the rubber, (just needed a good tug) and them damn clips holding the electrical plug in the pump. Apart from that, fairly easy and looks alright. Filled the hole with a 25mm rubber grommet from halfrauds, with a future intent on getting a glass one.
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    I was thinking about doing an EV in either an old polo breadvan or mk1 twingo (looks right for an ev IMO). There was a guy on ebay in the US who went by the id blackdog who had a bunch of NOS ev1 motors. Syncronous things, AC rotary field theory, where you speed up the rotary mag field if you want to up the revs. Kinda like a washing machine motor (but bigger= 18kW continuous), which instead of running at 50Hz, you vary the ac frequency from DC (with current limiting) to about 4kHz for max speed. Apparently, way way more efficient than using DC motors. Thing i love about EVs is that you can over-rate an electric motor by loads for brief periods. So a small 15kW motor can take being run at 150kW for a few seconds. Like having a moped engine that can belt out Bentley power.... just long enough to do silly 0-60 times.
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    I always do wonder why people buy cars then sell them again so soon... less than three years is usually finance. Less than five years is babies. Up to 15 years, the car has truly been loved, but usually is beginning to cause headaches. Over 15, true enthusiast.
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    Dang! - that's tricky and inconveniently pedantic. Just for comparison purposes, the engine number of my MY 2005 Gti (Japan) is 034227. Do you have the original Jap service book/manual? If you do, check the front section (0503.553.190.70)* inside rear cover. This includes some fill-in data boxes - the third line of these would include the engine number (after prefix AVY) if the supplier bothered to make entries. Here's hoping. David. *Maybe different number depending on MY
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    Is this better for you
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    haha it's on the list, drives me insane every time i see it!. Stainless cat-back will be getting fitted at some point in the near future!
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    It may be a bit big for key ring, supose you wouldnt loose it
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    The linkage mechanisms, I didn't find the right word
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    i turned down a v reg Volvo v40 with full leather interior and wooden dash for £85 due to lack of space...
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