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    Sorry for all the posts, getting around the post upload limit. You'll notice the tints are gone aswell. Heat gun made light work of them!
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    First up with the new car was servicing - normally the first thing to do when purchasing a new car. Thankfully the owner provided me with VW oil filters and 2 sets of VW spark plugs. I purchased some 5W40 oil from TPS (£13.30/5L!!!!!!!) and off we go. I also gave the car a quick clean up, not the full wash i was hoping for as i didn't have all my gear with me, however it'll do. Now some of the eagle eyed will have noticed that the rear spoiler is needing attention, i'm not sure how but the paint has completely stripped off the underside and flaking off the top. Needless to say i've ordered some paint up and i'm going to try and paint it this weekend coming if the weather holds out. I've also been bothered by the engine bay, notably the screws and bolts along the slam panel, they are a bit orange for my liking. It's a similar story for the arch liner screws. I've ordered up some new ones and i'm hoping they'll also arrive by the weekend. So that's all for this time - while i save for some wheels i'm really tempted to get some 15mm spacers just to fill the arches a little bit. I can't be bothered with rolling arches again, and i really don't want any rubbing so i think i can get away with 15mm front and rear. To be continued..
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    Well I'm back from what can only be described as one of the best trips ever. The weather was perfect! I covered 1273 miles in total, 6 laps of the Ring and the car didn't miss a beat. It continues to amaze me and anyone else that comes in the car. Last year my best BTG was a 9.50 taking it fairly easy as I didn't know the track at all. This year, with the car feeling much more capable than last year I managed to get into the 8's with a 8.49! With a passenger and a couple of hold ups. I say it to everyone who has never been to the Nurburgring, make it a priority as it is simply the best place in the world for petrol heads! It was extremely busy on the Friday as it was Car Freitag, but Saturday, Sunday and Monday were a bit quieter. Especially if you get to the track first thing. I thought a few of you would spot me in Shmee's video, it was a very strange moment as I have been watching him for so long. Safe to say the Senna looked even better in person. I also stopped at Circuit de Reims-Gueux as I was passing through from Paris, would of been rude not to get a few photo's! I'll leave a few pictures below of the whole trip! And save the best till last...
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    Well i’m back from a long weekend at the Nürburgring, if you have never been I highly advise you to go. The most incredible place i’ve ever been, a petrol heads dream! The Lupo performed faultlessly and not a single issue! Oh and the tyre writing didn’t last, a permanent solution is being worked on. I’ll leave a few pictures below?? p
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    This would bring me upto recently and the most recent photowhoring of the car, have a few more plans in mind so will be on here a bit more for some advice.
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    Greetings! I have just bought my wife a really tidy little Lupo in Fantasia green, 2002 with an unbelievable 7,800 miles from new. Absolutely immaculate condition with full vw history. Apparently the lady owner bought 2 brand new, an auto and a manual and very rarely used it. Still had it serviced every year though. I am amazed at the build quality for a little car and compares to my Audi A4 quattro! I have posted a question about the cigarette lighter but just wanted to say HI to everyone here
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    I'm just clarifying terminology you sarcastic lovely persono
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    Do a compression test on it before chucking money at cambelt change, you can get tester kit for £20. Sounds like you have a well worn (knackered) engine that probably needs a rebuild of some sort to bring it back to health, compression test will confirm. Do a visual inspection on cambelt for tension belt condition as well as obvious clues as to how old it is, (water pump, tensioners, the print on the belt etc).
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    I have a feeling I will enjoy this restoration thread, keep the updates coming
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    Hi All, Just thought I'd share this incase anyone is wanting to upgrade to 280mm brakes up front (Should apply to TDIs, 100HP 16v and GTI Models) As most of you probably know, all that's needed is new carriers, discs and pads to do the upgrade, the stock caliper is fine. Autodoc are currently stocking G60 carriers by Mapco for £24 a side plus postage, non OEM, but new compatible and seems less than some of the used carriers go for. Pics attached of part no and the carriers I received.
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    So all Lupo GTI 6 speed gearboxes (GVX, FUT and so on) are based on the bigger Polo 02T gearbox. The maine case, diff and gear design are the same as in a 5 speed 02T. 02T is the name of the family of the gearboxes and the three letter code, is what differentiate these gearboxes (in term of ratios and stuff). The main difference is fifth and sixth gear and the back case. So, 02T and 02U are almost the same. For you to belive me, i have installed in my 9N Polo a 6 speed FUT from a 2003 GTI, and is 100% plug and play. I've studied and the GTI gearboxes have the best gearing of all these 6 speed boxes, you only need a shorter ration final drive. I'm not sure about this info and it has to be checked and see if it fits, but the 1.2 6v 9N has a 02T with a 4.4 or 4.5:1 final drive, as opposed to our 4.19:1 ratios. Don't search for 12v gearbox, because that also has 4.19:1 ratios. Good luck!
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    I love this car! Not discovered this thread. Happy it's been revived...
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    Me neither. It isn't kosher.
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    That's an invitation for a pm of there was ever one...
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    Danno is doomed. She caught him sending fanny pics and realised they were hers.
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    Hello. I'm the resident deviant.
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    No questionable driving, just a cheeky Lupo
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    If I didn't fear the novichok I would punt in for this.
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    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
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    For swaps: Any lupo headlining for a black/grey headlining from a Lupo GTi. (please note, it cant be one with a sun roof). I dont care if your headlining is dirty or the trim is hanging off, as long as the board behind is in one peace with no bends or holes. My reason for swaps - its getting re-trimmed and I thought it would be nice for someone else to benefit from the nice black trim before it gets destroyed, there's no other catch, I dont want your money! Its the headlining only, no sun visors, no handles. I have tried swapping this since last year and have been let down 4 times! So because of this I will not hold it for you for long. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire, if you would like to swap you will have to come to Hull to do it please. No I will not go to you. Thanks.
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    Just a quick update, finally found someone in the UK who acn supply decent tyre writing! I’m really hally with how they turned out, let me know what you think!
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    I’ve got a strap on. Just say when you’re ready.
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    Find a garage that will pass it as that one used to do.
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    Hey welcome - what code number keeps coming back?
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    The oil around spark plugs may just be overspill from topping up oil. The cam box under the filter/cover acts as a funnel to the spark plugs. Do a few hundred miles and pull a plug to see if it’s still oily. sump plug is easily cross threaded as it’s alloy, I wouldn’t say ha4d life, just exposed to more ham fisted maintenance. Thats really unusual for the foam membrane to still be intact on such a high mile car! Tearing is what the animals do - you can cut access openings into it and tape it up.
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    @loopydebs , if you haven't 100% committed with that overpriced ECU service, back out. There'll be someother small mechanic's place in your area that specialises in vdubs. They'll provide you with a much better service, and may actually know what's going on. And they'll plug in their diagnostics for a quick look for FREE. It takes two minutes to get the info from the car's computer. Please please look around. I hate seeing people getting ripped off! Anyone else here know any decent vdub/audi enthusiasts in Norfolk area?
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    Been lurking about on the forums for a couple months haha though it was time i made and account and showed my lupo! both cars i have owned now have been lupo's. i had a 1.0 as my first car and then at the end of last year treated myself to a GTI! i bought the GTI without an MOT in September last year all that was needed to get it on the road was new breaks all round, break lines and a rear spring. managed to get it on the road for my birthday in December! since then since then Ive done a few things to it, so far it has a Custom Cat-back exhaust, Airlift performance 3P with intermotiv rear bags and i've also just bought some generic 3sdm 0.05! Grant
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    The plan at the moment is to just get it rally legal and keep it reliable (famous last words), hopefully drop a quaiffe into it as some point. its a great little car for the island, and yes the oldies can be an issues, especially when they are dropping speed limits like nobodys business. Yes i am indeed Bergerac haha
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    Never seen an aftermarket wiper blade as slim as OEM ones - they just look wrong Wasn't aware re-fills were available, good to know when my current ones let go. oh and - Holy thread bump batman!
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    Yeah the bellhousing pattern is the same as quite a few dubs, except they've tilted it. The 1.9 gearboxes will bolt straight on, but i have a feeling that the length of the lupo 085 box is about 30mm shorter. Meaning it might foul the crash side member. leave the 085 as is, just tune for power not torque. And rebuild the box every 30k or so. And use really good hypoid bevel oil. I think the limit is 30mg of diesel per stroke for max torque. Once the torque starts dropping, add more fuel. Hey, just thought.... you might be able to achieve the holy grail of a dead flat torque curve. So you get to say 2k rpm and hold the pedal to the floor and the accelaration rate will be constant. Cool. Car will be sh!t off a shovel.
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    http://rat-look.com/forum/index.php I'd avoid the rusty paint as it looks crap and is old hat now, there no quicker way apart from a large hammer and fire to decrease the value of the car. Not seen many rat lupos done well tbh and the base colour will have a big factor in it. Most over do it with that bloody rusty paint. Low, real or forced patina, motorsport wheels is a good start. Take inspiration from this imp: http://rat-look.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8816
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    Apparently an Alfa Romeo 166 ballast is the same.
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    Here u go: https://uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=63759 bottom of page 1 BMS is different crank sensor and oil level sensor. I have a spare AMF out of Audi A2 if you are in need.
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    She prob has got a bigger one lol
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    OEM of course. New shocks. New bushes. New wheel bearings. New tyres. Away you go..... Put a bag of cement in the passenger footwell to even out the weight. Cornering like on rails. Still not as good as a mk2 golf though.
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    Aw someone’s noticed I’m missing ❤️ Sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been a busy bee. @danno finally figured out where my gspot is. 👌🏻
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    I get mine from Eurocarparts, I use a G60 reg then get them under the performance section👍🏼
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    Yes - its Clayton's one
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    Plenty of miles being put on the Lupo lately, all fun miles too! As it’s not my daily driver, every time it gets taken out it gets ‘driven’! Winter plans are to remove front subframe and everything else on the front end and powder coat the lot, the underneath will then be finished. The dash and doorcards will be getting flocked as i hate the texture on the standard dash and the doorcards are a horrible grey material. Gave it a thorough clean today, wheels off and arches all cleaned up, something i find really satisyfying to do.
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    Keep the original GTi one as is. Retrim a cheaper plastic one.
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    lol I think this was a joke thread
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