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    There's more to life than mpg....
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    Hi, I've recently acquired a Lupo GTI and in contrast to the rally car, this should provide a nice little project to restore a car that's in need of some good old TLC. 2004 6 Speed, Black 112k miles Sunroof So every panel is scratched and there are two large scuffs on the OSR and NSF. Interior is very clean, but the outside not so. I've made some minor cosmetic changes already, and discovering a few little issues with the car along the way. I shall use this first post as an active list to update with issues and modifications. I would like to keep the car as standard as possible along the way, but keeping an open mind. Modifications LED rear number plate lights LED Sidelights - match the factory Xenon's Red GTI Grille Piping Issues Car does not hold temperature or warm up, sits around 70 degrees - Now fixed with a new thermostat Steering doesnt feel right and occasional clunk feeling. Looks like split suspension arm bushes. Wipers split Engine cover split Heater controls are very, very hard to change from Window/Feet side to body side. Heater blower seems to make a squealing noise on speeds 1&2. Heavy kerbing to all four wheels Ultimately the plan is to use this in place of the Arteon which I'm getting rid of in March. So got plenty of time to sort these issues out. I'll keep here updated, and pictures to follow
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    Oh, ok. New info to me Thanks. We don't have 3L in the uk (unless special import). So you will need to change steering column & steering rack, get power steering pump bracket (1.4tdi), power steering pump, extra pulley and belt for crank or maybe change all the pulleys (not sure, maybe from 1.4TDI). And the pipes. And the fluid reservoir. I have never done it on a Lupo. Golf yes. or get complete electric power steering system from another 3L car...
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    Ouch! It’s only been 5,318 days since I started. Anyone got the number for Car SOS?
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    Oh. You may have broken your gearbox... That bolt holds the diff flange (the bell shaped thing) attached to the diff cage inside the gearbox. I think gearbox out again to check everything
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    Hi I've recently changed the clutch and release bearing on my lupo and no troubles except for when it revs over 3000rpm it makes a rotational grinding noise but quite faint. It makes this noise at all times so in neutral and when my foot is on the clutch, and when in gear unsure if it made it before I changed the clutch as bought it and only drove it once didn't really rev it too much. I've had it up on axle stands and put in second and given it a rev to see if the drive shaft vibrates but all smooth, any suggestions ? before I take the gear box out again to have a look as was a bit of a pig. When removing the drive shaft on the drivers side I did take out the connection to the gear box as I'm stupid but got it back in but worried it could have been putting that back in. Also changed gear box oil
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    Lads, what tyres are you suing on original GTi alloys? The Toyos are mad money if I can find them, 205 45R 15 How can you use different sizes? Do the tyres stretch? Apologies for stupid question
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    Usually on these plugs, you push the connector towards the thing you're trying to disconnect it from, push down on the little tab, then pull it away from said sensor. Image shows the plug. Don't use a screwdriver as it will snap off the lug should you ever want to re-connect the plug in the future.
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    I’d rather not say, it was originally posted on Facebook for £750 before the lady was accused of being a fraudster etc. Anyway fast forward a few offers off other people, the price did increase, not dramatically. Seemed to cause quite the stir on the Facebook group. But it was a decent price, well worth the money.
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    Ok so here is a photo of the car and the headlight mod. I decided to just get cracking on with the suspension work as I saw no real reason to wait. The plan was to change suspension arms for now, and then when the ball joints and drop links arrive, do them separately. Anyway, the corrosion on the drop links had different ideas and the washer crumbled away. So it’s currently up on stands till I get it sorted. That being said, look at the state of the rear wishbone bush, I simply do not accept that this car had a legitimate MOT back in June with no advisories. ive discovered quite the rust tonight. The hubs, arms, drop links, tie rod ends are all flaking. So I’ll continue as planned, and change these this week. Next up will be acquiring a second set of hubs to clean up and paint, then they can be changed over in a few hours, rather than having to have the car off the road for even longer. (Albeit not much longer but rather not have to rush). And I’ll also ultimately be doing the same with the subframe that isn’t too bad but if I’m doing everything else, then why not I guess! Brake discs and pads aren’t TOO bad, but I’ll probably change them in the new year anyway. The callipers have been painted quite badly in silver, so they’re another on the list of things to clean and paint... Ultimately a lot of smaller jobs but nothing too bad yet!
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    First thing I'd check is the pollen filter. Replace if not been replaced in a long time or unsure when it was last done. Then as mk2 said
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    Same here... my first thought is front door card seals. So I'll be pulling the lower cards off each door to investigate- leccy window repair without resealing it in the past is my best guess.
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    Plan on a cambelt/water pump change in the not too distant future either. Seems like it's just about due.
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    Do you have a build thread? Thanks! Have quite the collection of spare parts all sitting around from the rally car, so fortunately a lot of what I need I already have at home... Just finding the time to do it!
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    Their the puppies i got to, hopefully they work!
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    i get 360 to a tank of veg, at 60p a litre haha
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    Not what a lot of other users have done. I've done 2k miles now on 100% veg. Better to mix it however which I will be doing a lot more with it getting colder.
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    I hate to say it, but if it is a stripped plug thread, only option is head off and helicoil it... I absolutely hate bodges on any of my cars like this one, but given that the work involved just to fix the thread is so huge, I'd leave it alone and hope it isn't leaking gases. Pretend that it's meant to be like that! I've never had to helicoil a plug thread. They are very fine and I'm not sure if a helicoil kit even exists for such a fine thread. People (who don't already know), plugs only need to be a bit tighter than finger tight! @axe just had a crazy idea to check if it is leaking... when the engine is stone cold, get someone to sit in the driver's seat and start the engine, while you're drizzling washing up detergent water over the cap. Bubbles mean a leak... You might get a temporary misfire if the water shorts out the HT, but as soon as it's warmed up again it'll dry and be fine If it is leaking, it's simply a question of how long can you handle it- a bit like a leaky head gasket. No fun WOT driving....
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    Odd... might be just to hold the no4 plug cap in place???
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    There are just no lupos in any scrappies that i know within 30 miles of me. Rare as.... Not fair.
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    I use around £10 a week in fuel (petrol) driving to and from work and pottering about daily. Its cheaper to run the Arosa than it was any of my motorbikes i've had doing the same thing (and loads warmer this time of year)
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    Hel really are the best brake lines out there - happy to say I have been a Hel user for many years. By using all stainless they completely moved the goal posts that the former go-to Goodridge had put up with rusty steel fittings. If you ever need a custom line, go to Hel direct, they make them up to order, whatever length and fittings you require, turn around is good too - seem to recall next day service each time I used them. One question on your front brakes - did you clean out the sliders? and re-grease?
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    The Janspeed rear ‘box isn’t that much louder than the original VW cat back it replaced- in all fairness though, the original centre ‘box did have a hole in it which was only apparent when it was cut off, it was right on top where the MOT testers couldn’t really see it.... I have got some recent video footage of it at idle after warm up which I will try and upload here, it might take me a while though so don’t hold your breath.... Managed to upload it quicker than I thought.... The Janspeed was a bit of an accident, I started asking the seller about postage and ended up buying it.... Martin.
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    Hi all. Im looking for a drivers side outer sill for my 04 lupo 1.0E. The previous owner crashed the drivers side of the car and had it cheaply repaired, and over time, rust has gotten to the outer sill of my car. Is there any way i can repair this myself or wil i have to search for a replacement part? If so, does anyone have an outer drivers side sill? Thanks all.
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    hello, this is noob from South Korea. This forum is a only way to know about Lupo to me. Because my lupo gti is an only one in my country(even that was imported from Japan). As you know, korea is not very good culture about car like small and cutie Lupo. And my English is not good also. I really want get number of the parts and your information about lupo....please help me!
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    Reg Plate SL02 UGT. Was standard when I sold it. I was the second owner. Steel wheels. Can't think of anything else atm.
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    Well too cheap for a anthracite! GLWS
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    Hello, Just wondered if I could get some idea of what price people would expect to pay for a 2004 Lupo GTI in Anthracite Grey - I inherited it from new and its only got a legit 34k on the clock. It's had no work on it, no mods, maybe a scuff on the alloys but thats about it... I've had a look around and there seem to be nothing in the same colour with as little mileage - so I have no idea about realistic price... Any help, 'nuff appreciation. Cheers.
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    I've been reading up on the big brake conversion that people have done. Using the g60 carries & the 280mm disc, have the guys who've done it found it was worth it. Or was it the case that it's only made a miner difference to what they had. I've got an Arosa sport with EBC discs & pads, I was looking to do the conversion but only really if it was worth it. One thing I don't get is how is it going to make a big difference if your still using the same caliper with a bigger disc. Surly it's as much down to the number of pistons you have as well as the bigger disc.
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    Hi guys Has anyone ever changed the oil in the standard gearbox for the Lupo GTI? (Mine's the 5-speed) or is it a 'sealed for life' unit? My car's done 106k now and I've never done the job above, think it might be a good idea Is it a simple job and what oil is recommended? Fanks
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    Anyone here done a flip key conversion? Im looking to swap my remote arosa key to a vw flip key, seems fairly possible
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    As said, as long as the oil is clean and it's running fine, with no excessive ammounts of white smoke, i wouldnt worry about it too much. It'll probably be a perished gasket or a a loose jubilee clip. GIve it a check over andd see what you can find. Depending on how well you wish to look after it, you could stick some K-Seal in it to help prevent the leak. Not ideal, but it does work.
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    Oh..........is DOT 5.1 ok to use
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    im on it style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
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