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  1. The correct OEM code for this part is 6N2721403 for RHD and 1J1721403G for LHD.
  2. Is that brake caliper? One of the holes are for bleeding and other one for brake hose.
  3. Very accurate. To be exact it is that hard, but some guys still managed to make one. @Josh93 , I strongly don't advice to try this modification, but I will be glad if you will try and get it done.
  4. The description says seller already has a code for this one "Mit Code"
  5. The whole rear end of sill most probably is rusted, Lupos typically have rust on front (under wings) and rear of sill, arches is only one more indicator of heavy rust. You should remove the rear wheel housing liner, and, after removing dirt, I am pretty sure you will be able to press your fingers trought end of sill. Check both sides.
  6. Recently my gearbox started to drop off the plastic sideways shifting rod, bought new plastic part, and it happened again. After removing the part I found out it was littlebit weared out, check picture. I even needed to use vice to get the plastic rod on replacement part. Lucky I got replacement part from my spare gearbox, which is not totally fresh as well. Came out if you don't replace ball bushing on the end of vertical shifting rod, not only it will have a lot of freeplay, but it will also wear out the inner of this part. Looks like tooth cavity, littlebit more and there would b
  7. If you grind/saw off the bottom of the rear mount, they are plug and play, they have littlebit different rear floor mount angle.
  8. I have heard aluminum valve covers sometimes bends, and I just realised Lupo has aluminum valve cover too, isn't this the actual cause of leakage?
  9. I dont know anyhing about yaris, būt cooper has way more expensive maintaince parts than lupo. lupo is very simple and cheap if you can repair your car yourself.
  10. 👍 This set, shown in picture, is for lupo. You can also see manuals for this on https://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/polo-mk3/body/general_body_repairs_exterior/front_door_central_locking/doors_front/removing_and_installing_lock_cylinder_with_inner_profile_key/ I just use the top part which holds spring in place (the one which he removed at 0:45 in video) to reassemble the lock. Just turn the spring in place with those little extensions and push it down. But be very careful by holding the spring down, I laughted about importance of VAG OEM T10009 tool until I nearly got the
  11. I don't want to sell them while I own lupo. Search for door frame roof bars, I think its more accurate therm for them. It is exactly about surf board/windsurf straping, use seperate straps and lupo roof racks will work just fine. And I like bicycle holders with front wheel removed, because they feel more stable on long drives.
  12. You can use any universal on edge roof bars, I have old mont blanc ones, the point is they are very strong, but do not try to pull them together by attaching objects with singe starp to both bars.
  13. First you set subframe, only then try to set lower arms, finally you can make a little adjustment by moving the ball joint, at the end of arms, littlebit diagonally in bolt spaces. Not much abilities to adjust something. There are also available special screws for more subframe adjusting.
  14. These looks like 195/40 R16 tires which has 22inch diameter, therefore this setup should be totally fine. Filling arches is not the same as making sure they are not rubbing while driving. On OEM setup 23inch tires will rub against the fender arch and the bumper on large bumps because of soft spring rate, which allows a large amount of travel. If you have coilovers then it might be possible to use 23inch tires. It is not about rim size, it is all about tire diameter, width and offset. Could use R17 rims on Lupo, but with 185/35 R17 tires and proper offset.
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