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  1. Yes! Be aware they are also magnesium, and they are narrow, made for 155/65 tires.
  2. Actually, to reach speaker wires you will only need to remove instrument cluster, which is very easy, just few easy visible and reachable screws. First one is under sun shield, all the rest are visible and easy to notice. I only removed drivers side vent to place there crossover. If you want to remove it, you must push in light swich and turn from off to on, it will hold in, if you will do it properly, and you will be able to pull it out very easy. Afterwards remove screws around light swich and finally pull vent out like passengers side. You can also install rear speakers behind rear side panels, they are same like door speakers - 165mm. But rear speaker panels are very rare.
  3. This is interesting, because you dont need mid range frequency for coaxial speekers, therefore you cant use crossovers for them. Without crossovers stock tweeters sooner or later will be not able to handle any aftermarket speakers.
  4. Good! But it will take a lot more time than that, you will need to dismantle whole dashboard instead of few parts. I posted about this barbaric technique only because you wanted to leave oem wires without crossovers.
  5. Dont avoid to set up crossovers 🤕 you can add crossovers on the same wires and same tweaters, installed mine in less than 1hour behind dashboard side vents (passenger side vent just pulls out and you can reach speaker wires, but for drivers side you need to also remove the instrument cluster to reach wires and also few wires needs extensions) Some ilustrative pictures how I managed to add crossovers to my lupo:
  6. According to european parts provider there are more than 1000pcs of 6N2 721 403 available.
  7. As far as I understand it's meant to place the screw head in this gap.
  8. Wow, I know a lot of silly tricks, but this is very clever. NB don't try to use hand washing dish soap.
  9. If you can get cable sleeve in place, then compress the adjustment part (there is some special tools for that or You can use some DIY stuff), press the cable all the way inside sleeve from engine bay side and you will get about 10cm extra cable.
  10. Well deserved! Congratulations!
  11. ObjectiveAway

    Lock barrel

    Ohh, you don't need to wreck barrels if your key gets locked in, there are two way more easier and cheaper ways to open Lupo. 😔 You can use parts of your old key barrel to make a matching one (depends on how it wrecked it you can use the exact parts or find same parts from several barels to make matching one) You can find new barel online.
  12. I use heavy one-hand hammer and hit the steering arm untill outer tie rod comes out, works best in combination with ball joint puller.
  13. Thank you mk2, great photos! Has anyone tried to fill more than 2,7L of oil into 085 gearbox? I have heard "an extra 500ml of oil solves oiling problems for 085 gearboxes", therefore I filled mine up to 3,0L with synthetic 75W90.
  14. very nice looking, since there is so much troubble with my rear wiper arm and my window heater is working fine, I am considering to dewiper mine as well and use a floor plug to cover the hole, any better options?
  15. I think your engine should run with closed throttle as well, and this is IMO fault (because 3sec and engine shuts down)
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