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  1. Some time ago OEM was available for around 15£, but I don't see them available anymore. At least 6N0711135 OEM and aftermarket are still available. Looks like its not the same, but might be this can be used as replacement. P.S. Actually there is a little mistake in title, because most of 085 gearboxes does not have cable shifters.
  2. Is't that only width and height of tire which slows you down? I drive 155/65 R14 and they saves about 20% of fuel compared to 175/60 R14 and 175/65 R13.
  3. The fact you have high rpm's on 140km/h not always means only 5th gear is short - if the final drive is short, whole your gearbox will be short and 5th gear replacement will not help much. You have 02T gearbox, you must write down gearbox identification letters, because there are a lot of 02T gearbox modifications. You can check some of the modifications and ratios of 02T gearboxes on this website. 37:50 is longest 5th gear I have noticed on 085 and 02T gearboxes.
  4. cluster removal is very easy for Lupo, just remove the sunguard from above, and remove the cluster, few minutes work.
  5. Coil packs are very important for your engine perforance, I wouldn't trust 20£ set more than OEM top part and new 20£ bottom from high end manufactuer.
  6. It is possible to buy the broken ceramic part seperately (which is actually the cheapest part), therefore you don't need to buy whole coil pack.
  7. Try to look at ignition parts in dark, you might see sparks around spark plugs or coil packs. But thats not cause, its result. CCV system malfunction can cause misfires.
  8. There isn't really much to adjust. Look at the picture, No 6 and 5 arent adjustable. No 3 and no 32 can adjust camber, to change toe just adjust tie rods, which are connected at No 23 in this picture. Caster can be adjusted by moving whole subframe. As long as I understand you might want to get right alignment without adjusting tie rods, but thats silly if you have wheel alignment machine.
  9. Yes, you are right, there is no plug and play swap to get rid of 085 gearboxes, however I don't understand a lot of problems You mentioned, Mitchell told only difference between those two engines is starter motor position, if thats true, there should be no problems, to make directly swap from Lupo AHV to Golf AHV engine, but starter motor would need rewiring due to change of position. I don't see why would ECU even notice this swap. Im thnking about 02A gearbox, therefore no problems with shifter (because shifter tower is the same), but would have problems with hydraulic clutch (onl
  10. Is it possible to swap Golf gearbox in Lupo by using Golf AHV engine block?
  11. Yes, for SDI will suit. Polo 6n2 1.4 mpi 3door subframe is the same.
  12. I always use pliers for this, it is possible to hold the metal clip in a way which is not interfering bolt movement. I think this might not be your case, but new bushes might be tough because they are made with 16, 18 and 20mm holes and you can squeeze in a bush with 2 mm smaller diameter than your ARB.
  13. I just drilled the two sill screws off, then drilled completely trough and made holes for new 6mm bolts in the sill, I advice to not spend too much time on these two. It was possible to unscrew this one without removing any additional parts, but correct way is to remove scuttle panel. It was hard to unscrew the philips bolts near door hinges, I advice to replace them with hex bolts alterwards. You should remove front trim, because two plugs are attached to wing, since you need replacement of both wings you will not regret of removing it, otherwise you can break
  14. You should check gearbox code, might be ETD. You can see the code on several places of it, but this is my favorite 085 gearbox code location, since everybody can read it even if the gearbox is in enginebay.
  15. Wow, thats great, didn't know all gamma radio units in lupo has this option.
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