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  1. I disagree this time, there only 19mm difference of front brakes for 16v and sport version. A friend of mine had 100hp 1.2TDI 3L, he didn't felt like the brakes are too weak to stop the car. If you modify your car and increase weight or if you want to drive track then good brakes are must have, but not on daily car, on road you have plenty of time to cool them down.
  2. Yes, thats not an easy thing to do but straight swap, I think ECU might have the same pins and socket, if Jakesartin can get a set to upgrade his engine to Sport version, then it might work. Since he was not interested in anything else than power increase, I think brakes upgrade might be not yet necessary for him.
  3. Talking about 100hp, lupo 1.4 16v sport version has 100hp, and thats 25hp more than regular 1.4 16v engine, might be, if parts are available, that could be easy upgrade.
  4. Azmk1 recently shared a lot of free ELSA files. They are mostly in russian, but a lot of usefull infromation there. If you can convert from pdf to text, might be able to auto-translate and understand them.
  5. Start by removing the little coin holder by pulling it out, there are also two screws in both sides of bottom buttons under caps, I dont remember any further disassembly.
  6. EWT gearbox has 2,210 reduction, but HCS gearbox has 216mm clutch plate and 90mm flanges instead of 228mm clutch plate and 100mm tripod flanges on EWT gearbox, therefore they are totally not plug and play replacement. HCS have 37:50 5th gear sprockets and makes 2.672 reduction in top gear, which is around 2,5k RPMs on 60mph. There actually are one 085 gearbox with 36:51 sporckets, but I don't think this modification will give you much result for a lot of effort, if you will manage to get those sprockets on your gearbox.
  7. Thats amazing price, I have had 500£ offers from services where they offered to remove the gearbox as well, therefore I replaced the gearbox myself, without rebuilding the "new" one, almost 40 000km and still works fine. I store a spare gearbox at home, which havent been rebuilt yet, I will look for possibilities to do it. You can find bearing part numbers on 7zap. I recomend to replace the following: https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/Volkswagen/brand/20/0/Lupo/Lupo (1999 - 2003)/Volkswagen/U09CN0ovOE5rc04wR29jZDcra2kwUT09--/6bbffde8b5b8077d2d0a5796da6eea3c:a1d827dbcc8bea400cbf
  8. why lambda could be any other than 1 if the exhaust system does not have any leaks?
  9. I bet the cause is worn out gear selector, therefore you actually try to push your gearbox shift rail in position between 3rd and 1st gear. You can pull shifter cover (1) and most probably a lot of parts will be worn out, but part No 11 was gone for mine gearbox. Worn out parts No 54 and 62 makes sideways freeplay as well.
  10. Most Lupo's have 085 gearboxes and conical bearings at the end of shafts starts to make sound because of wear out, starts to sound similar to gearboxes with straight cut gears, they whine, you can especially hear that in low speed. The only way to solve it is to open the gearbox and replace the bearings, but it is not easy repair, therefore it is cheaper to replace the gearbox with another used one. INA(~100£) and VW OEM (~300£) bearings are available for these gearboxes, but it will coast at least 500£ in labour and almost none will agree to do the work. I have heard a lot of these
  11. I didn't got my Lupo with original head unit, but speakers sounded terrible with any aftermarket unit, but sound changed a lot when I added crossovers to split frequency between tweeters and door mid range speakers. It was very easy, not much time consuming and invisible update.
  12. I already have new timing belt kit from INA installed, new lifters are coming next, I cant decide to eighter buy another head and prepare it before instaling or replace just the lifters and forget about it. 8 INA lifters coasts less than 25£, KOLBENSCHMIDT about 35£, i will buy new ones, thank you for offering your spare ones.
  13. Remapping. EGR valve don't affect fuel consumtion and output power, same like remapping, EGR just affects emissions qualitty.
  14. The qualitty of some details in this car is very low, therefore I wouldn't trust the overall qualitty of mods is normal. For example I can list exhaust pipe, which is turned right, and interior which looks very bad, don't even have mats on floor.
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