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  1. Your shifter bushings are worn out, especially Number 11, but if you already disassemble the shifter, replace at least 9,14,29 as well.
  2. Might be therefore some make manual 3l’s after automatic gearbox failure. I have seen kits available.
  3. 3L has DSG gearbox and direct injection diesel engine, nothing uncommon nowadays. Not as cheap maintaince as old engines and gearboxes, but they are reliable if maintained well. Aluminum parts are great, they are light and dont rust at all.
  4. Firstly, this set up is, most probably, made just for cheap repairing and selling Lupo with broken 1.4 gearbox. Secondly, Lupo petrol engines (except FSI) don't know gearbox speed and Lupo manual gearboxes do not have any connection to ECU, therefore check engine source is just from engine. Connect OBD2 and read the check engine reason, engine should work fine no matter how long you were driving in high revs.
  5. If those are universal replacement ones, I recommend you to solder them instead of using the huge connector. I know there is written not to do that, but thats because you actually need to remove soldering iron from electricity suply at the moment you do soldering. If you do the soldering fine, you can fit all 4 cables in the sleeve, without cutting it in two pieces etc.
  6. What tire size you have? I have theory everything for lupo is meant for 22 inch tires.
  7. You clearly need at least new shocks.
  8. ALD ANV AUC AUD parts might fit for each other.
  9. emission test is only possible with proper equipment and it will show if you have any unburn fuel in your emissions. compression test will show if your engine is in good condition or not, you can do compression test yourself if you borrow or buy compression tester. In same time you will be able to check spark plugs. Secondly, I think you might have a lot of misfires, because EPC never shows up for no reason. Try to open your hood in the night or dark space, you will probably notice misfires. Misfires could be the reason for excessive fuel consumption as well. If thats it, you will at least need to replace spark plugs and wires, I recommend to check and clean cranckcase breather as well.
  10. Did you tried compression and emission test? Looks like your car consumes littlebit too much. You can set up LPG system on lupo, even the cheap versions works fine, but first your car always must work perfectly on petrol, only then you can try to run LPG system and use the cheap fuel, because it is harder to ignite and burn LPG than petrol.
  11. Lot of “on edge” bars works fine for lupo. I use old mont blanc bars.
  12. Also screw replacement is a must have in vw workshop manual. The wrong way to solve it, and to avoid screw repacement, is to shorten all the screws by about 2mm.
  13. 469.910 elring aftermarket part code
  14. This is bad, after sandblastig there will be holes, but without sandblasting rust will be back, i advice to not to respray it.
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