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  1. Between £2.5K and £3K overpriced. As has been mentioned they have reduced it by a grand from where it started off and I reckon its been for sale for at least 5 months.
  2. Grumpy


    You don't appear to have listed a price for the car.
  3. Thanks for the response. What is the cars registration number please.
  4. Grumpy

    Lupo Gti wanted

    I have just listed my 2003 (53 plate), low mileage, completely standard and unmolested Reflex Silver GTI on Pistonheads. It has full VW main dealer service history - 15 stamps in the book. Cambelt and water pump changed recently along with discs and pads. Nearly new Toyo's on unmarked Bathursts. Huge history file along with all manuals and both "GTI" keys, one of which is unused.
  5. Bingo! I lubricated the lifter and its fully retracting every time now. Thanks for the advice.
  6. The nearside headlight washer jet on my GTI comes out fine and sprays water onto the headlight, however, sometimes it does not fully retract and stops about 1cm from being seated flush in the bumper. If I apply slight pressure to the circular plastic cover the mechanism fully retracts. Is the likely fix a new lifter (part no 5 in the diagram) with all the associated hassle that brings or does anyone have any suggestions with regard to the existing lifter.
  7. Where in South Wales are you? I am in Cardiff and on my 3rd GTI, having bought the first one in 2012. Once I sell one its only a matter of months before I am missing it so much I have to begin the hunt for another.
  8. Grumpy

    Lupo Gti wanted

    An 05 plate Reflex Silver GTI with 53K on the clock priced at £5,850 has just popped up on Pistonheads.
  9. That's a shame you are not selling it ☹️
  10. I have to say I rather enjoyed the video and the GTI is looking good - just don't cane it to much.
  11. You will love it. I am on my third GTI and have run a Z4 MR and then a Z4 35is in tandem with the GTI and if the sun isn't out then very often I will use the Lupo as its far more fun.
  12. Those Halfords ones look just the ticket. Cheers😁
  13. Thanks for the response. The Xenons are the factory ones and to be fair when they are lit they have a nice crisp white appearance.
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