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  1. Legend! Thanks mate!
  2. Where did you get the tartan cloth from? I need a bit to recover the armrest in my Up GTi!
  3. I replaced the VW logos on mine, I believe they are 90mm and I found them on eBay
  4. I'd check the piston rings too, had that on mine
  5. Haha no way Rich, you are 4 years younger than me and we share a birthday!
  6. OE cat is obsolete from VW and nobody makes an aftermarket one unless you go for a performance one. OE part number was 6E0 253 208 EX
  7. Tungsten Silver, quite a dark silver but suits the GTI
  8. I think it's 75w90 gearbox oil
  9. GTI doesn't have a MAF or EGR so I'd be checking both the throttle body and the MAP sensor which is located on the cambelt side of the inlet manifold
  10. Number 20 is 020 301 132 Number 21 is 085 301 115 A
  11. VW list the gearbox oil as part number G 060 726 A2 which is the same as normal 085 gearbox oil. If you PM me a chassis number, I can check the quantity for you
  12. It's not metal, its a sort of fibreglass construction, not massively heavy but an awkward size to post
  13. How much for those spotty seats? And do you have a gearknob and the boot?
  14. The plastic cover on the inside of the boot that covers the screws is 6H0 945 289 A, it doesn't list it for a gti but it is definitely the right part, I had mine replaced when my car was under warranty as the tech broke it when they changed my spoiler. The part this slides on to is 6H0 945 159 A
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