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  1. I know where those photos were taken, about 5 mins up the road from the garage I work at! Epsom Downs, home of the Epsom Derby! Sadly the dealer on the reg plates doesn't exist anymore, we have a couple of staff members here who used to work there. Nice example you have found, be nice to keep it mostly original I guess, with a few choice upgrades.
  2. Mine never put a light on when she was burning through 4 litres a week! Just a huge blue cloud out the exhaust on over-run and little black spots on the tail gate. Mine was the oil control ring on piston number 3, luckily there was only minor scoring of the bore, so it was re-honed and new piston rings on all cylinders, doesn't use a drop now. I had the work done at 118k miles (along with a few other bits before I had this done, ie: valve stem oil seals and a new oil separator), she's now on 175k and drives like new.
  3. I know the AP coilovers for the GTI are different as they have elongated holes where they bolt to the hub to help adjust the camber, the non-GTI versions don't
  4. I managed to source the last of each side from VW in October as I broke both of mine changing my headlight bulbs! I think there were a couple of sealers in Ireland that still had stock, but as VW's part locater system is down at the moment, I am unable to give you addresses.....
  5. They were never an option on the GTI so have been retro-fitted. Car looks awesome! I also follow you on insta (@lupogtiboy)
  6. 6E0 837 249 C £41.02 each inc vat from VW
  7. I have a Janspeed on mine, never found it wonky fitting though! I got lucky and seem to have one of the last with the slightly smaller, more OE sized tail pipes, the later ones are bigger I believe. Had mine fitted about 6 or so years ago now, think I paid around £320ish for a cat-back system. Love the noise, not droney or loud, just a subtle increase so you know its there. Other option is as Jacamo said, have a custom one made up, you can tailor it to how you want it then and will probably work out cheaper.
  8. 6N0 857 538 GRU should be 150mm £34.44 inc vat from VW
  9. It doesn't even go into ETKA, so I'd imagine it's been obsolete from VW for well over 10 years!
  10. There are a few listed here VW Lupo Spoilers - VW Spoilers - Spoilers | Car Web Shop (madmotors.co.uk)
  11. 6X0 071 645 9AX according to the very old accessories catalogue I have here at work
  12. Nope, this is another GTI being converted, I know the owner, he used to work for the VW/Audi group I still work for. I bought some front GTI callipers for £30 off him before Christmas. He will get this finished though. I believe his original engine blew up, so he took the car off the road, it was previously written off as it had the interior stolen from it, so he's already 'rescued' it once before!
  13. I was told its because the roots of this engine are in rallying where it would idle higher, whether hot or cold. Mines always done it from day 1, never really been a problem as it's fine once it's done a few miles.....
  14. No worries, I have a spare GTI steering wheel I should send to Royal to get done, I think they quoted me around £220ish about a year back so I should get it done really!
  15. How much would you want for the re-trimmed flat bottom steering wheel?
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