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  1. How much for those spotty seats? And do you have a gearknob and the boot?
  2. The plastic cover on the inside of the boot that covers the screws is 6H0 945 289 A, it doesn't list it for a gti but it is definitely the right part, I had mine replaced when my car was under warranty as the tech broke it when they changed my spoiler. The part this slides on to is 6H0 945 159 A
  3. 235/700R 450? Is that a tyre for a cruise ship? VW do not use PAX tyres, Audi dabbled with them for a few years but don't use them anymore. The closest VW come to PAX is the Contiseal, Hankook Seal or Pirelli Seal inside tyres on Passat, Sharan and Scirocco. The Up GTI is fitted with 195/40 R17 81V Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres, a lot of owners on the Up Owners Club don't like them, I've never had an issue personally.
  4. It doesn't have run flat tyres, no VW runs run flat tyres, they do use Seal inside tyres on some models, but not on the up, would make it too heavy! You also said in an earlier post that the City Emergency Breaking system means the passenger airbag is deactivated, that's wrong, it has a key-operated switch that you can turn the airbag on or off, not permanently off as suggested. I have a 2019 Up GTI in Tornado Red with a black roof, Beats sound system, cruise and park pack, reverse camera and climate, all worthwhile additions to what is already a fun little car. It also has quite a few tweaks available to increase performance, I'm hoping to remap mine soon to around 145bhp and add an induction kit, so may see 150 on a good day with the right outside temperature!
  5. Same as Polo GTI though OE numbers n/s - 6N0 615 423 A (superseded from 6N0 615 423 b) o/s - 6N0 615 424 A (superseded from 6N0 615 424 b) They retail at £198.72 each inc vat. If you buy from VW though, they are not painted red anymore, just silver.
  6. Looks great! I wouldn't change anything except maybe re-install the rear wiper
  7. lupogtiboy


    If not, PM me your reg or chassis number and I'll look it up for you
  8. lupogtiboy


    Engine code should be BKR
  9. If anyone needs to order this gasket set, it is priced at £12.91 inc vat per side, it's currently on factory backorder but available in Germany
  10. They are both powered by the same fuse, along with the camshaft actuator
  11. Usually on these plugs, you push the connector towards the thing you're trying to disconnect it from, push down on the little tab, then pull it away from said sensor. Image shows the plug. Don't use a screwdriver as it will snap off the lug should you ever want to re-connect the plug in the future.
  12. Welcome back to Lupo GTI ownership! I have to disagree about the high level brake light though, the GTI spoiler light is only fitted to a GTI, a non-GTI light is the same though.... Have you got anymore details about the auto-headlight kit you fitted? I have one fitted to my car, but it's not app controlled, that sounds interesting!
  13. You can't get the OE ones from VW anymore, long obsolete, but you could buy a sheet of 3A0 867 201 H which is a similar material to the Lupo one.
  14. I've had the autolocking/unlocking and the alarm chirp switched on my gti for years! Beeps once for lock, twice for unlock. I also have it set to unlock the drivers door on one press and the rest on a 2nd press within 3 secs.
  15. Do you have the correct bulbs in the tail lights? They should be twin filament 380 bulbs and they should only fit in the holder one way, I've loads of cars where people have used the correct bulb but fitted it wrong. The 380 bulb has 2 pins, one is slightly higher than the other so that they fit in the holder in one place. So it could be that someone has fitted a single filament (382) bulb where there should be a twin filament, that can make the car do many odd things!
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