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  1. lupogtiboy

    Seat Arosa 2003 1.0 - Basic Service + Extras

    There are a few variants of the 1.0L engine: AHT, AER, ALL, ALD, AUC, ANV If you have your reg number, PM me and I'll see what I can find out
  2. lupogtiboy

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Would be nice to have all the info in one place
  3. lupogtiboy

    4Cough's Lupo - SA

    Yeah total bargain! NOT! Some of the Audi centre caps are £40+ so seems quite cheap in comparison!
  4. lupogtiboy

    4Cough's Lupo - SA

    If I remember correctly the Velocity wheels are 6j wide whereas Bathursts are 6.5j wide. If anyone is interested the Velocity wheels are part number 17S 601 025 E GX9 but are no longer available from VW according to ETKA, and probably never available in the UK anyway! Centre caps for the Velocity wheels are 6Q0 601 149 G GRB which may be an alternative to the Bathurst centre cap? (6E0 601 149 A GRB £24.34 each inc vat) though I have no idea whether they are the same or not!
  5. lupogtiboy

    Seat Arosa 2003 1.0 - Basic Service + Extras

    Do you know your engine code? I can't look up Seat parts but they'll be the same as a Lupo with that engine code
  6. lupogtiboy

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Could you not add it all to the Wiki page?
  7. lupogtiboy


    As Pete said, a GTI grille wont' fit a non-GTI as the bumper is completely different, plus finding a decent GTI grille is difficult as they are long obsolete from VW. There are plenty of mesh-style grilles on ebay and the like that would fit fine though.
  8. lupogtiboy

    UP! seats in LUPO

    A fair point, they don't have much in the way of side bolsters, but they are surprisingly comfortable. My Up has the 'leather look' seats and they are extremely comfortable, even on long journeys. It would have been nice for VW to have fitted nicer seats in the GTI, but honestly they are ok as they are in most situations.
  9. lupogtiboy

    UP! seats in LUPO

    The Up seats are bolted in each corner to the floor, so nothing like the Lupo seats at all, in fact I think the Up seats fit like most new VW's and Audi's do now.
  10. lupogtiboy

    Rich where's the parts you promised me??

    @musho007, can you get hold of any more MD headunits? I'd love one of those too!
  11. lupogtiboy

    TT Seats "HOW TO"

    I have to admit that when I fitted a TT driver's seat to mine, the brackets supplied were nothing like these, it came with a solid bar that went from side to side on the rear too to support the seat, and that was bolted to the seat runners. I wasn't happy with the TT seats though so I fixed my oe seat by buying a new seat base. I guess the best way to do this properly would be to weld the new seats to an old lupo seat frame, at least then it would move correctly and be fixed securely. I don't have any pictures of the solution the previous owner of the TT seats had made, they are completely buried in my storage container right at the back, it would take me a month to get to them, but if I ever get the chance then I'll grab some pics.
  12. lupogtiboy

    UP! seats in LUPO

  13. lupogtiboy

    100k miles

    Mines on 173k so you're getting close!
  14. lupogtiboy

    UP! seats in LUPO

    They fit totally differently to a Lupo. I have seen it done, I guess it would be similar to fitting mk1 Audi TT seats in a Lupo, I'm sure there's a how-to on here for that
  15. lupogtiboy

    New member Lupo GTI owner

    I had the engine rebuilt at 118k due to it drinking oil like it was going out of fashion. I changed a few other bits first, did valve stem oil seals and breather system, they didn't fix it so took the plunge. Turned out the oil control ring on cylinder 3 had died, so had the block re-honed, new rings all round, thermostat housing as it was leaking, cambelt and clutch. My gearbox was getting noisy so I bought Casper GTI's gearbox when he was breaking his GTI and had it rebuilt by Road and Race Transmissions. My original gearbox still changed gears fine, was just getting noisy, I think the 2 bearings in the end of the case were on their way out, so I will get that rebuilt one day so I have a good spare. Exhaust didn't need changing but I got a good price on the Janspeed cat-back so I bought it. Mines the earlier version with the smaller tailpipes so looks more factory. I love the noise it makes, not too loud but you know its there! Touchwood, I've never changed ANY wheel bearings at all, still on OE rear beam bushes (I have poly bushes to change one day!), arb bushes on the front are still original ones. Stuff like top mounts I've changed when doing coilovers, cambelts I've lost count how many I've had done! I always get mine done at 40k or 4 years regardless. It has full dealer service history (as I work for a dealer it's dirty cheap to get the book stamped!) and I have 3 service history books and I've kept 95% of all the receipts for parts I've bought for her over the years. Think that about covers it!

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