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  1. lupogtiboy

    Lupo GTi Alloy wheel centre caps.

    6E0 601 149 A GRB - £24.34 each inc vat Currently on back order but available in Germany
  2. lupogtiboy

    Headlight bulbs

    I have an LED interior bulb in mine (a 265 bulb) and it's dims the same as a normal bulb does The front lights are just 501 bulbs, loads available on the net or even halfrauds, reverse lights are 382 bulbs, again loads on the net
  3. lupogtiboy

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    It's hard to see on this crappy ETKA picture, but its on the hose that runs from the airbox to the breather box on the rear of the engine, I believe the plug is roughly in the middle of the hose
  4. lupogtiboy

    Lupo Sport

    Plus I'd argue that the GTI has a stronger gearbox than the sport so less likely to blow up on you!
  5. lupogtiboy

    GTI Upgrades

    Hope the picture below helps!
  6. lupogtiboy

    Headlight Ballast

    Yeah Etka used to say they were fitted on both cars but doesn't anymore, only gives those repair kits on the B5 A4, so I'd imagine they would fit the Lupo just fine but can't confirm that
  7. lupogtiboy

    Headlight Ballast

    The GTI ballast is made by Valeo
  8. lupogtiboy

    Headlight Ballast

    They don't list it on ETKA as fitting the S4 anymore, they do list a 'repair kit' for either side though which is a bit cheaper. Can't say they are compatible with GTI headlamps or not as I've never seen one in the flesh, part numbers as follows:
  9. lupogtiboy

    Headlight Ballast

    Very costly from VW! 8D0 907 391 A - £552.66 inc vat
  10. lupogtiboy

    Lupo tdi mpg

    I'd probably go with the theory above but possibly caused by the loom inside the cylinder head, they are prone to breaking down.
  11. lupogtiboy

    Replacing alternator

    When I did the alternator on my GTI, I had to loosen the 3 engine mount bolts on the top to lower the engine down enough to allow access to the bottom alternator bolt. Was pretty easy once I'd figured that out!
  12. lupogtiboy

    Seat Arosa 2003 1.0 - Basic Service + Extras

    There are a few variants of the 1.0L engine: AHT, AER, ALL, ALD, AUC, ANV If you have your reg number, PM me and I'll see what I can find out
  13. lupogtiboy

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    Would be nice to have all the info in one place
  14. lupogtiboy

    4Cough's Lupo - SA

    Yeah total bargain! NOT! Some of the Audi centre caps are £40+ so seems quite cheap in comparison!
  15. lupogtiboy

    4Cough's Lupo - SA

    If I remember correctly the Velocity wheels are 6j wide whereas Bathursts are 6.5j wide. If anyone is interested the Velocity wheels are part number 17S 601 025 E GX9 but are no longer available from VW according to ETKA, and probably never available in the UK anyway! Centre caps for the Velocity wheels are 6Q0 601 149 G GRB which may be an alternative to the Bathurst centre cap? (6E0 601 149 A GRB £24.34 each inc vat) though I have no idea whether they are the same or not!

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