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  1. Both of these are for the 3L SSP 216 (volkspage.net) www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_218.pdf
  2. The 3L gearbox isn't a DSG gearbox, it's a clutchless 085 5-speed gearbox with a tiptronic shifter mechanism. DSG gearboxes have 2 clutches, one for even gears and one for odd gears, this gearbox has one clutch, it's a similar system now used on the Up! with a clutchless gearbox.
  3. No gasket on these, its a sealant, VW part number D 188 003 A1. Stupidly expensive at £88.80 inc vat, I'm sure someone will say there is a cheaper alternative though....
  4. Is there a way of switching off the annoying advertising pop-up that slides up and down at the bottom of the screen everytime you change threads?
  5. This one is Y3D Tornado Red Built 15-3-2005
  6. Fair enough mate! GLWS!
  7. I'd happily buy the xenons and the teddy bear f you're willing to split? Never realised you were so close to my work (Epsom!)
  8. Welcome to the site! Nice Lupo, will be good to see a build thread!
  9. I love this car, just seems to get better and better! Great pictures!
  10. O/S cover is obsolete from VW now, but can be ordered through VW Heritage parts 6E0 853 666 F GRU VW UK still have stock of the N/S but once they are gone they will be obsolete too 6E0 857 665 F GRU Retail they are £14.88 inc vat
  11. Wish I had £2k spare.....
  12. It's a 1.4 16v FSI engine, engine code ARR. VW did do a 1.4 FSI in the MK5 golf as well, but most are 1.6 FSI
  13. VW UK warehouse has 1 left in stock, but I think it's about to become obsolete as VW Germany aren't showing any in their stock. As said before, the part number is 6N2 721 403 for a RHD model
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