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  1. I've seen those mats in a lot of Japanese VW's, where did you get them from?
  2. If you get the single-din vw cd player that sits underneath the standard radio, you can connect another input into the back of that and switch between the single cd and whatever is plugged in. When I first got my gti, I did this but had a VW 6-disc changer in the boot, so if you were to get either an aux in or a Bluetooth module that plugs into the radio where a cd player would plug in, you can have it all!
  3. Why would you solder to the board when you can buy a AUX in adaptor that plugs in the back of the radio off the shelf?
  4. One of my future jobs to do
  5. What tyres are you running on the Up GTI alloys? I want to try this as well, but not sure on tyre size on a lowered car. My Up gti runs 195 40 17 tyres
  6. The only sensor on the bootlock is the one that shows when it's open on the dash, so I'd imagine the alarm takes information from the same place. Could be a Convenience ECU issue, maybe see if any faults come up on a fault reader
  7. Heritage can only get parts that have the letter 'c' next to them on ETKA, this signifies they are a 'classic' part. Not all obsolete parts are made 'classic' parts by VW, is all a supply and demand thing.
  8. O/S window motor is 6X0 959 801 B N/S window motor is 6X0 959 802 B The motors fit all Lupo's, it's the regulators that are GTI/3L specific GTI N/S/F regulator - 6E0 837 461 B, obsolete from VW, not showing as a classic part either GTI O/S/F regulator - 6E0 837 462 B, showing as available in Germany to order Neither come with motors
  9. 6X0 947 569 is obsolete and VW UK aren't showing any in stock, however it is showing as a Heritage part, so you can get one via VW Heritage based in Shoreham https://classic.heritagepartscentre.com/ Type the part number into the search section and they are able to order one. They can do this for any part that is showing as being a VW Classic part, signified with the letter 'c' next to the part on ETKA. I managed to get a genuine GTI radiator grille from there last year, took around a month to arrive, but was cheaper than the original VW price!
  10. Both the switches on the driver's side are the same, and the passenger side has different connections.
  11. OE shock - £101.21 inc vat 4+ Shock - £63.56 inc vat, but only to be used in pairs
  12. Send me a pm with the radio serial number and vehicle chassis number and I'll see what I can do
  13. The current VW coolant is now G12 Evo part number G12 E 050 A2 £6.73 inc vat per litre, comes pre-mixed
  14. JZW is just the designation VW uses for its four plus range of parts, shocks, brakes, starter motors, alternators etc.... Lupo GTI and 3L are designated the 6E chassis, all other Lupo's are 6X
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