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  1. Steering rack bolts are 4x N 906 330 02, but these are obsolete from VW now. Specs are M8x80x40, looks like this below
  2. X4 N 106 403 01 (M12x1.5x100)
  3. If I remember correctly, the only GTI options in the UK were sunroof, aircon, metallic paint, cd player, leather and possibly 5 seater rear bench, but happy to be corrected if I'm wrong
  4. I don't think factory nav was a UK option
  5. Leather was a factory option, my GTI came with factory heated leather
  6. The screws only hold the plastic 'glass' onto the actual frame that sits into the bumper, so you'll need a complete number plate lamp to fix. The plastic retaining clip has probably broken off, new one is £18.07 inc vat from VW, though you can get a pair of LED ones on eBay for around £10
  7. You can't get the pulley on it's own from VW, so I doubt any aftermarket companies would supply it like that either. Only comes with the whole tensioner from VW as shown below:
  8. Earlier 4 pin temp sensor is 059 919 501
  9. I really want to get all of the bolt-on parts of mine powder coated one-day, just need to win the lottery to be able to afford it!
  10. Not straight in, no. The Mk3 Golf uses the same rails as the 6N polo, Mk2 Golf and Mk1 Arosa. Mk4 Golf seats are a closer fit, but still need a bit of modding to fit straight in
  11. I believe she has recently posted on here too
  12. 2 screws at the front, and two retaining tabs at the rear. Locate the retaining tabs under the radio section of the dash and then screw in the 2 screws at the front, couldn't be simpler really!
  13. L3 UPO is on a moon silver GTI, chassis 6EZ2W007480, came from Stoke VW Van centre, registered 18-4-2002. It also suggests this reg is still on this vehicle via the DVLA and is currently on SORN. Y921 DWL is a Fantasia Green 1.4 TDI Sport, chassis 6XZ1W071968, VW Demonstrator Services, registered 5-3-2001. It is currently due tax and an MOT as of this month OU51 BVA is a Moon Silver GTI, chassis 6EZ2W002034, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 7-9-2001, vehicle details not on DVLA, not been taxed since August 2018 and no tax data is available, so I'd presume it's been scrapped? OU51 CKO is a Taffeta Green 1.4 TDI Sport, chassis 6XZ2B002920, VW Demonstrator services, registered 12-9-2001. Taxed and MOT'd until July 2022. OU51 CSO is a Taffeta Green 1.4 TDI Sport, chassis 6XZ2B037298, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 7-1-2002. Taxed until May, MOT'd until March. OU51 DHL is a Reflex Silver 1.4TDI Sport, chassis 6XZ2B004613, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 31-10-2001. Currently SORN'd and untaxed since 2013 OU51 DHM is a Jazz Blue 1.4 TDI Sport, chassis 6XZ2B002850, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 22-10-2001. Not been MOT'd since November 2019 and no tax data, possibly scrapped? OU51 DRZ is a Fantasia Green 1.4S, chassis 6XZ2B014884, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 5-11-2001. Not been MOT'd since November 2017, no tax data, possibly scrapped? OY02 YXU is a Yellow 1.7 SDI E, chassis 6XZ2B058352, VW Demonstrator Service, registered 1-7-2002. Not been MOT'd since September 2017 and no tax data, possibly scrapped.
  14. GTI's are listed as being fitted with 'darkened lenses' from the factory, so should have come with Cambridge lights anyway, don't know why they didn't though...
  15. Watched that yesterday, nice to see an honest review and get a thumbs up! It's about time it got the recognition it deserves! Also, your GTI is lovely Chris!
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