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  1. I only used OEM G50 (this is written in manual) and I haven't had any problems with the box so far. Now the mileage is about 400k km (so about 250k miles) and I did the first oil change at about 200k km. I've changed it two or three times until now, I don't remember exactly. In general, the gearboxes on the Lupo/Arosa wich are type 085 were filled with G50 except for the gearboxes that equipped the 1.4 74kw engines that require G51. Now VW recommend another type G052178A2 but I didn't trust him. Here is a discussion about this problem. If you'll decide to use an aftermarket oil, be sure to use a GL4 or GL4 +, in no case GL5.
  2. It is not easy to remove the oil seal. for this you need one or two thin screwdrivers (about 2mm in diameter), very sharp and hard (the oil seal has a metal ring under the plastic cover, a ring that must be perforated to hang and remove the oil seal). Basic rules: - Must not scratch the shaft (wrap thin layer of insulation tape around shaft). If this happens it will leak permanently. - Fill space between sealing lip and dust lip with grease - Do not touch the screw B. if necessary mark its position, otherwise you will need adjusting selector mechanism Selector finger
  3. Definitely not ignition on, before removing the plug from the ECU remove the minus terminal from the battery . Basically you measure the continuity of some wires not the functioning of a component
  4. Sorry, it is the expression of manual. Not at the same time but one at a time you have to be careful, it's irreversible
  5. Also check this for EGR error Check wiring between test box and connector for open circuit using current flow diagram. Contact 1+ socket 1 + 2 Contact 2+ socket 61 Wire resistance: max. 1.5 ω Additionally check wires for short to one another, to vehicle earth and to battery positive. Specification: ∞ω For this check (and the following) you must have access to the ECU socket. Remove the cover marked with the red arrow and then pull the plug by pulling in the direction of the arrows EGR can be visually checked if it works: when you accelerate strongly you can see how the rod moves With the blue arrow I marked the flap on the intake that is not related to the error on the EGR, but works with it and may be to blame for the lack of power. Remove the inlet pipe and observe the flap: engine stopped: the flap must be wide open engine start/idle: the flap must be closed and after about 10 minutes idling without touching the acceleration will open ( to close again you have to drive at higher speeds ) engine accelerated at over 3000 rpm: the flap must be wide open This is the correct behavior of this flap
  6. Compilation: Autodata and ElsaWin Sorry, I do not know what does not work for you, but I made some screen shoots
  7. Below you have the wiring diagram and the configuration of the ECU socket AKU-Diagram.pdf For P0489 error If the specification is not obtain Check wiring between test box and connector for open circuit using current flow diagram. Contact 1+ socket 1 + 2 Contact 2+ socket 61 Wire resistance: max. 1.5 ω Additionally check wires for short to one another, to vehicle earth and to battery positive. Specification: ∞ω For P0216 error Remove injection pump socket (arrow) Check: For 0113 error
  8. common to all errors (except N109) are: relay 109 and fuse 23 (5A) also check the ECU socket and injection pump socket
  9. Remove securing bolts -arrows- press the clamps marked with the yellow arrow with a screwdriver and take additional brake light out upwards Pull off connector (blue arrow)
  10. I have attached the gear selector adjustment procedure. You need a pdf viewer. adjusting gear selector.pdf
  11. Maybe it helps you rear bumper 1.pdf rear bumper 2.pdf rear bumper 3.pdf
  12. If the 1.0 engine has AHT code you can use its engine mounts, unless you will use the mounts of AVY engine
  13. It works very fine. Below you can see my fuel mpg. I think it is ok. https://www.spritmonitor.de/en/detail/619580.html At the last 7 entries I also canceled the flap.
  14. You have details in attachments AER-ALL.pdf ALD-ANV-AUC-AUD.pdf Cylinder block.pdf
  15. Different engine management between the two codes. To replace the AER engine, see engine with ALD and ANV codes.
  16. I searched for code 6N0 959 455E and found these codes Topran HP107717 Hella 8EW 009 144-611 TYC 837-0010 Thermotec D8W004TT Febi Bilstein FE10279 I did not find any code for bosch
  17. http://www.filedropper.com/documentareturbo I've attached the documentation. Download and unzip. You need Acrobat Reader for read. Try to step-by-step the procedures there.
  18. The linkage mechanisms, I didn't find the right word
  19. My car is about 350k km (217k miles), I changed the oil in the box twice and every time I put the vw g50. It still works very well both at -30 degrees celsius and at +40 degrees celsius. Of course I always made sure that the box is full (I swapped the selector seal once) and I periodically greased the selector mechanism.
  20. Yes, but not because it's a problem but because I like more how it works. It has a better torque at low revs. I canceled it only by canceling the EGR vacuum with a screw. The intake flap is still working. Sometimes I canceled the flap, but except a much noise at idle, I did not see any improvement. I really like how it works in this combination: EGR off, 55-degree cetane diesel and 2T oil 100ml/20l diesel
  21. There are three valves: the N75 that controls the turbine, the N18 that controls the EGR and N239 that command variable intake manifold flap. On VNT (variable nozzle turbo) turbines N18 and N75 are identical in appearance and operation because they operate on a vacuum basis. I think you saw something like that in another VAG. At the bypass turbines (westgate turbine) like the one on your car, N75 is different because it works on a pressure basis. in the first pdf you can see on page 5 how the westgate turbine works . The error 17964 (Charge Pressure Control -Negative Deviation) indicates that the bypass valve has remained open and can not be closed to increase the pressure. I hope the attached documents will help you find the malfunction. VARIABLE_TURBO.pdf N75 Test.pdf Presure unit Test.pdf Supercharger Test.pdf
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