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  1. Standard and new for a TDI. I didn't realise that the sport has shorter shocks. They should fit mine but I bought some Corrado VR6 springs to try and up the poundage.
  2. I've got a pair of Lupo GTi calipers and also a pair of the 280mm carriers. I'm after £50 for the calipers and £20 for the carriers plus postage. I'll add some pictures later.
  3. Have you sorted this? I bought a pair of springs for a Sport TDI but they are far too long for the shorter shocks. They are KYB RG1297. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/kyb/829468
  4. yeha

    Sporty seats

    I have some from an Audi A3, the original 8P shape. I used a guide like this to do it:
  5. Good. The bottom arm is bent too so that'll be gone first.
  6. Looking at Vagcat, Only the Lupo gets a choice of arms, the Arosa only lists the longer one. The shorter one is shared with the 6N.
  7. I've got to replace a trackrod on the Arosa. Anyone done it in situ? Do I need to slide rack sideways or drop it out completely?
  8. yeha

    Lupo GTi in U-Pull-It in York

    They're in my van, although I also managed of get a pair of carriers from a mk2 Caddy which is all I really needed, so they may be up for sale soon. The end of the exhaust looked OK, but I never got any closer. Overall it looked tidy pre-accident.
  9. yeha

    Lupo GTi in U-Pull-It in York

    The steering wheel is OK apart from the fabric hanging out of the airbag. Prefer the feel of the TT one myself. Didn't look at the sills but it did look like it was tidy pre-smash.
  10. Was in there yesterday and spotted this. It's had a front end smash. The interior has gone. The front and rear suspension is there.
  11. Being 6'5", I've always hoped the seatbelt would save me before I get punched in the face ☺️. When I find the Arosa wheel wiring, I'll get some pictures of the 2 connectors side by side and hopefully they'll be the same crimp and can be swapped over. Otherwise I'll just splice them to make a hybrid.
  12. Unfortunately it's just a continuation of the day job. Looks better now I've screwed the airbag on. Very nice on the hands compared to the standard one. I need to swap the airbag connector so it's wired correctly, it's just got a resistor at the moment.
  13. I'm illustrating the process of fitting a later steering wheel, it's shape isn't the show stopper.
  14. yeha

    passenger side wiper arm

    The part no. for a RHD passenger arm with the normal J hook end is 5Z2 955 409 A. Quick search on ebay should find you one.
  15. Thought I'd update this thread with some photo's. I had to drill some holes, do a bit of filing and 3D print a bit. Just need to get an airbag to finish it. Much nicer feel.

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