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  1. The 1997 part no. is the same as the 2003. The only beam that's different is the one with the anti-roll bar.
  2. The rear mounting holes on the subframe are also the alignment holes. They are slack on the bolts but there is a recess on the shell that is the same diameter. I've a vague memory that it's a 16mm bore and the bolts are 12mm. You mount the subframe with the front bolts loose and align at the rear, then tighten everything. Here's the relevant pages from Elsawin. subframe_refitting.pdf subframe_removal.pdf subframe_torque.pdf
  3. What are people using? I have the 3 bulb interior light from a Passat. Getting a decent white festoon isn't too hard but a matching 501 for the map reading light is a pain. I need to buy in quantity as I have 7 cars to sort.
  4. I've been challenged to put Audi TT seats in my son's ibiza cupra. That opened a right can of worms. Get your tape measure out. You may find that the runners are too wide. I've found at least 3 different widths across the Vag platforms. The narrowest is the mk1 Audi TT which seems to be unique at around 410mm. The common dimension is 478mm. Also the distance from the front of the runner to the seat back changes. My Octavia is 50mm further back than my son's ibiza cupra. I have A6 seats in my T5 van. I had to make adapter plates to do it.
  5. Yes. They're in the garage somewhere.
  6. Did you get sorted? I've got some off a polo gti.
  7. I had the same problem and the nut was seized on. This lead to the threaded insert failing. Cue a hammer and knocking it up into the car. If you lift the carpet, you can simply use a screw through the hole and a large diameter washer or some suitably sized piece of metal to clamp the cooler back in place.
  8. Have a look on the TDIclub.com forums under tdi power enhancements. There's a huge thread. The latest posts detail a lad with 160hp in Holland but a tuning company over there has managed 212.
  9. It's easier to hold the rectangular part 1. You don't need to grease it. Once you've got a feel for the force required, you'll be fine in the future.
  10. It comes out straight but takes a bit of force. Just make sure you pull on the body of the connector, not the wires. Those pliers will do.
  11. It's a 501 bulb. Any long nosed plier will do. The bulb holder just pulls out.
  12. They are a pain. I tend to drop the lamp out so I can use long nose pliers. The bumper plastic comes off quite easily. 5 mins once you've done it a few times. There's screws in the slam panel, under the wheel arches and underneath if you've got the undertray fitted correctly.
  13. ANCC novice champion navigator in my first year. Did it for 15 years. I'm no fan of Quaife and I've had to work with them a couple of times, but the range of suppliers is limited. I'm running an Mfactory in my 02J. Keep an eye on the website as they have sales. Mine cost under £500. I've got a Gripper in a MK1 Golf which is definitely the more fun device but needs more maintenance. You will find the small wheel arches limit tyre choice and the lower height of the GTi is not ideal.
  14. Is your clutch pedal in good condition? If the metal bracket that goes around the plastic bush has failed, then you're not getting full travel of the master cylinder.
  15. If it selects when the engine is off and doesn't when it's on, then I'd be looking at clutch drag. Can you select gears without the clutch? Just lift off the throttle and put a bit of pressure on the gear stick.
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