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  1. yeha

    Sport springs

    I need some new front springs for a TDi. Sport. I can find standard ones but not the sport spec. Any suggestions where to look?
  2. Guess how I know...
  3. Have you hooked the end of the column into item 9?
  4. If you look at the back windows, there are some little black arrows, like toblerone shapes. The rear feet sit between them. There are the same shapes stamped into the door apertures at the top. Use your fingers and you'll feel them. Measure the distance from the front arrow of each pair and it'll be about right. I got the 754 feet for £30 and the fitting kit for £20 via ebay. Gumtree is OK too if you know the part numbers.
  5. Have a look at U-Pull-It in York. Might get lucky and have one the right colour. There's a few decent scrapyards left in Leeds and Bradford too. Otherwise Gumtree and Ebay to see what's ebing broken.
  6. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    020 stuff is no use to you. I do have a vague memory that 'maybe' you can use a 3rd gear pair in the 5th position. I'm sure I read of a German berg cup gearbox that had used a 5th pair in 3rd to get a better spread of ratios.
  7. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    What's the code for the mk2 box?
  8. It's got shagged sills...
  9. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    Just digging in the parts catalogue for fun. The 1.9SDI engines in other VAG group models were fitted with 02x derived gearboxes. I have some VW TDi engine drawings with the gearbox mounting positions dimensioned. Could you get access to a spare box or even the spacer plate to measure?
  10. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    Finally got mine working. Typical VW, the boxes used on the 1.4TDI have unique castings and the lugs are missing for the lower mount. Now does 33-34mph per 1k rpm. Can't do 30 in 5th anymore. Now needs more power to make the most of the spread.
  11. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    I've spent years designing interference fits on shafts. You don't need a lot of temperature differential to assembly or disassemble. Clearance will probably start at around 50deg.C difference. 80 deg.C cog in 20 deg.C ambient. You can achieve this with a hot air gun. Most engineering plastics can take 120 deg.C for a while but the air gun will be kicking out 250+. Just shield the plastic from the direct air. Get Kukko style puller. Much better. Here's a chinese copy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bearing-gear-hub-puller-internal-external-2-leg-splitter-removal-tool-100x98mm/273371704481?hash=item3fa6392ca1:g:7E0AAOSwDMZbV3HT Cheap enough that you can grind the legs to suit and won't feel too bad when they break. I've had a few. The 6K caddy is a 6N Polo chassis just like the Lupo/Arosa and these came with the 1.7SDI too. The Caddy is fitted with a big block gearbox. Not sure what it's derived from but that maybe where you should be looking.
  12. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    Completely different designs. realoem.com is an online EKTA. I spent many hours researching a 085 box for my mk1 Golf. The standard ratios are very compromised if you want performance. The shaft centres are too close to allow decent ratios. One choice you may have is the 02K which is designed to go on the same mounting pattern as the 085 in the petrol engined cars but is the same internally as the 02A, which evolved into the 02J. You should look at what other VW's use the SDI engine. The Caddy uses a different gearbox on the 1.9 SDI. That may give you some off the shelf alternatives. I believe the 02J in the TDi sits in the same position relative to the chassis as it would if there was a 4 cylinder engine so the TDi shafts, mounts, gearchange etc should work. The starter is at the front of the box near the battery but that's only 1 wire and thick cable.
  13. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    I run 185/60x14s and the speedo is spot on. You have a 085 box, the TDi uses the 02J. Totally different. The TDi box has the highest first gear and diff of any VW. 3.3 and 3.158. Total ratio 10.42:1 which is abnormally high. Most cars have a 12.5:1 first gear. If it's not too hard to swap to the 02J, and the block drilling and starter position are probably different, that would be the simplest option. I've just removed my EXB to fit a hybrid DTA with a longer 5th. Including the diff, the ratios are 10.42, 6.14, 4.13, 2.89 and 2.08. 80 should 2,500 rpm.
  14. That's why polybushes shouldn't be used in this position. Nowhere near enough flex. The arm isn't designed for that level of resistance.
  15. Silicon grease is very good. Temp range upto 350deg.C. Doesn't go dry like copper grease and is plastic friendly.
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