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  1. Bolt part no. is N 10174002, nut is N 90323704, as shown here. Less than £4 for the bolt on ebay.
  2. Can't help directly, but there's a lupo petrol in U-Pull-It Edinburgh.
  3. As mentioned, the tdi uses an 02J. If you use the standard gearbox mount then the tdi shafts should work. They do have the biggest inner cv that Vw use. I bought gkn replacement shafts last time and they were under £100 each. Not worth bodging for that kind of money.
  4. Simple answer is yes. You can press them out or cut the rubber out and then slit the steel outer tube or crimp it inwards with a chisel.
  5. yeha

    Lock barrel

    Feel free to educate me via pm... I was at the side of a main road and finished breaking in seconds before the local plod drove past. There's no coding parts left in it but I've got some spares that I've collected.
  6. yeha

    Lock barrel

    Anyone got a spare barrel? Had to wreck mine when the key got locked in. No need for a matching key, not fussed about coding being wrong.
  7. Have a look at the gearbox speed sensor. It could be that the stationary resistance value is out of spec but the pulse when you're moving is detectable by the speedo. Might be a dirty connector.
  8. The inner wings on the golf are highly flexible. The braces make a huge difference but I imagine the Arosa / lupo chassis is much stiffer.
  9. yeha

    Arosa tdi

    On mine, the nut on the quadrant had come loose. Horrible job to fix.
  10. Got a TT wheel in mine. Some info in this thread.
  11. The 6N Polo GTi has the same front arb, but it's the lack of rear bar that's the problem. You don't need to source a GTi rear beam. You could weld a 25mm tube into your beam or find a whitelines. I have Bilstein B6's all round and Fabia VRS lowered rear springs. The back end sits at the standard height. Haven't found suitable uprated front springs yet. There's loads of clearance to the sump. I grew up road rallying so like my cars to tolerant of crap roads.
  12. I imagine it's a 085 so there'll be loads of choices available from many VAG cars. If you look around the spare wheel well you should find the build sticker which has the current gearbox code on it. The sticker is also in the service book. This helps find what the ratios are. Then you can choose to keep the same or try something different.
  13. I went for a set of Thule aerobars. Cost under £100 by figuring out which parts were needed and buying them off ebay and gumtree at the right price. Then got some Thule 591 bike carriers.
  14. yeha

    Road trips

    I think the biggest comfort challenge is that I'm 6'5". My legs might not be happy. Looking on Google maps, it's only 2.5k miles and should take 45hrs (!!). Mine is a TDi with a longer box so it cruises all day at 70-80.
  15. yeha

    Road trips

    Due to lockdown frustrations, midlife crisis, bucket list ticking and the reality that my Arosa won't last forever, I've decided that it's going to Nordcapp in the middle of 2022. Over the channel at Dover and up through Norway returning via Sweden. I was wondering if anyone has had a go at similar long distance travel in a small car. I was thinking that the back seats will be coming out and a roof box may be required. I also have a LWB T5 but the Arosa can do 60+ mpg so it's a no-brainer for the distance.
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