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  1. Open the switch up and give the pcb a clean. The contact pads corrode. Different contacts are used for the lift and lower.
  2. I did the breather mod to get more juice in there.
  3. yeha

    Red Arosa TDI 2001

    Not mine. It's in Egremont on the west cost of Cumbria. I got the wheels and fuel cooler. If anyone needs parts, I'll pass on the contact details.
  4. Has the metal cage around the slave cylinder actuator rod failed? I've had to weld mine up on 2 cars.
  5. Mine averages 58 to 63. I do 13 miles each way to work on roads that limit me to 50mph. I can get 60mpg sat between 70 / 80 on the motorway but I do have a non standard box with longer ratios. I get around 530 miles out of a tank, the best was 580. I have a LWB T5 which does 37mpg on a run. I reckon the Arosa is free just on the fuel economy savings.
  6. After getting the VW no.s, I find Autodoc is a good place to look as you can compare a range of OEM supplier part no.s and then do the ebay thing.
  7. The housing is the same so don't see why not.
  8. There are so many part no.s given for each model and the only info given by VAG is the colour code. Ultimately the manufacturer creates a spring that has the right spring rate and installed ride height for whichever model they think they are making the spring for. There are many ways to achieve this depending on the OD of the wire and spring.
  9. Start with the technical regs of whatever association oversees the events you wan to do. I was into rallying so the MSA blue book is the place to start. Otherwise it's the FIA. Here's the relevant MSA info: https://www.motorsportuk.org/assets/harnessguidance02.04.19.pdf I've been in enough accidents to know that it wants to be right and the spec above is a minimum. You are priceless and need to go home when you've finished having fun. Cars are replaceable.
  10. You could get a normal beam and transfer the anti roll bar tube across. Need a couple of holes drilling and the tube welding in.
  11. Sounds like classic clutch drag where the engine never disengages properly. Could be that the hydraulic system isn't pushing the clutch arm far enough. What height is the clutch pedal? Does it feel like it's pushing all the way down? Have a look at the pedal from below and make sure the white plastic bit hasn't punched it's way out of the back of the pedal.
  12. Online EKTA Beam: http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/LU/year/2003/drive_standart/231/hg_ug/500/subcategory/500025/part_id/3691642/lang/e Brakes: http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/LU/year/2003/drive_standart/231/hg_ug/615/subcategory/615065/part_id/3691680/lang/e Not the best but you'll soon figure it out.
  13. yeha

    SDI tuning...

    Rolling coal...
  14. Any one care to point me in the direction of a how to for the heater cable? Mine is stuck on cold. Heater cable is a bad combination for the search and there's nothing in the FAQ.
  15. It's great until you have a dodgy speed sensor. A mates Arosa locked him out one day whilst the engine was running. It was very funny when he rang me asking for help to decide which window to smash... I took him home for the spare key. I hate it and turned it off along with the single door unlock. If you want the windows to go up, just turn the key and hold it. Works for the down on unlock too.
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