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  1. I asked about premium membership a while ago. According to Matty its not run anymore.
  2. Generally in the UK. If both airbags go off it generally writes the car off in the UK. With the age of the lupo this is 100% the case now. As Mk2 says it can be fixed. Your best bet may be is to get a donor 1.4 lupo and swap the bits over (if you can find one).
  3. With regards to suspension. If you want to keep it reasonably oem but have it lowered. Vw used to do a kit which was a 25- 30mm lowering kit Part numberwas 6X0 071 676 it is not avalaible on hertiage though.
  4. I had issus with finding it on Gumtree. It was only when a friend found the link he sent it to me. Not sure why.
  5. lupo1.0se

    Scale Model

    There is a couple on Ebay (change link as i got confused with Arosa chassis numbers). I think this was the only one made tbh. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203823770045?hash=item2f74d7e9bd:g:~9oAAOSwnRpf7eiL
  6. I was reading elsewhre that they where checking on a 25 + year old car but doing it to the wrong standard (should of been euro 1 instead of euro 2)
  7. Cannot remember exactly. Front end damage if I recall
  8. Yes I have seen that and it about 3/4k over valued. It was advertised at 10k previously. Also no optional extras. The others that are for sale at the 10k mark are jap imports or a y reg with 70k (neither worth what they are asking)
  9. This is an issue for sure. Some have been moved over to hertiage where as other parts have not. Example. I can buy a front bumper (lower and upper) and grill. But yet i cannot buy the washer covers, lower covers or centre badge bits. I am tempted to buy a few more bits and put them away like yourself and i don't blame you either.
  10. That might be the one that was at Copart York. Begins with YD05*** or similar
  11. To update on the agreed value part. Option 1 turned out to be the easiest option by a long distance. Adrian Flux where happy to put the agreed value and what i wanted. Once i used there valuation service (for £15) they sent off several photos to hagerty and you can add information on what you spent on the car (eg paintwork etc, i did not include regular service stuff as that should be standard fare). and they came back with the same as the agreed value. Overall very happy about this.
  12. The Lupo GTi already kind of is going that way. It was not that long ago you could pick up a low mileage example for around £7000 (2/3 years ago). No chance now. Even now they are starting around the 3k mark for ones with Mileage etc.
  13. Thats a very rare car. There was only two made in 2005 in Anthracite. The other one was on Copart VERY recently.
  14. With regards to the dealers charging £1500. I guess the reason for that is due to the fox being not that great..... probably.
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