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  1. Lupo SE Autos are really rare. Only about 80 where ever on the road at one time. I would use another car. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/volkswagen_lupo_se_auto
  2. I am surprised ray you don't have a set of bbs 814.... These are the OE wheel option for the Gti in forgein markets (i wonder why we did not get these in the Uk?)
  3. Would be cool to see some pics of laser blue gti. They are pretty rare. Especially a 55 plate.
  4. In the past. Several around kent/essex way. Major shows include stonor park. Although the Gti won't be ready for it. There are some jobs that need doing which i need to attend too. I can provide a list of shows i am considerring.
  5. Any pictures of it? that would be nice
  6. I suggested for them too do this. YESSSSS
  7. Tip. Before painting. Keep in a dehuminified envirment. This will remove any trapped water inside of it. Mine has not bubbled up since. But i did keep it in this enviroment for about a year.
  8. The hose probably is split. Had this one my 1.0ltr lupo
  9. I have seen a couple of lupos with aftermarket sunroofs. One red gti and one dark green lupo. So it is possible. But the cost would not be worth while for the car you are looking for.
  10. Not well T58DBW - Scrapped in 2018 T61DBW - Scrapped in 2017 T63DBW - Scrapped in 2009 T65DBW - Sorned recently.
  11. Happy Birthday to the Vw Lupo. The first Vw Lupos where registered 20 years ago today. Out of the first 4 5 press cars to registered. Only one survives on the road today. Happy birthday T62DBW.
  12. lupo1.0se

    New member

    Hi and welcome The rarest colour is laser blue. There is one for sale on Facebook.
  13. Was there any plans to reinstate the wiki page?
  14. That's sad. Thanks Morgan for the heads up. I had the twin to this interior. It was 1 of 2 interior.
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