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  1. Not had this issue so i cannot advise. Sorry.
  2. also the rear mats are not even to the correct design
  3. i don't think this guy is based in the UK. Environmental requires is not something i have heard of being a issue in the UK
  4. "I have been desperately trying to source an unmolested GTI nationally with comparable condition/mileage and it seems that they just don't exist any more" Clearly you have not tried hard enough. There is one on auto trader that is newer in silver with ac asking less money than you are. (with a little bit more mileage) https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202012026718055?model=LUPO&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&radius=1500&advertising-location=at_cars&make=VOLKSWAGEN&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=tn254
  5. Green Centres L4UPO - 1.4tdi - Press car. Orignal plate unknown. Also known as Blue 1.4td L4UPO (colour photoshopped on, as described in the press car thread) Link to press car thread.
  6. Yellow Centres X376XJO/L3UPO - Sport - Press car. Link to the press car thread below BX51YCF - 1.7sdi - link to the sale thread. Was owneed by a member on here.
  7. Red centres. None are known at present. This is a placeholder for future information. Although the odd interior has been sold in the past.
  8. Ok so known cars Blue Centres Y216OAN - Blue Sport - link to thread Y584OAJ - Kams (interior not in the car anymore) - Sport - link to thread (interior was owned by Chris260) http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=30770 X757HKY - 1.4s - was a member on here. Link to thread below one other 1.4s was for sale in scotland back in 2013 but lost track of that car (might of been on here at one point Y171EDA - Sp3nny - 1.4tdi in black - bit of an odd ball one link to thread LT53WCW Gti - a bit of mistry this one as apperently it might of been
  9. Ok. I thought i'd create this very handy table of all the known colour concepts (colour etc). This list will be updated in due course if new information is found out about any car etc.
  10. Update time. So L3UPO has been found (that being the Yellow Colour Concept Lupo featured on top gear). Real reg is X376XJO Interestingly it appeared up on Facebook market place for £500. The previous owner was going to scrap the car but fortuantely they did not have the time and subsquently this car has since been saved. I have recently been made road worthy too. I have pictures of it too (will ask if i can use a couple on here)
  11. That is pretty nice i have to say (05 plate gti too). Also i think you could ask for more to be fair.
  12. join the club of trying to get parts for this. Do you know the part number? It might be on hertiage sector?
  13. AC was standard i believe. Looking at the sunroof pic closely it has a plastic bracket round it. Also it would be electric too (this does not look like it) and it does not fit flush. This one does look like a retro fit.
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