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  1. 1.4s - Don't know. Probably a retrim job by a retrimmers. SDI/Sport - Thats what i understand about the SDI that it does not exist. It is listed here (there is link above).
  2. Yes i am aware. The sport is X376XJO as mentioned on here. The 1.4s is a retrim done by someone. The head rests are wrong and the style is comptely wrong.
  3. Yes i saw that. It is a similar story to claireyfairy where the numberplate what bought on retention after vw used it. So it is not a press car per say. I forwarded this onto the owner of the Lupo sport that had L4UPO (T35DWL)
  4. I use android. It is really is honestly.
  5. The ones you "may" of seen might of been Jap imports. Being a import they would be priced slightly lower as you have to factor that in where insureing the car. There is a Red 51 plate on Autotrader (5 speed, 69k miles, no options) and they are asking £7500. Then the others that are around on ebay are around the £4500 to £5500 but have over 100000 miles. The black one being less as that has a after market sunroof fitted. Swings and roundabouts i say. But would say some may be reaching the £7000 mark now due to being not easy to find a low mileage one/rare options etc.
  6. I think it might be something with the forum software. I have similar issue on another forum (on tablet devices) where the ad pops up and you CANNOT close it. You have to go back and then click again.
  7. If you want to go OEM. You could get one of these. But you may need the code for it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Radio-Navigation-System-MCD-Passat-Golf-CD-Changer-Control/393190540725?hash=item5b8bfb85b5:g:rW4AAOSwSMRgTd5g
  8. Hi all. Is there any plans to update this. I have been getting quite lucky recently and got orignal Press relases for Lupos (UK). Many thanks
  9. Hi So what i ended up doing at the time was get a brand new spoiler. Leave in a nice dry dehumidified enviroment (for about a year) and the get it repainted and the issue has not reoccured. What i think has happned is when your new spoiler it must of been left in a damp ish enviroment and once heat applied etc the blisters/bubbles occured. I think the best way forward is to sand it down and again leave it in a dry dehumidified enviroment. Then prime/repaint one year later. I hope this helps.
  10. Not had this issue so i cannot advise. Sorry.
  11. also the rear mats are not even to the correct design
  12. i don't think this guy is based in the UK. Environmental requires is not something i have heard of being a issue in the UK
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