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  2. Where built 03/04 is when it changed.
  3. For your car it is a red. It should not have a B in the serial number to confirm that.
  4. Try here is a good starting point. Does it have any options? If the spoiler has bubbling thats common and was caused by the spoilers being left in primer in a damp environment in the factory.
  5. Spoilers - yes, this is a common issue. What happened was they where left at the factory primmed in damp environment. Absorbed the water, then sprayed then when warm the moisture came out. The only way to fix this is to buy a new spoiler (primed), leave in a house for a good 1 year (dehumified) then take it t the pain place. No problem since Third bake light. Mine went because the cable went, common issue that TPS provide a kit for. Unlucky on the alternators for sure. Exhuast on Sport/Gti is a centre system. This can be pricey to replace for a OEM one (for a rear box Gti is over £600 when i last looked). If it rattles the baffles are loose. GTi - production location changed in late 2003/early 2004. It it has a B in the serial number is a Belgium built. Earlier cars built in Wolfsberg. Minor detail differences include. Wolfsberg - Red i badge and 1.6 16v on the engine cover. Beligum built - Silver i badge and Gti on the engine cover. FSI - not sold in the UK, cannot run E10.
  6. The Lupo one is No longer avalaible from the dealer. (has been for years) Gti one. It depends where your car is built. If it has a B in the Vin thats a belgium car (generally 04ish onwards), so you need a Silver i over a red i
  7. Tried both the parts on the hertiage DB and they are not avalaible on there at present. I may be worth phoning? What i have found is only "some" of the part numbers have been transferred accross. No idea why all of them could not of been. https://classic.heritagepartscentre.com/?DisplayPage=1
  8. OY02JCJ? I thin it was on collecting car auctions. lots of pics.
  9. Thank you for the sharing the pcitures john. Already got the toy bear as it turns out!
  10. Hi I might be interested in some of the parts. Especially the lupo teady. Do you have a pic of it? Or prices of each parts? Many thanks
  11. Ok So my thoughts on this. Things it needs for sure Slam panel Crash bar pasenger head light Front bumper (upper) Bonnet Rear bumper boot lid grill passenger side lamp washer jet cover Parts it "May" need Drivers head lamp Spoiler (if it has bad bubbling) radiator raditator fan Front bumper (lower) - looks ok from the photos? bonnet catch bonnet cable release Some bits are easier to get than others. Tail gate is a standard lupo item (not aluminum). Where as where it will get troublesome is the bonnet as the geninue aluminum ones have not been stocked by Vw for well over a decade (suprised that was not picked up when assesing the car, but i am not sure the assesor would have full knowledge of these cars). In terms of parts valvue. For just over £1000 that is not bad considdering that the doors and wings are good. Also interior looks in good shape. Then to considder the mechanical stuff like a 6 speed gear box etc. It is probably is worth that if not more in bits.
  12. lupo1.0se

    My new car

    Yes thats the one.
  13. lupo1.0se

    My new car

    Just looked this one up. Might even have a pic of its orignal plate. Its a 05 plate sunroof car which is very rare (i should know i have one). Been keeping track of these to help with with my car. There is one up for sale with sunroof, ac and side air bags. Also on a 05 but more mileage.
  14. 1.4s - Don't know. Probably a retrim job by a retrimmers. SDI/Sport - Thats what i understand about the SDI that it does not exist. It is listed here (there is link above).
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