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  1. I cut a hole big enough to put new nuts back in then use a thick plate reweld it up and cover it up with black paint to tidy it up and ive just had the subframe aligned today and they never had a problem with them
  2. You can try pry the door open at the top and use a wire coat hanger with a loop at the end and pull the door handle or the pin that pops up when it unlocks if it has one that is.. Just an idea never had to do it but have seen it done before
  3. Welcome to the club. My lupo is rattley i use thicker oil to make it a tad quieter
  4. Thanks @mk2 i feel like most people dont like cups since they are common on lupos
  5. So i finally got round to cleaning my ats cups after 2 years of road grime using a buffing wheel and lots of elbow grease, the center caps need replacing. Tyre gel works nice for a perfect finish. But they come up nicely i thought they were done for tbh. yeah they are not the best condition anymore but still pop a nice shine in the sunlight. The whole car needs a good machine polish to remove some questionable marks that mr pigeon has left me. I wanted to have white walls but they get scuffed up and will be dirty living in Scotland If anyone has tips and know-how to make my paint shine better would be gratefully appreciated 😀
  6. Try change the temperature sensor my lupo used to stutter and run roughly then I changed that out and it run smooth again since it was telling the car it was still cold or hot making it not fire correctly
  7. Not much in performance tbh but a fresh air filter and new spark plugs wont go a miss change the oil and oil filter. But depending on what liter it is you wont feel much difference performance
  8. Ive done the inlet swap and felt a much better response when driving
  9. Is it when you lift the clutch up or do you have the clutch down then select the gear ive never heard mine do anything like that you can adjust the clutch under the hood if so maybe a sign of your clutch on its way out
  10. Thanks guys ill have a look at fitting one soon since i don't trust it on my street since i overheard some people talking about it made me and my partner a bit concerned for it even though its parked outside my bedroom window every night
  11. Hi guys Im thinking about putting a kill switch in the car so if it was ever to be stolen or anything it cant start where would be the best place to hide a switch or fit something that emobilizes the car when im not driving it Any advice would be grate thanks.
  12. I have the hose but they didn't come with the banjo bolts so thats what im looking for.
  13. In a few days im changing the flexible hose to the calipers but i need new banjo bolts as mine are rotten and wont be refitting them anyone know where i can get any online or the size would be appreciated thank you
  14. Hi guys not been on here for a bit but new problem i have a 1.4s 16v and after its been raining my car wont start the first time but will on the second but when i drive it stutters and wants to cut out but i put the revs up and it will be fine and after i have been driving it will run fine ive just had a new battery so it cant be that any help will be much appreciated thanks
  15. Hahaha you lad I've got new shafts on the way now just gonna go through a process of elimination to be honest the car needs the tlc as I've been doing a lot of miles lately so new parts are well welcome to be fitted on in my opinion lol 🤘🏻
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