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  1. BioTriffid

    Red lupo Kinross services Scotland

    Red lupo standard steel wheels
  2. BioTriffid

    P1570 fault immobiliser help?

    Same fault code keeps coming up I'm gonna try another ecu and change a few sensors I'll keep looking into it if it keeps repeating
  3. BioTriffid

    P1570 fault immobiliser help?

    So the car is running but fine drives ok but pulling up to lights or junction it will. Start to judder and struggle to pull away also the revves get stuck in 2000rpm range but one's it gets up to speed it will run fine again.
  4. BioTriffid

    P1570 fault immobiliser help?

    I don't have a back up key unfortunately
  5. BioTriffid

    P1570 fault immobiliser help?

    So today the car run and cut out for 2 - 3 seconds so I put a diagnostic on and the code P1570 immobiliser come up I cleared the code car run fine but then I turned it off and back on it come back with the same problem of cutting out so I took the battery off for 30 minutes it was clear again but has come back again any help possible any fixes I can do will be much appreciated thanks
  6. BioTriffid

    Wanted lupo bonnet carpet

    Hi I'm looking for a bonnet carpet/sound proofing with clips for my lupo. I'm located in Dundee Scotland any help to find one will be very appreciated thank you
  7. BioTriffid

    My lupo Update

    So its been a while since ive posted a photo of my lupo so heres a few recent photos its not the best looking but its my car and what i think i should put on it to make it stand out from the rest
  8. BioTriffid


    I hope it's just a gearbox that's off a 1ltr or something because it shouldn't be doing what it is. I'll look for the codes tomorrow and post them with a photo
  9. BioTriffid


    Hi guys Just have a question I've had my car since September and I've been driving it for a while now and it's hard to explain the problem. If I'm doing 70mph the Revs are very high 4000-4500 rpm. I'm thinking at some point it's had a wrong gearbox fitted to it and wondered if anyone could help me out. If needed ill get a video of the clocks Thank you Kieran
  10. BioTriffid

    Speedo problem

    Oh right I know exactly what wire you mean thanks
  11. BioTriffid

    Speedo problem

    Hi guys Just recently my speedo has stopped working and yesterday my fuel gauge keeps going on and off. Any ideas of any electrical faults that may cause this?? Thank you Kieran
  12. BioTriffid

    Thule Roof Fairing

    Ok thanks I can clip it to any roof rack tho?
  13. BioTriffid

    Thule Roof Fairing

    Hi guys What's the correct size Thule roof fairing for a lupo? Im gonna get one soon and a roof rack Thanks Kieran
  14. BioTriffid

    silicone hoses?

    Wheres the best place to get all the silicone hoses for a 1.4s 16v lupo engine? Ive been looking online and cant seem to find any. But can buy hose and make it myself, but id like to just buy the proper kit. thanks kieran
  15. BioTriffid

    What is this plug

    Thank you guys Kieran

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