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    Hello from Kent

    3Ls are very rare here in the uk, usually a personal import i believe. You might get lucky though... You can pick up a good SDI still if you wait as they do come up every now and then. Lots of neglected cars about though, that usually get scrapped... good ones hold their value like Gtis. welcome to CL
  2. Did the PIN code, which is related to the rice grain chip in the key start with a 0? Curious to know if they are 4 digits still. Actually... just had a thought. With VAG commander or other ROM code dump utility, you could download the ROM and see if you can find your code sequence in the memory sequence. Then with that info, the common memory address location of all Lupos could be found... we could all get our SKCs. The 8 digit code is the wireless remote central locking code I think. That may also be extractable the same way as the SKC...? What do I know. Just speculating!
  3. I get the general impression from reading stuff on the German Lupo club (https://lupoclub.de/forum/) that once you've managed to extract the SKC (=secure key code, I think), which is a 4 digit number, you can do stuff... VW HQ Milton Keynes used to provide you the code if you could prove you were the legal owner of the car. But not since about 2006 sadly. When you buy a new vdub, the number is provided on a plastic keyfob thing with a scratch card type thing. Or used to be. My mk4 had it tucked into the user manual wallet thing. Almost binned it until I discovered what it was... most handy. But there are a number of SKC extraction apps out there. Not found one that works on a Lupo.... Yet....
  4. Been told that they use OBD port to pair up keys and RKE. So obviously a question of the right software, nothing else...
  5. Guessing M8? You want the copper types...
  6. mk2

    My Lupo GTI

    Sounds like a how-to is needed here....
  7. More SDI pics? Yeah that engine in the mk4 is a beaut. Really is. Shame about the bodywork on early mk4s. Same as my mk4. It's probably going to need welding this year. Both sills, all the way from front to back. Probably cheaper and easier to get another. Plus VED is expensive.
  8. Yeah, you've got a short between the run on supply and the motor supply. You know, when you turn off the stalk before the wipers have reached their parking position- there's a switch inside the wiper motor always connected to ign +12v which ensures that the wipers return to their parked position, even after the wiper stalk has set them to off.
  9. mk2

    My Lupo GTI

    Gorgeous. Cant wait to see it with the refurbed wheels on. Inside looks immac. Nice. Most difficult bit to restore... 👍🏻 Make sure the agreed insurance value is right or if it gets nicked or busted up, you may only get just over a grand for it. Worth at least 3k I'd reckon.
  10. Strong little car... Must have been fun getting that wing off. Was that rim damaged? I'm looking for a set of those 6 spokes...
  11. Good job. So I'm guessing you worked from below, then jacked it up?
  12. mk2

    VW lupo 1.0

    Wow, someone's been busy. if fan works, then can only be ign switch, power relay, fuse or fan control switch. Unlikely to be wiring loom. Does the radio and headlight power come on when you switch on ign? If yes, then the relay is ok. So most likely the fuse. I've never seen a fan control switch fail, but it is possible. oh, and welcome to Club Lupo!
  13. Use the injectors from the AFH, but I would guess that they are the same capacity. If your new engine has been modded, then everything I've said is rubbish! You'll be on your own....
  14. Yeah (and SDI without a turbo=same). My guess is emissions are exactly the same because the injector nozzles are the same on a PD system. Fuel control? Mmm, give or take a millisecond at high revs, I can't see that affecting much. More fuel in a diesel usually means more power, but yeah, you're right- if they inject fractionally earlier or later, it will affect smoke levels a bit. But then again, the timing control on VE system is pretty accurate too (sensed through injector 3 pickup), and adjusted via the PWM solenoid on the side on the pump. The main things I don't like about PD, apart from the extra cam stresses and belt issues, is the fact that open bare wiring is bathed in engine oil. Not really a problem if it's clean or new, but you know what custard is like from lots of short start stop cycles. Very corrosive, acidic and has high levels of moisture. Not clever. Had a to fix a 3 cyl PD polo the other day where the wire to an injector solenoid had gone open circuit because of custard side effects.
  15. I'm just guessing here as I don't know anyone that has ever done this mod. But the 2 engines are basically the same, as are all the sensors. I think the crank sensor pulse output is the same too, so crank to cam timing should be the same and the ecu won't notice any difference. My guess is that everything else will simply swap over. The coil pack system without a dizzy will always be superior, since ignition timing control is more precise. @Rich may have worked on both at the same time, so will know if there are any big differences. I don't think (doubt) the cam profiles are much different, so you won't even need a remap.
  16. Nice repair. Don't forget to bung a load of goop inside it too... I'd love to see the footage from the other cars. Seeing a skoda charging straight at you in those conditions. No fun.
  17. Swap the coil pack over. Block the hole for the dizzy. Bin the dizzy. Done. Use the AHW ecu and loom. It will work fine.
  18. Use the loom from the broken engine. It will be easier
  19. You'll need to reverse engineer everything. I'd try swapping wiring over and just use the existing electronics. Make the car think it still has the old engine in...
  20. I need convincing that there is an advantage with the PD or pump injection system compared to the electronically controlled rotary distributor type pump. I can't see it. I recently worked on both the old VE rotary pump as used on the SDI and golf TDI (1.9), and the 'newer' PD engines and simply don't get it. Personally I'd say the PD isn't as reliable since they are under much higher stress and they are exposed to higher temperatures, the wiring is inside the engine, plus diesel can leak into the oil. With the rotary system, everything is immersed in diesel, keeping components clean, lubricated and cool. No leaking diesel into oil. Wiring is only immersed in diesel, not potentially dirty or custard mixed engine oil. They both pressurise the diesel using a cam, pushing in a plunger piston. They both vary the delivery quantity by electronically adjusting the timing of a release port. They both adjust the start of injection by using electronic valve control. The nozzles that squirt the fuel in, are identical 5 hole injectors for both systems. The pressure levels in the injectors reach the exact same 300 bar limit as set by the injector pin lift springs. Anyone?
  21. If the cops successfully prosecute the skoda driver, that'll put all the responsibility on him/her. So in theory, both @Sausage and the tigra driver should end up with no financial loss. If I were @Sausage, I'd meet up with the Tigra driver and discuss options. Probably not allowed, but who's gonna find out...? Two people putting a claim against one should work better? What do I know...?! I don't know if the two near miss drivers stopped and handed over contact details. That'd help too I guess to strengthen any case, and help the cops.
  22. There's a fair bit of work there. You'll need a continuous seam weld all round- underneath will be fun! I absolutely hated every minute welding my subframe. With the wire/cable/gas feed coming out of the handle, working in such a tight space was tricky, with all those angles. Angle grinder time!
  23. mk2


    Have you measured if there's enough running clearance to the arch edges, with full suspension travel? Depending on your tyre choices, you might get away with it. Spacers are available, but your wheel bearings and steering components will be under more stress. Plus, with spacers, the full lock turning circle geometry will be different, so the inside edges of the tyres will scrub badly. It'll be fun in summer in supermarket car parks. Loads of tyre squeal at low speed
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