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  1. mk2

    My new Lupo is broken 😔

    All cars go wrong. It's just a machine. The more faults that are fixed, the more reliable and better the car will be. ECUs rarely go wrong and wiring faults are the biggest problems on all modern cars, so once fixed, you should be fine. Usually it's pretty obvious where the cause of the fault originated when you pull a car to bits to fix it. Worth asking for their opinion what the cause may have been. Source of the leak and corroded wire? Sometimes it's a rare manufacturing fault that has been festering for years and decides to fail just at the wrong time, but more often it's "expert" mechanics that do the most damage. You go in to fix the car and immediately it becomes very obvious that some grease monkey has been in there before and completely messed everything up. And now it needs fixing... properly. When my clients bring their cars in and I find a grease monkey problem, I always take pics to show them what caused it. And then again once fixed properly. You'll be fine. Just enjoy the car...
  2. mk2

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Yeah it's the grey foam... There's a pic of my fix in here: https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/99888-had-a-small-leak-and-found-this/ but when you do replace it, don't keep the new 'seal' as drum tight as I did. It does need to go into the door recesses as the door panels push into it.
  3. How did you do the stitching?
  4. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yeah, they are the same as polo wheels. What does it say on the inside of your fuel door? (Wheel sizes)
  5. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yes, but.... the overall diameter of the wheels and tyre combination works out the same for all combos listed inside the fuel door. So (here's my plea for mercy...), for rough potholed roads like we have around where I live, it makes sense to have a deeper profile tyre. And being an SDI tractor, handling isn't critical. Anyone convinced?
  6. mk2

    Lupo SE auto gearbox wiring plug

    There's a tiny little tab that you need to lift out of a slot, then turn...
  7. Brexit isn't going to happen any time soon because Barnier said that it's gonna be this deal (the 600 page thing he held up) or no deal. And the only deal on the table is that deal, which uk gov isn't agreeing with so... long wait! Completely bored with brexit....
  8. mk2

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    I reckon you could get away with the conversion without anyone really knowing... same box, same engine. Just manual controls now. It would be a nice one to own. Then, I'd also try and convert to RHD...
  9. MANN filters are good.
  10. mk2

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Yeah, 100% of lupos have that joint go at some time. Central spindle of rear wiper motors also go eventually...
  11. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Yeah, mine run 175/65/r13s...
  12. mk2

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    A non modifier/restorer... you'll be popular on here! Same as me. sounds like a complete respray will be needed. Most of the items are relatively easy to sort. I'm curious why the steering is off, but could be as simple as tyres or pressures? If the driver's seat is worn, do what I do and source a passenger seat cover from Ebay germany. Passenger seats once cleaned come up like brand new. Go here- https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0 we have a few german members on here that might be willing to help,for a few extra euros oh, and welcome to CL!
  13. mk2

    Lupo GTI

    Hey hey! Mmm, nice indeed. would love to see some shots of the suspension setup. oh, and welcome to CL!
  14. mk2

    SDi Daily fantasia with added turbo

    Be interesting to see how much material you need to remove. Although, you might get away with it if you go under the LHS crash member. But, if everything shifts to the left, you'll be messing with half shafts. I'll be interested in what the final solution ends up being
  15. mk2

    AVY / ARC Wiring Diagram

    It's a zip file. Even works on an ancient ipad i was given!
  16. What are you using for the timing reference marks? Is the VVT at zero/depressurised /off when you check the timing?
  17. mk2

    Brake light switch/left foot braking

    Yeah same on all lupos as far as i know. You'll need to isolate the ECU from the brake switch. But it is there as an economy and safety function in case the DBW throttle goes crazy.
  18. Firstly welcome to club lupo more than one fault by the sounds of it... first guess is cambelt jumped a tooth. vacuum leak somewhere. not sure about 17911 just yet. Odd. plug in the o2 sensor. Or replace it.
  19. mk2

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    For the RHD version, i'd guess you could use a standard pedal box. I bet the gear linkage from a standard lupo 085 box could be used inside the car, with a gearbox cable bracket the same as the SDI bracket that bolts to the bell housing bolt. That's the easiest bit of the conversion. ...yeah, you'd still need to get around the turbine controls. My preference would be to use the stock ECU map, and somehow, yeah 'somehow' disable the automatic gear shifting and throttle control. Absolutely no idea how you'd even begin that without the address tables inside the ECU. Ah, unless it'd possible to somehow suck out the standard map from the stock eCU and load it into the tdi ecu...? certainly an engineering challenge. Be nice when done though as everything would be almost 100% stock.
  20. mk2

    Audible alert when lights on and doors open

    New chip... soldering needed. Tricky. Easier to change cluster.
  21. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    @oprn , what engine code do you have?
  22. mk2

    Audible alert when lights on and doors open

    Instrument cluster fault...
  23. mk2

    Audible alert when lights on and doors open

    Does it make a sound when you leave the lights on and remove the ignition key? it should...
  24. mk2

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Hmm, sounds like a power supply to engine cut out thing... Not sure if the Jap cars have the same setup, but, there's a power relay that provides 12v to the ECU and engine loom when ignition is on. They are known to fail (contacts give up). Vibration (a lot on your roads I'm guessing!), can make things happen faster/sooner. It's usually next to/behind the fuse box. Simply unplugs- about US$5 on fleabay. But ignition switches/key barrel can cause same symptoms. And they are also a known thing. But then the dash goes blank for a moment, which is the tell-tale.

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