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  1. A bit of heatshrink lasts about 6 months as a temporary fix... The noise comes from the hole in the strap becoming too big from wear. Yeah the ebay types work ok. Same as OEM. I think they are OEM. Add a couple of drops of thread lock to the two threads on that strap bolt
  2. @C3peteo x1 plus the others. Ah cr@p, this is turning into a production run thing now. Should have kept my mouth shut and let everyone suffer... 😳 I'm gonna attempt making my first copy later this week. I've got everything ready, but ran out of time today. It wouldn't be that hard to CAD this, but machining up a decent 2 part tool and plug wouldn't be cheap. Precision CAM facilities charge about £400 an hour. Plus coding and materials. So perhaps £2k which certainly makes it not worth it for the likes of us "hobbyists". I paid £14 for the vdub original old stock part. Much more
  3. Bloodyhell! That woodland country lane pic is amazing! I didn't think red is a good colour for a gti, but you've just changed my mind. More poses please. Superb. 👍🏻
  4. Very nice. Look after it! Get it valued and secured. 👍🏻 Good choice on the gearbox. The 5 speed is generally accepted to be a stronger box than the 6. I don't know why they just stuck another cog on the shaft end like that, with only the cover to support it... What wheels are they? Cool. oh, and welcome to club lupo!
  5. Nothing you can't sort out I'd guess.... Is importing RHD Jap cars a thing in Canada? It seems relatively common here in the UK, as they drive on the same side as the UK. But in Canada? This broker is Canadian... for Jap cars. Seems so odd. It's like you see a fair few yank tanks in Europe (with mods to make them comply with EU rules), as they drive on the same side of the road. A "left hooker" is generally worth a fair bit less here in the UK. Wouldn't you prefer a German car, or even better from southern Spain, where there's little rain and no winter road salt? Your Lu
  6. Now stop it. You have enough Lupos! I mean, where is the next nearest to your's on your side of the planet? If you do get another, it just has to be the left hand drive version, so you can run it against all those tanks out there (and win). It wouldn't look any different to being on a german autobahn then. I wouldn't worry about the fuel rating. There's a knock sensor which tweaks the ignition point. But ultimately, if it can't pull in the timing at wide open throttle, you could just bung in a restrictor ring to choke it a bit. Or add a resistor to the temp sensor to make it slightly
  7. You know old vdub air cooled engines have those weird heat exchanger things to provide interior heat (never worked on one)- do they provide enough heat for the inside, when it's like -30c outside? God, I can't imagine such cold. Even the vinyl seats would crack... everything would go so brittle. How do you deal with such cold when you get into a car thats been left overnight outside? (Unless you have a block heater of course).
  8. Same. Where are you? Welcome to club lupo Pics?
  9. My fav SDI-t on CL Actually I think it's the only one in the UK. I really need to do this. It's such a sleeper project. Also noticed that you have the exact same philips hifi as in two of my SDIs... They are good. 👍🏻
  10. Agreed. Soooo jealous. Lupo ride then pleasure flight. Does it get any better than this?
  11. I would like to but how...? Then we could CAM a new mould from aluminium/steel. The inside part of the mould I made with a steel tube and fibre reinforced epoxy resin (chemfix). Very smooth surface. The two outside halves are made using sand and cement. Very strong but a few tiny air bubbles. I tapped the soft cement a lot to get most of the air out, but there are still some tiny holes. Maybe the beeswax will fill them. You can still see the part number in the cement! 👍🏻
  12. Nice. A desirable little motor.
  13. Yeah I need to try it out with some silicone, polyurethane or EPDM rubber. When I get the time.... It looks good, so if I get the release agent right (I'm going to try liquid beeswax), I think I should be able to make a few copies for Club lupo members before the mould wears out. I'm going to make 3 for me first. interested people so far: @mk2 x3 @battlebus x1 @hansschuman x1
  14. Don't use injectors from a 1.9, as it'll run with more smoke and MOT fail... Been there. Done that. Much more power though. "Rolling coal" Someone on here is breaking a 1.7, two actually. They might be willing to part with a set. I do have a set of perfect 1.9 injectors if you really insist. I'd be happy for a straight swap for the 1.7 variety. Welcome to club lupo Pic of car?
  15. Yeah alright... like- colour, headlining (a lot), ride height (when parked-no air pressure!), wheels, front end (although I'd complete that properly), tailgate, rear bumper setup. Air ride (I would sell it on air, and up the price). not- vinyl wrapping, inside completely different colour to outside, sump having been changed (any damage to oil pump/chain/balance shaft, hidden rust? Now if it wasn't a wrap, but a proper custom colour job (including inside and engine bay), with a stock, mint interior, I reckon that'd be worth at least £3.5. I'd buy it.
  16. Nice. Respect. 👍🏻 Approved
  17. Yep, @weslangdon is absolutely correct The amount of money you need to spend to enhance your lupo a decent amount would be more than simply buying a more expensive car. It's not easy modding most modern era cars ('96 or later) bacause the manufacturers have already tried to max everything out. Smaller engines, higher levels of tuning already. If electric cars weren't the "in" thing, I reckon we'd soon be seeing 0.4 litre engines that chuck out 100hp... Ford have done some very clever stuff with their tiny engines, so much so that even the Americans are using european design stuff.
  18. No easy way out if it has broken. There is a mod you can do, but the spray moves with the arm. Stupid design, just to be cool.
  19. Happy new year to everyone who hits the 'all activity' tab to read the latest! Yeah the relay should be marked 109, unless someone has replaced it with a lower power version. It's not just Lupos where they fail (Golfs, Jettas, Passats etc). Have a read, saves me saying it all again here: https://forums.tdiclub.com/index.php?threads/relay-109-main-power-supply-fuse.31070/ Once you've removed the cover panels, the fuse panel folds out of the way to allow acess. You'll see the 'hinge' point in grey plastic. You need to use a hair dryer to make those wires a bit more flexible in th
  20. It might be that the pipe has simply popped off the spigot. I've seen that a few times on various vdubs of the same generation now. If it is, pop it back on and wrap some solid wire around it with a pair of pliers or something so it's nice and tight. After I rebuilt one of my Lupos, I recently had the exact same issue with screen wash pouring out of the tailgate into the wheel well. First thought was same as you- "Damned vdub rear wiper motors!"- It was just that it had come off... Although @LR5V is right- hopefully not the little brass tube running up the centre of the wiper shaft-
  21. mk2


    There's no advantage changing anything (other than block EGR and add a sump gas divertor), as the turbo limits the max boost you get. Even if the air filter is old and blocked... For any significant gain you need to remap.
  22. I dunno. But I know from various part numbers I've seen, they do reuse a lot of early components in newer cars. I guess vdub engineers ask the question "why reinvent the wheel when we already have a working design?". They literally must have a warehouse with shelves and shelves of a each single part on display that the guys can have a wander around until they find something that is a close match to what they need. Then they'd simply need to slightly alter any new component to work. I did that once upon a time... I've even seen original old beetle components on the newest vdub cars. But th
  23. mk2

    Breaking SDI

    What's the problem with the box...? I wonder if it'd be fixable.
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