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  1. Does anyone have a decent o/s/f wing for a non-gti lupo, preferably in D1B Yellow. May also need a bonnet and a N/S door in yellow too. Thanks in advance!
  2. Recently bought a 2002 Lupo 1.0. Looked good, but has had a few minor problems that I've been steadily sorting. Most annoying has been the noisy door clicking caused by the failed bushes in the door check straps. Was inspired by excellent posting http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/95868-how-to-ghetto-fix-long-term-fix-checkstraps-without-buying-a-new-pair/?hl=%2Bcheck+%2Bstrap to try and fix without spending the £50 that it would take to get two replacement check straps, but did it a little differently. First Try Basically followed the earlier post using some plastic spacers that I had which were conveniently close enough to required size to let me sand them down by a mm or so to get a tight fit.Worked and doors opened and closed quietly, but there was still a little play in pin that attaches the check strap to the car body. Worried that this play would ultimately lead to the same type of failure that the standard part suffers from.Decided that I needed to find a better option for the bush replacement so had a look for a metal alternative.Solution Was able to fix without removing the check straps, but because one of the straps was loose decided to remove it to fix.Removed all of the remnants of the original plastic bushes and cleaned up the partThe replacement bush needs to have 12mm outer diameter, 6mm inner diameter and 8mm height. Found a brass replacement, OB061208, at 88p each. Purchased from Amazon, cheaper delivery that the home website of the supplier. http://www.amazon.co.uk/OB061208-Plain-Oilite-Bearing-Bush/dp/B00DEDEURE/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1377118325&sr=1-1&keywords=OB061208Bush was going to be a little big, so 5 minutes with sandpaper to take a little off the diameter. Checked the pin fitting. Was perfect, rotates freely, but zero play.Used a vice to force the first bush into the check strap. Worked, but decided to give the sandpaper an extra few minutes for the second bush and was able to get it into the check strap in-situ without need for a vice.Fitted check strap, secured pin and greased.Result An absolutely perfect fix that I think will survive as long as the car. Now onto next job, replacing the lambda sensor. Colin.
  3. The passengers side door handle has broken at the top lug which fits in a hole in the door panel. It IS an MOT fail, and you have to replace the entire door panel (because the handle is not available separately from VW ) at a cost of £73.00!!!!! Does anyone have a clever fix for this?
  4. Last night I went to close my driver side door and it wouldn’t budge at all, the door has always been heavy but recently there has been a crunching noise when it closes (I just assumed because the car is old and the doors are heavy) then when I went to close it last night there was no movement all and I’ve head to leave the die wide open
  5. Went to drive to college earlier today and once I got In the car I tried to close the door and the door flung back open and won’t close it seems it’s not latching on for some reason and there is a rattle on the inside of my door when I try and close it and was wondering if this is common and if there is a fix for it. the door locks but I have to hold it closed and lock the door can anyone help ???
  6. So I drove my car into two posts like an idiot. I've dented the drivers side wing and also scratched the passenger sides door/panel behind the door. Looking at picking up a wing on Friday for £30. Any idea how to replace it? I've tried to search on here but keep getting errors I've attached photos to show what I mean. Any other solutions to this would be great, I'm all ears.
  7. Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get driver and passenger interior door handles for a good price as the only ones I can find are £40 - £50!!! Or if anyone is selling some or even the whole door cards. Thanks Jamie
  8. Hi So I have a 2000 lupo and I was wondering if anyone has swapped the doors for lupo gti doors and if it is just a simple swap.
  9. Anyone have a spare gear knob? Round style. Also Interior Door Handles Lupo or Arosa in Black. It's for a Mk1 Arosa. Based in Northern Ireland but happy to pay postage.
  10. Hi all, I've just ordered some proper funky dice door lock pull pins, I was just wondering are the original ones on by thread or glue? Cheers, Luke
  11. Does anyone know where i can find these clips from? Not sure of their name either so cant find any anywhere! I could do with about 10 Thanks in advance
  12. Have an Arosa interior for sale (minus seats)..... from a car that has done 32,000 miles! £75 (ONO) for the lot. Open to offers. Based in Northern Ireland. Prices do not include postage. Willing to travel/deliver within reason. Door cards, carpet, rear plastics etc. everything's there, all like new Pm for details Thanks for looking.
  13. Hello just wondered if anyone could point me in a direction to get window winders for a lupo 1.0 sorry if this topic has already been covered thanks in advance for any help danny
  14. Hi my door stay is broken I've had to remove the bolt that holds it onto the cars body. The part that is attached to the car looks as if some form of welding had snapped. Will this cause MOT fail or not. Thanks
  15. Hi, I was thinking about buying some Pioneer TS-G1731I 17 cm door speakers. I pulled my old speakers out and it looks like the standard size is 5.5". I was just wondering if it's possible to fit these with adaptors? Cheers, Chris
  16. Just a quick post.... I was having lots of trouble with water getting in my passenger footwell for ages until I realised the problem... This is a post for everyone else to consider when they are searching for a water leak problem! Basicaly, When the door speakers were mounted to the cars from new, they used rivets and the back of the mooting plates were SEALED to the inside of the door. This prevents the water that is designed to get into the door, coming in the car and simply drains out the holes in the bottom of the door. So when you get your lovely Lupo and someone (the previous owner to mine) has decided to put some s**t aftermarket c**py speakers in instead, make sure you check they're nicely fitted and sealed in some form... Its also not good to use MDF for adaptor plates, as they love water and then your car will be damp... use plastic. Or just get some of the original speakers and fit them, which is what I intend to do! The other benefit of the originals is they had some protection on the back to stop the rear connections going rusty and corroded. Makes me sad that the previous owner also used wood screws to fit his speakers whats wrong with people like that! Hope this helps.
  17. I am wondering is there a way to remove the plastic protection trim that is attached to the outside of the door to protect from people banging your door? If so can some body explain how to take it off please? Thanks
  18. I am wondering how to take the door panel off on my lupo, I'm looking to get rid of a dent and don't really wanna pay the price for it. Any pictures or videos would be a great help Thanks
  19. The interior light is not coming on when the passenger door is opened... I know about the microswitch problem as I have already replaced it once but surely it can't be that already after only a few months?
  20. Ok, so I want to replace the standard front door speakers on my 1.4 Lupo and I have a few questions.... 1. What size speakers can I fit in there? 2. Can anyone suggest some speakers from experience? 3. How difficult are they to replace? Thanks from Lewis
  21. I have recently purchased a 2000 vw lupo 1.7 s sdi and the passenger door is missing the door handle pull is snapped and I was looking to replace it, it's the grey colour plastic handle If anyone has an ideas where I could purchase one? Or if anyone has a spare could they let me know please? Thanks
  22. The rubber washer on the passenger check strap is worn through so it's clunking Drivers door has dropped so I'm thinking pins(?) can anyone help on first steps new check strap? new washer (seen the layered shrink wrap version)? new door pins? should I replace all round? Is there and stronger than OEM door hinges made for lupos
  23. took my interior light out, changed the bulb, and put it back. the light still works when pushed to 'on' but when central (door open light) it doesn't come on not sure what the problem is, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I have one big problem with my electric window on the driver side. Yes, i know that there is alot of threads out there with the same problem but i've tryed almost everything .. The window on the driverside had no problem going down, but never up. Not a singel itch of working when i pressed the button. Everytime i had to go over on the passagerside, put the key and turn and hold .. and whips the window went up. Almost 2 years had passed and i told my self, now i need to get this thing fixed. Ended up with the motor gave up and went to heaven .. Well well, a new electric motor and 275£ less money on the account i finally would get this thing working .. But with my luck, of course i would have the same problem! What now? Drove to VW dealer and orderd a new button .. 2 days later the time was in .. i replace the old button with a new one and pressed the button .. the windows went down, no problem. Pressed so it would go up, nothing. The window went down again .. tested the new button for the passager side, no problem. Up and down .. perfect. But the driverside only goes down .. dosent matter if i press up or down .. I haven't checked the electric yet .. Anyone who has a clue whats the problem?
  25. Hi, after attempting to cover my door cards in leather vinyl, I decided it wasn't going to work. I then thought that flocked door cards would look better, what does anyone else think? Does anyone know any that does it cheap? Thanks
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