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  1. The bush is tight when fitted. It shouldn't move, although I guess there would be no issue if it moved a little. My sanding probably took no more than a fraction of a mm off. I'd have probably been able to force in with a vice with no sanding, but I thought that light sanding would remove a little of the diameter and also polish up the outer edge a little, hopefully making it easy to get the bush in. I did the second check strap while it was still fitted to the door so gave it a bit more of an aggressive sand, checking as I went until was able to force the bush in with my fingers. Could h
  2. Brass bushes and repaired check strap ready for refitting.
  3. Recently bought a 2002 Lupo 1.0. Looked good, but has had a few minor problems that I've been steadily sorting. Most annoying has been the noisy door clicking caused by the failed bushes in the door check straps. Was inspired by excellent posting http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/95868-how-to-ghetto-fix-long-term-fix-checkstraps-without-buying-a-new-pair/?hl=%2Bcheck+%2Bstrap to try and fix without spending the £50 that it would take to get two replacement check straps, but did it a little differently. First Try Basically followed the earlier post using some plastic spacers tha
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