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  1. Thank you for your suggestion cj1, but I don't know where the missing lug went- probably fell outside the car when my oversized passenger opened the door breaking the handle without me realising! The amount of stress on the lug in use is quite high, so I doubt glue would work, neither do I know what plastic is used. It may be ABS . Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for your suggestion mk2 but I don't think that will do it. The actual top lug of the handle has broken off (plastic!) and the handle is being held by the bottom lug only, so I need somehow to replace the top lug with something. I can drill into the place where the lug was and try to fit a bolt or something instead, but I was hoping someone had already found a cheap way of fixing it! All the best!
  3. The passengers side door handle has broken at the top lug which fits in a hole in the door panel. It IS an MOT fail, and you have to replace the entire door panel (because the handle is not available separately from VW ) at a cost of £73.00!!!!! Does anyone have a clever fix for this?
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