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  1. oh yeah I checked the car over thoroughly when I got it, and only having 82k on the clock, with only 3 previous owners with one of them being a granny, it hasnt been thrashed at all, so by the sounds of things I shouldn't be worrying about the problems! I should start upgrading stuff then! woo
  2. because I dont want anything going wrong on my baby haha
  3. alright yeah I've seen quite alot of things on here about the pedal box! oh god!
  4. have you been using the window recently? it may just be jammed? or maybe the motor has just packed up on you? not sure how much they're to get?
  5. what/if any are the common faults with lupo 1.7 s sdi? just wanted to know for the future if things start to go wrong for me?
  6. ah cheers mate, il contact them all at the weekend! I'm from hamble, you?
  7. oh okay I won't be expecting an email back then! the door card colour is light grey but I don't mind buying a dark grey card as I am only going to be taking the plastic handle of it and I think in the light grey and dark grey interior the plastic handles are roughly the same colour, but ideally I would like to get a light grey one?
  8. thank you! I have contacted both of them and asked if they have got the door card still intact and if it's possible for me to buy!
  9. yeah I was going to visit the local breakers and scrapyards at the weekend, thanks
  10. I have recently purchased a 2000 vw lupo 1.7 s sdi and the passenger door is missing the door handle pull is snapped and I was looking to replace it, it's the grey colour plastic handle If anyone has an ideas where I could purchase one? Or if anyone has a spare could they let me know please? Thanks
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