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  1. So I’ve seen in a lot of cars a kill switch for making cars pop as in some cars key banging wouldn’t work as it cuts all fuel going into the engine but how would one go about doing this as I think this is one of the only ways of making an arosa pop like mad as I’ve seen videos all over the internet and it always comes back to This switch any ideas or if anyone had done this already ?
  2. Hi another question sorry i was told not too long ago that I could get discs on my rear by getting a polo rear axle and swapping them out is this true and if it is how would I go about doing this what would I need many thanks
  3. I come across a video on YouTube last night of a 1.0l Lupo spitting flames and was wondering how the **** that was possible in a one litre car and the thing was popping and banging like mad was wondering if it was just a tune with a decat or something I’m missing out on
  4. I’ve lost the bolt for it some how And idk where I can get a new one
  5. I have the opposite problem my lights work when the doors are open but I can’t turn them on when the doors are closed ???
  6. How would I go about putting fog lights on my mk1 arosa what bumper would I need if I need one at all ?
  7. I want to add somewhere in between 3 and 5 inches so It doesn’t looks completely pointless
  8. Something bolt on which gives a wide body look
  9. I want to wide body / fender flare my car what ever you wanna call it but I can’t find any kits or anything that isn’t a bumper online have looked for a few days now and can’t find anything so I’m now looking and doing it myself although this was my last option before doing it myself, to find out if anyone knows of any kits or where the best places to ask or look are many thanks
  10. I have the opposite problem my light works when opening the doors but can’t be turned on manually ??
  11. Hi was wondering if anyone could help me could just be me being an idiot but on the passenger side the headlight doesn’t work unless on full beam have tried changing the bulbs and no wires that I can see was loose but found it really strange and needs to be sorted ASAP
  12. If you find any or people that would meet up there I’m always up there anyway so keep me updated
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