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  1. Last night I went to close my driver side door and it wouldn’t budge at all, the door has always been heavy but recently there has been a crunching noise when it closes (I just assumed because the car is old and the doors are heavy) then when I went to close it last night there was no movement all and I’ve head to leave the die wide open
  2. The pipes were rechecked and there is a tiny pin hole so hopefully when that's sorted everything will be good, thanks for all the help
  3. We didn't see where it came from, when the bonnet opened the it was cleared, it was more of a steam or a mist kind of more visible because it was dark outside
  4. I recently bought my second lupo and had driven it for half an hour when I went to park it in the drive way it started to smoke from the bonnet and when it moved there was no power steering and it has emptied all over the road, I've had the pipes removed and there doesn't appear to be a leak ???? Any suggestions or any similar problems
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