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  1. Hi all, the gearbox on my Lupo 1.0l engine code AUC has gone and I need a few questions answering: What gearbox code do I need for my 1.0l AUC engine? Will any Polo gearboxes fit my Lupo? And are there any threads that explain how to remove a gearbox from a Lupo? Cheers all, Luke
  2. Thanks for the help all, really appreciate it
  3. Hi all, need to replace the front and rear wheel bearings on my Lupo. Any links and prices? Cheers, Luke
  4. Hi all, just wanted to know which rear wipers on other models of VW fit a 1.0 Lupo? Hear about ones like aero blades and things like that but not too sure what I should be looking for. Cheers, Luke
  5. Mr.LDC

    Reservoir Caps?

    Hi all, looking to improve the appearance on my Lupo in the engine bay and one thing I want to do is upgrade (if possible) the reservoir caps. Has anyone on here done any changes and any ideas/help would be appreciated. Cheers all
  6. Mr.LDC

    Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    Haha, thanks for the reply anyway Rich mate
  7. Mr.LDC

    Audi R8 Oil Cap?

    Isright. Be smashin Ainsley Harriot in these drag races now then #SpicyMeat #Yeeeeeeeeeeeboiiiiiiiiiiiii
  8. Hi all, just a dead quick question. Does an Audi R8 oil cap fit a 1.0 Lupo? Cheers all
  9. Hi all, the ignition switch has gone on me Lupo. Just a few questions I need answered: Is it a hard job? Do I need to remove the steering wheel? And finally if I do need to remove the steering wheel, do I need a puller to remove steering wheel spline? Cheers all
  10. Hi all, I recently bought some lowered coil springs for me Lupo, I have done the back ones but how do you remove the front ones? Cheers, Luke
  11. Thanks for the advice. But can someone tell me if they're on by thread or glue. Cheers, Luke
  12. Well fack me sideways and call me Keith. Michael Rosen would be disappointed. #WillHaveToGoOnABearHuntInstead
  13. Hi all, I've just ordered some proper funky dice door lock pull pins, I was just wondering are the original ones on by thread or glue? Cheers, Luke
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