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  1. Ok, so I want to replace the standard front door speakers on my 1.4 Lupo and I have a few questions.... 1. What size speakers can I fit in there? 2. Can anyone suggest some speakers from experience? 3. How difficult are they to replace? Thanks from Lewis
  2. Just a quick question, my friend has a Polo GTI air intake that he doesn't need any more and has offered it to put on my 1.4 16v Lupo, will it actually fit or will it fail horribly?
  3. Ok, so I brought some brake discs for my 1.4 16v thinking they were 240mm, however they turned out to be 256mm! I filtered the parts for my REG and it said that they would fit, and from a very quick read online apparently I will be able to fit the 256's. Can anyone confirm this so I don't have to go and buy some 240's now? Thanks from Lewis
  4. Ok, so I find the standard headrests in the Lupo are EXTREMELY uncomfortable, does anyone know if the headrests from a 6n2 will fit? Thanks from Lewis
  5. Hi, I'm planning to go to Germany this year in my 1.4 Lupo, but just for a laugh I want a loud exhaust for the trip! I've already looked at cherry bombs but I think they'd be too loud! Ideally I'm looking for something cheap, doesn't require me cutting into the standard exhaust and will just make it sound louder! any ideas? thanks from Lewis
  6. LewisFfitch

    cherry bomb

    Hi I'm looking to buy a cherry bomb exhaust for my Lupo but have no idea where to look or how to fit it, any help?
  7. Sent you an inbox mate
  8. Hi there, I'm looking to buy 2nd hand GTI alloys for my 1.4, is there anyone with any for sale? I've looked on classifieds but just thought I'd ask on the forums! preferably in decent condition and colour doesn't matter! thanks from Lewis
  9. Ok thanks! How do i go about sticking it back on though?
  10. Hi I'm contemplating to black out my tails lights and side indicators but i dont know whether to use nite shade(or something similar) or to use a vinyl wrap for it! What would you suggest? On another note, i want to remove my rear VW logo and spray paint it black, but i don't know how to remove it without breaking it, any ideas? Thanks from Lewis!
  11. Just thought someone here may have done the same, obviously not then
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