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  1. Jam_lupo

    Honeycomb Grill

    Just wondering if theres anywhere i can buy a debadged honeycomb grill for my lupo (non gti) Thanks Jamie
  2. Jam_lupo


    Okay I'll keep this in mind it seems like a good idea to do the prep yourself to keep the price down
  3. Im looking for a place in west Wales to re upholster my lupos interior Thanks
  4. Jam_lupo

    Honeycomb grille

    I'm looking for a honeycomb grille for my lupo (not GTI) Does anyone know what's out there?
  5. Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get driver and passenger interior door handles for a good price as the only ones I can find are £40 - £50!!! Or if anyone is selling some or even the whole door cards. Thanks Jamie
  6. Jam_lupo

    Lupo gti doors on lupo

    That was the main reason for swapping the doors was to get the electric windows
  7. Jam_lupo

    Lupo gti doors on lupo

    Okay thanks for the help ?
  8. Jam_lupo

    Lupo gti doors on lupo

    So they will fit it's just going to be difficult to do
  9. Jam_lupo

    Lupo gti doors on lupo

    Hi So I have a 2000 lupo and I was wondering if anyone has swapped the doors for lupo gti doors and if it is just a simple swap.

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