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    Daily: Lupo 1,4 16v -00 Summer: Corrado 16v -93 Daily: Bmw 330D -01 Project: Bmw 325ix -87
  1. I still have the problem ... But now I'm at the shop trying to fix the window, but one problem. Where is the window regulator located? As i mention erlier i have replaced the whole electric window motor and bought a new button on VW but it still just goes down but not up. But if i turn the key to lockmode on the passagerside and hold the driver window goes up, hmm.
  2. Searched for answers but diden't find any .. So, anyone knows if the streeringwheel from 3L fits into a 1,4 16v? Same airbags in the 1,4 16v or you can't just lift it over?
  3. I just saw that the pictures where smal resolutions, hmm. Strange. Not much to do .. sorry
  4. Well, i maby should introduce my self .. A young man in his best years, 29 .. Born and raised in Sweden. Drive a Blue 1,4 16v -00, lowerd 60/60 with xxr 501 Gun Metal wheels. The car has full leather seats, nothing i've seen before in a Lupo .. maby VAG had overprices that option, who knows. Was about to sell the Lupo after buying me a bigger car but after 4 months of driver the "new" car i got problem with the automatic gearbox, and lucky for me the Lupo still where in my ownership ... For the summer i drive a Volkswagen Corrado 16v -93 witch i bought in 2006. Im the second owner here in Swed
  5. I replaced it all. Regulator with an new motor, oem. The window goes down but not up. But if i turn the key And hold i lockingposition on the passagerside, the window goes up.
  6. I have one big problem with my electric window on the driver side. Yes, i know that there is alot of threads out there with the same problem but i've tryed almost everything .. The window on the driverside had no problem going down, but never up. Not a singel itch of working when i pressed the button. Everytime i had to go over on the passagerside, put the key and turn and hold .. and whips the window went up. Almost 2 years had passed and i told my self, now i need to get this thing fixed. Ended up with the motor gave up and went to heaven .. Well well, a new electric motor and 275£ less mone
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