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  1. What other problems are you facing then Ropers!
  2. Hi guys, changing the CV boot on my lupo gti and the new kit i have from GKN don't fit the CV joint properly, it is the right looking type with the metal flange on the end that bolts onto the gearbox drive flange bit it has a bigger circumference than the CV joint so doesn't fit snug. GSF, EURO and MOTOR PARTS DIRECT all quote the sizes that the new boot is at 94mm. however I have measured the boot that came off at 89mm. My suspicions: The driveshaft was replaced previous to my ownership (could it be the wrong part?) The part isn't from VW however all places like euro and GSF say the same part and its from GKN! Is the CV joint different? Im starting to think the driveshaft is wrong? or the CV joint is wrong? There was also no gasket in-between the old joint and the drive flange which everywhere states including VW, haynes etc that there should be one, and theres one in the new kit!!!!! WHATS GOING ON! the CV joint is the ball and cage type, is this right? Any help would be great!
  3. Make sure you buy the connector as well. this can become horribly corroded... its about 2 quid so its worth it. You will have to solder it to the loom as it comes with wires attached to it.
  4. By the way.. I did this repair and it solved the issue, however I think the wiper stalk is now becoming faulty! typical!
  5. Problem solved.... it was just the light switch... easy fix.
  6. Also nice to see others aren't just 'De Wipering' their cars! Arosa SDI: I feel your pain... going to track down some originals, although VW want 20 quid each for news which really isn't that bad! I will try and take some pictures of how butcherd up the inside of my door is... How someone can bodge like that I don't know.
  7. Ah this is interesting stuff. Had mine apart today... found that the brass tube (where the plastic elbow is part of) has just corroded and rusted away! blocking the jet etc.. causing the water to just come out down the side of the tube and back into the boot! Will try to find something suitable to make a good solid replacement. shouldn't have used the brass in the first place!
  8. Good to here that its not just my lupo that will be ready for the seas! Just in the process of replacing the classic, rear wiper washer problem leaking all the horrible rusty water into the boot lock...Hoping VW still sell the repair kits otherwise its going to be a DIY job! Ive already done the spoiler one! managed to save it from producing any more air bubbles, lucky theres only some minor ones! Have any of you ever come across any rust on the ali doors before? This is my next task along with trying to replace the badges in the wheel centres!
  9. Probably because its happened to you as well......
  10. Just a quick post.... I was having lots of trouble with water getting in my passenger footwell for ages until I realised the problem... This is a post for everyone else to consider when they are searching for a water leak problem! Basicaly, When the door speakers were mounted to the cars from new, they used rivets and the back of the mooting plates were SEALED to the inside of the door. This prevents the water that is designed to get into the door, coming in the car and simply drains out the holes in the bottom of the door. So when you get your lovely Lupo and someone (the previous owner to mine) has decided to put some s**t aftermarket c**py speakers in instead, make sure you check they're nicely fitted and sealed in some form... Its also not good to use MDF for adaptor plates, as they love water and then your car will be damp... use plastic. Or just get some of the original speakers and fit them, which is what I intend to do! The other benefit of the originals is they had some protection on the back to stop the rear connections going rusty and corroded. Makes me sad that the previous owner also used wood screws to fit his speakers whats wrong with people like that! Hope this helps.
  11. Hi Guys, Having a intermittent fault with my side lamps, the left hand side (front and rear) occasionaly do not come on however, always work with the parking lights?? Could this be a dodgy switch? massive pain in the but and got the MOT coming up in august so want to fix it in plently of time before the MOT! Cheers, rob.
  12. Think I will replace them as they are pretty inexpensive, does mean removing the airbag to do it though
  13. I need to replace my rear brake discs, have been looking around and looks like mintex and brembo do some reasonably priced ones? anyone had any experience with these or recomend any? cheers, Rob
  14. Just bought myself a little 03 plate gti which I love! Having some intermittent problems with the lights. Somtimes when I turn the sidelights or headlights on, the passenger sidelights and rear lights do not come on. and sometimes i can switcht them off and on again, they come back on but then sometimes they dont!! have checked both fuses and they are fine. any common faults? I have also a problem with my indicators on the passenger side, where sometimes when the pull the indicator for the left hand turn signal, it will not work unless i pull it a little bit down (almost like the connection is not being made, but again like the other fault, it will sometimes work perfectly!!! Both faults could be linked?? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Rob
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