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  1. DONE! There was an LED in one bulb where there was no continuity going through, where as the other light had a standerd bulb in and there was a reading! I then put another standerd one in and boom there was a reading! Put them back into the car popped the fuse is and turned on the lights. No blow. I checked the lights and was so happy! Something so stupid was really bugging me! I really appreciate your help Carrera! Wouldn't have been able to find that if it was me trying. Thanks so much!
  2. So I have removed each lamp from the lamp holder. http://imgur.com/j2LdhLv Am I then wanting to put the thing on the left back on then test continuity from the the two prongs inside the connector?
  3. Yep! That's good what come up! So the fault is not in the wiring. The fuse did not blow and got a reading
  4. yep when putting probes onto the greeen/grey and brown there is nothing there. so next step would be to put a fuse in (5amp) then check the same again on both sides? is that correct? if so do i need to leave the other one without the lamp holder connected? and also am i checking continuity? thanks
  5. To start with I have tested the lamp holders and everything is reading there - http://imgur.com/hfbpp20 Then I tested the brown (ground) of the left side to the ground of the right side this feeded nothing back. Same with the green and grey.- http://imgur.com/fGMs94I http://imgur.com/URLaiKb
  6. I will try my best to understand. Ive never done these sort of things before so i appreciate your help! ill get back once ive tried to find it. if not ill get some pics and upload.
  7. I tested bulbs inside the holders, then I removed the housing for the holders from the wires and tested them they were all ok. I then plugged one back in then put the put the probes into the other two(other connection point for housing) and there was a reading. I'm happy to take pictures
  8. Just tested everything and there a reading coming up for everything, does this mean it's all okay?
  9. okey well that sounds good. would it be worth fitting a new door strap and bolt then?
  10. I removed the bolt because the noise was driving me insane, it was a constant load bang and the thing on the left would make the noise. Does it need re wedding back on because I stil have the bolt
  11. http://imgur.com/JzcEJmY It is the check strap, the bit on the left needs re welding?
  12. How do I post a picture via mobile? I will show you what I mean
  13. Hi my door stay is broken I've had to remove the bolt that holds it onto the cars body. The part that is attached to the car looks as if some form of welding had snapped. Will this cause MOT fail or not. Thanks
  14. Oh crap. So if on payday I grab a multimeter, put a new fuse in and test the wires I should be able to find the problem, hopefully I find it, will really bug me if I don't!
  15. My plate is located on the bumper not the boot so wouldn't be anything to do with that, I assume. Is it worth buying a multimeter to check them then? Will power still go through even if there is a dead fuse?
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