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  1. I am mate! And yeah that's another lupo roaming notts haha
  2. UPDATES: Momo steering wheel and new doorcard re-trim Team Heko Wind deflectors and a lupo friend Smoooothed and painted bumper
  3. No big updates, just clean pics for now (terrible pics i apologize) Hello camber! Cleannn Boot build #2
  4. definatly will be looking for some new wheels soon, also thinking about getting rid of my 1990's tints and black roof? what do people think?
  5. Also got some smoked side repeaters which I've gone off if anyone wants em, come pick em up there yours
  6. A few little updates Good productive morning at college with my center caps New bee sting antenna Sunstrip delete New valve caps and a good example of one of my bad parking days Boot shot, boot build to follow soon Fluffy
  7. Cheers pal, took it off now! Gotta admit does look abit tidier, it was getting tatty due to larger wipers, I'll get some pics up tomorrow
  8. It's a alphasonik 1100 watt I believe, ran by a sony explod amp. Not too bad, absolute bargain off caraudio centre not long ago! I'll get one on tomorrow mate
  9. yeah probs was me mate off to college in Beeston, you from Ilkeston then? im just down the road in Eastwood pal
  10. thinking about removing the sunstrip, what are peoples opinions on them?
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