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  1. Thanks Cooper, Sorry forgot to mention, I have only changed the hubs to GTI ones. Everything else has remained the same for a 1.4 75bhp incl. ball joints etc. Hopefully a set of GTI ball joints will solve my problem then.
  2. Good afternoon, Having some issues with my front camber and tracking after changing my hubs to GTI ones. Fitted 17" wheels which are way out alignment wise... The toe is the main problem as after having the alignment checked they are saying that they have no more adjustment on the track rod ends and it seems as the steering is in the "wrong place?" Even the camber is out and I have fitted camber bolts to rectify this although they don't appear to be moving the hub at all when the bolt is turned. Is it a case of replacing pretty much all of my steering rack to GTI including ARB, wishbones, ball joints, driveshafts, track rods and ends etc. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. Turns out it was the calipers, replaced them and no longer binding now.
  4. Guys, Had the car in for tracking and alignment today and although it has been adjusted as much as possible. It is still pretty far off with only the passenger rear wheel running correctly. Results as follows: Left Front: 0degrees 05 Toe - 0degrees 02' Left Rear: -1degrees 17' Toe - 0degrees 29' Right Front: -2degrees 10' Toe - 1degrees 08' Right Rear: -3degrees 28' Toe - -0degrees 11' Total Toe - 0degree 18' Thrust Angle - 0degree 20' Any ideas what I can do to even this up? Mentioned something about adjustable top mounts and maybe replacing track rod ends and tie rows. Also, are there any kits to be able to adjust the rear camber? Thanks.
  5. Guys, Just had the rear disc conversion from a GTI onto a 1.4 and now having some trouble where it seems the rear brakes are sticking on... Could this be a) broken calipers or brake compensator due to coming off an ABS model onto a non-ABS model.
  6. Doing the conversion from drums to discs... Does anyone happen to know if the GTI has handbrake return springs that sit on the rear of the calliper? Thanks, Sergio.
  7. No, it was brand new. I would expect it from a second hand one but not a brand new one.
  8. The interior light is not coming on when the passenger door is opened... I know about the microswitch problem as I have already replaced it once but surely it can't be that already after only a few months?
  9. Thanks Skezza! That would be great if you could do that.
  10. Passenger door is currently playing up, have a new lock mechanism but how do I go about installing this? Is it a simple changeover or a matter of dismantling the door by removing the window etc?
  11. I am Teesside area so probably a little too far from you. Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, Is there anyone in the North East area who has fitted remote central locking and could give me a hand with mine? I'm reluctant to tackle the job myself. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Can anyone give any advise as to why the switch on the driver's side for the passenger window allows me to move the window up but not down. Also, the driver side window sometimes sticks/goes back down instead of up. Is it just a case of needing a replacement motor for both? Thanks in advance.
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