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  1. Okay, i'm pretty rubbish when it comes to electrics so any help would be greatly appreciated. The original speakers in my '98 Arosa were pretty naff so I got my hand on some '03 Ibiza speakers for free. The clips are the same but the wiring is different. Here's some photos; Arosa Wiring Wiring from Ibiza This issue is that there doesn't seem to be the same power going to new speakers as there was when they were in the original car. Is this because the headunit in the Ibiza was able to give more power or is it due to the fact that there's less wiring/wiring is different? As mentioned ANY help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I know I'm trolling a Lupo thread here, but I have a '98 Mk1 Arosa. It's a Northern Ireland reg, but would've been an R reg as far as I know.
  3. Welcome Matt, get some pics up.
  4. I dropped mine nearly all the way on the front and that's where the noise seemed to be coming from, on the passenger side. I couldn't figure it out. Either WD40 worked or whatever was rubbing either doesn't rub anymore or has been shaved down.
  5. I had this problem whenever I first got my coilovers installed. It seemed to happen when I was reversing slowly and it sounded like 2 bits of metal scrapping together as the passenger side wheel was rotating. I used a bit of WD40 on the coilovers and after a while it stopped (although I'm not entirely sure this was the remedy for the issue). It could have been something catching against the coilover but to this day I still have no idea what it was but it sounded exactly as you described. Thankfully don't have the issue anymore. Any update on it?
  6. Still interested in these if anyone has them...
  7. Looks great mate, definitely prefer the new colour.
  8. Hi, Would you have Seat Belts and Gear Knob? Thanks
  9. Hey, Do you have the fog light plastics in the front bumper?
  10. I have a 1998 Arosa. Original Wheels are 165/70/13. 5J wide. 4x100. Centre bore 57.1mm I searched 4x100 wheels on gumtree and ebay and got a set. The centre bore was too small but got a company to drill them out for me and they fit a treat. As long as they're wider than 5inch they'll be more than the stock steelies.
  11. Anyone breaking a Mk1 Arosa Sport or have a lower fog light valance/bumper? Has anyone seen these online? Looking for one for my Mk1.
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