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  1. davy26

    Another Local

    An orderly 1.4 in Walmer:
  2. Interesting to see that VW have reintroduced the Up Gti - https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-gti-relaunched-uk-2020 I only own - and delight in - my Lupo Gti, because I initially wanted an Up Gti when first announced, but couldn't even get a demo in my local area. Happily I then discovered that the Lupo is, dynamically at least, a much better car! I think at the time we knew that a considerable factor in the initial clamour for the model was that VW had got the pricing wrong - it was apparently, too much of a bargain. Well, they've addressed that now, since a typical asking price is into the £16Ks. And though it remains quite a distinctive, charismatic package, that's really too much, given the relatively modest performance and the fact that the engine, by size, number of cylinders and turbocharging, is not so characterful.
  3. I had trouble when I bought a Gti with only one key (remote). After several attempts, I got a spare (with transponder but non-remote) but only through a VW Dealer - cost £133. One thing to bear in mind is that if your car is - like mine - an import from Japan, a different radio wavelength is used and I believe that as a result no remote fobs still available in Europe will work with the car. Good luck!
  4. davy26

    Tidy Blue

    In Tunbridge Wells, 3rd November:
  5. davy26

    Assertive . . .

    . . . colour this, and a Lupo that stands out on a very dull morning in Deal today:
  6. I previously listed this spoiler - here A buyer indicated that they accepted the quality of the surfaces (which need quite a lot of work) but on receipt claimed the ends were 'severely' damaged in transit, (they hadn't been). I'm attaching further pictures so that anyone interested may be sure of how much time will be required to get it cosmetically fit. I'd stress this as I would not again be keen on posting it out and then taking it back, i.e. should anyone want to buy, it'd be on a no-returns basis. Having wasted time and money on the previous transaction, I'm prepared to consider any reasonable offer if someone is ready to spend the time on it, (and have a factory spoiler at a big saving.)
  7. Thanks Martin, that's very helpful. I looked into Janspeed a few months back and at that time it didn't appear that they were still making for the Lupo. I will try again as I believe theirs retained the central, twin tail pipe configuration which, to me, is an essential part of the Gti's distinctive 'look.' By the way, I didn't say the Up! has NO character, just that I feel the Lupo has significantly more. I had two Ups and liked their convenience, efficiency and quality. But I do feel that VW almost went out of its way at the time of its launch to make ordering a Gti for a reasonably timely delivery date almost impossible - and I still feel it very poor that for months on end it was impossible to get a demo in my neck of the woods, (East Kent; edge of the earth I know, but there's a rumour that we're getting upgraded to double-speed dial-up Internet next year!) D
  8. Exactly right Andrew. I'm lucky enough to have driven a great many sports/performance/supercars during my working career and nowadays find the Gti quick enough for my purposes on public roads. However, all the recent activity around hybrids and electric cars has concentrated my mind on the unpleasant fact that the demise of the IC-engined car culture with which I grew up and have enjoyed for decades, is now a forthcoming reality, not just something theoretical, which we hoped might never actually come about. And, to me, a big part of enjoying cars is the way an engine responds both in terms of performance and the noise it makes. So I'd just like to hear my Gti emitting something a bit more fruity! That said, one of the things I most like about owning a Lupo, as opposed to the Up Gti I had planned to buy, is that we have a 4 cylinder, atmospheric engine with good throttle response and a range of characteristics which can't be matched by a little, turbocharged 3 cylinder.
  9. Finally got round to rejuvenating my calipers. Next, I'd like to have a more assertive (but not silly!) exhaust note. Would anyone recommend, (from their own personal experience), just a plain pipe to replace the centre section please? (And any known-good specialist workshops in the South East for this). Thanks.
  10. Yes - mine showed up on Monday - and the quality is very good. 🙂
  11. Ouch! Commiserations Frank - hope you don't find anymore of this and repairs will not be too laborious/expensive. Good luck. D
  12. davy26

    Close Encounter

    Close encounter this morning in my Gti with this Lupo in Thanet. In very nice condition, but I'm never sure if this colour is Sage or Fresco (?)
  13. This is from my 2006-registered Black Gti. I have replaced it as I'm trying to perfect the car and this original spoiler had been repainted at some time in the past with too much paint being applied, leading to deep crazing of the paint film surface. As it is now, the upper surface has been partially prepared for repainting, but will need further work to achieve a good, smooth surface - please see photographs to appreciate the nature/extent of the imperfections, especially on the left hand side of the spoiler. Apart from the surfaces, everything else is in very sound, undamaged condition. I am looking for £85 and believe the postage would be around £15. Located near Deal, Kent.
  14. Thanks for your interest. See below a pic of the underside prior to the application of Dinitrol RC 800/900 and 4941B:
  15. Just had my Gti Dinitrolled, in the course of which all the underfloor rubber bungs were found to be relatively perished and possibly insecure. Luckily Lugogtiboy (thanks Martin) previously provided us with a very helpful relevant post - - enabling part number identifications. I was pleased to find that all that I needed were available and in UK stock. To confirm the general view about the ex-Japan cars, the sub-contractor found virtually no underbody deterioration despite the 13 years since first registration.
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