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  1. Now completed the 'improvement' of my Gti's interior - Momo Prototipo 320mm retrimmed wheel, 917-style gear knob and Pascha seats retrim. Have a few smallish cosmetic body/paint things to do this winter, and then the car will be pretty near perfect (from my viewpoint!)
  2. I have now accumulated no less than five steering wheels for my Gti and need to reclaim some storage space! So I’m offering the Gti wheel I commissioned from RSW Re-Trimming Ltd last year. Details are as follows: Genuine original equipment Gti wheel Rim thickened and thumb grips added Rim bottom flattened Recovered in smooth black leather with red stitching I fitted this in April 2019 and it was in use on my Gti for just 10 months, with 4,000 miles only covered. Condition is excellent, evidencing the very minimal usage I’m offering this – wheel rim/hub only, not including the centre pad/airbag-see pic 03-04-2019 – at less than half what it cost me. Internal UK Postage will be additional, at £15 Located in East Kent £105
  3. Yes - and I realise I wrote the last post as a knee-jerk reaction to seeing how cluttered up a cupboard had become. But on second thoughts, I'll put them up in the loft, as I don't think I could recover (npi) what I spent on the retrim by way of a sale at this point. Anyway, steering wheel-wise, I'm still in the intoxicated, honeymoon phase with me Momo!😍
  4. Morning Frank. As I've finished up with too many wheels (!), (Momo, original Gti, temporary hack and retrimmed Gti), just wondered if you'd be interested in the Gti wheel I had retrimmed/flat bottomed? The quality of the retrim by Royal (£215) is great and it's had little use, but it didn't satisfy my yearning for a smaller wheel, hence the recent substitution of a Momo 320mm, (second pic). Regards. David
  5. I recently bought a set of wipers for mine for a little over £20 - and they are absolutely fine. My local VW Retailer quoted £54.26.
  6. That's what I was referring to. The Momo boss kits come with the resistor automatically nowadays. In my experience many MOT testers will pass the car if they see the light come on with ignition and then go off (courtesy of the resistor). However, some like to say that current guidance requires that if the car had an airbag as OE spec and it's apparent it no longer has one, they have to fail it.
  7. Thanks for the thought. I think I'll keep it for now, especially in case of any gip with MOTs and the old problem of how an individual tester interprets the requirements regarding air bag presence or not, irrespective of functionality of the warning light. Regards. David
  8. No - it's nice quality and looks good, but I still find it bigger than I'd like, so fitting a 320mm Momo. Regards. David
  9. Thanks Frank - I'd guess that's logical, given the four rings stamping and that the rim is not just plain plastic. I have seen another wheel on eBay with the 101266 stamping and this is listed as from an Audi A3 8P, 2004. Need to dispose though as I've got a new Momo coming Monday, a Royal-retrimmed on the car and my original Gti one taking up space! Regards. David
  10. Thanks for the interest Frank. I bought this one when I was having my original Gti wheel refurbed at Royal. I got it from eBay so don't know the provenance, but it was advertised as being for all Lupo models. I believe it to be a genuine VW Group product - looking at the centre area there is an Audi stamping - see attached photo. I budgetted £8 for postage, so would be £14 if collected.
  11. Title: Lupo Steering Wheel (without centre pad/airbag) Description: In nice condition - please see photographs Location: East Kent Postage: Included in price (within UK) Price: £22
  12. davy26

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    An orderly 1.4 in Walmer:
  13. Interesting to see that VW have reintroduced the Up Gti - https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-gti-relaunched-uk-2020 I only own - and delight in - my Lupo Gti, because I initially wanted an Up Gti when first announced, but couldn't even get a demo in my local area. Happily I then discovered that the Lupo is, dynamically at least, a much better car! I think at the time we knew that a considerable factor in the initial clamour for the model was that VW had got the pricing wrong - it was apparently, too much of a bargain. Well, they've addressed that now, since a typical asking price is into the £16Ks. And though it remains quite a distinctive, charismatic package, that's really too much, given the relatively modest performance and the fact that the engine, by size, number of cylinders and turbocharging, is not so characterful.
  14. I had trouble when I bought a Gti with only one key (remote). After several attempts, I got a spare (with transponder but non-remote) but only through a VW Dealer - cost £133. One thing to bear in mind is that if your car is - like mine - an import from Japan, a different radio wavelength is used and I believe that as a result no remote fobs still available in Europe will work with the car. Good luck!
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