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  1. I've had mine now since mid 2018 and have enjoyed it hugely, especially as I felt I'd bought something free from potential corrosion concerns. Whatever is said by some, the cars from Japan - like mine - tend to be in really good underside condition with nothing more than isolated superficial rust-affected areas. I also think many are like mine in that they seem to have had moderate use, have not been modded with all this lowering etc. nonsense practiced so much here, and have evidence of a good service history. We get some intemperate view-stating in threads like this from people who appare
  2. I think it's well worth it Martin. Royal have now done two wheels for me and I've been very happy with both - good materials, excellent workmanship and completed on-schedule. Considering that that it's through the wheel that we have the most interaction with the car's dynamic behaviour, spending that bit more to get the very best tactile/visual characteristics is surely repaid many times over. With kind regards. David
  3. Sorry Martin, that one came up in this thread incidentally and because I just wanted to see if another member might be interested. I advertised the wheel at . . . and sold it promptly from there. Apologies if I have inadvertently indicated it was still available. With kind regards. David
  4. davy26

    My Lupo Gti

    Thanks -Good photos and write-up Bernd. I too remain devoted to mine! All you mention is of interest, but I'm especially so regarding your new tyres - could you tell us please what size you've managed to find those Hankooks in? I would like to retain the OE width of 205, but I thought the tyres you mention don't come wider than 195 for a 15" rim? Regards. David
  5. Afternoon Martin - hope all's good with you. I used to have these Coco Mats in BMWs back in the Seventies. More recently they've become available again - https://www.cocomats.com/ They have 'on file' rhd templates for both the Lupo and Up (3 door) as result of my previous orders. In my view they're well worth the money, being very well made, heavy duty and better looking than anything else I've seen. If you contact them, you'll find Crissy very helpful. Regards. David
  6. The smaller wheel doesn't make the car easier to drive - in fact there's more muscular effort required of course at parking speed - but it makes the experience more engaging, so, if you want to do, you can be quicker on road or the track. The Momo also provides a much nicer feel on the rim wrap because it's thicker, smoother and is not so rigid like the OE. With Momo hub kits nowadays there's always a resistor included so that the air bag light is seen to function normally. And it's the air bag that is the root of my main reason for preferring a Momo (or similar) - this component gives rise
  7. Thanks for the positive comments Skez! I did previously try a re-trimmed OE wheel, but while it benefited from the new, smooth leather, my basic objection remained, i.e. this, like so many OE wheels, is just too big. Hence my liking for a Momo, in this instance in my favourite diameter, 320mm. This is a mid-seventies Prototipo, re-trimmed and slightly 'thickened,' and whilst I especially like the look, my pleasure in using it is a lot down to how good it feels in the hands because of the tactile quality of the wrapping - super-smooth - and the improved 'feel' in terms of steering weight and
  8. Having done lots on the interior recently, I'm now keen to complete some cosmetic jobs on the exterior, but now looking like this will have to wait until the New Year.
  9. That's a beaut - good luck with selling. Regards. David
  10. When you buy a wheel like a Momo, you will also need to purchase a Boss kit specific to your car/model. With a Momo kit you get a resistor which will 'operate' the car's air bag warning light as if a bag was installed, (i.e. come on with ignition and then go out.) You will hear several different opinions about the MOT requirement. Several testers I have spoken to say that they simply stick by the 'spirit' of the Test regarding original specification - if something was fitted as standard when new it should still be visually or functionally apparent. The resistor in conjunction with the ai
  11. They are Coco mats from the States. I first had these in the early 70s in my BMWs, so the 'look' is nostalgic for me. Plus they are very well made and super-durable. https://www.cocomats.com/checker-mats/ Regards. David 😊👍😊
  12. Oh gawd, no! I've always regarded covers as naff. All four seats have been properly re-trimmed. I agonised for some time as to whether or not to have matching door cards - on the Porsches I've seen and been inspired by, some do, some don't - but eventually decided that would make the interior just too visually 'busy.' My original covers and the seats themselves were in very nice condition considering the car is MY '05. Regards. David
  13. Sorry Bcr, but none of my wheels retains the airbag. I'm somewhat obsessive about wanting a wheel that is aesthetically pleasing, both in terms of looks and 'feel,' and I've never used/seen one with airbag that came close! The standard Gti wheel is not too bad and I know that quite a few Lupo owners feel that fitting the 3L model makes for a nice upgrade, with a higher-quality aspect. I think you're looking at £200-£300 for a 3L. As with most things Lupo, many things are not readily available and may seem pricey, but if you know what you want and persist, the chase can be fun! Good luck - I
  14. Since I was last posting on this subject, I've acquired and fitted yet another Momo - this time my holy grail, mid-70s Prototipo 320. So I'm not sure which one you're now referring to?: 1) Original Gti retrimmed and with flat bottom 2) Plastic Lupo wheel (used during Gti wheel retrim) 3) Momo 320mm Jet Regards. David
  15. I've seen some fairly rough Gtis being punted for unrealistic money based on the belief that the model has become a 'collectible classic,' and imagine that, if sold, the price had been haggled down lots. However, as with most cars 'of an age' and outside the mainstream, individual condition/mileage/spec is what counts, and, though that red grille strip needs removing, maybe this one seems to make a good case for its asking price? https://www.stationgarage.co.uk/used-volkswagen-lupo-east-boldon-tyne-and-wear-2748409
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