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What's a GTI worth in parts?


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As title really, its my raven one and it's only a thought right now, but just thought i'd try and get a rough idea

There's some rust on passenger sill and along the top of the windscreen,  i drive it daily so can't really take it off the road to get fixed, and i wouldn't want to advertise it for sale how it is.

I've just kinda lost the love for it I guess, so yeah I'm wondering how much in general they are worth in parts? It has heated leathers and a full mainfold back exhaust from Tony Banks, so theres some decent bits on it

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I can't give you a figure but I'll keep an eye on your insta and if you ever start breaking it for parts I'd love to come down and take a load off of your hands for mine. Especially the heated leathers!

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I'd say still worth a lot more as a whole than as bits, even if a non runner. How much did that crashed non runner go on here for a couple of years back? Like £2k ish? Needed about £750 worth of bits, now worth £5k.

Valuable bits are things like tailgate, wings, front and rear bumpers, exhaust, lights, glass and interior (but not everything). Engine and box are still easy to get.

@Rich will rebuild it... :)


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Just to update this, I'm thinking around 3.5k for the whole car? It's on around 89k miles and is mechanically sound and drives perfectly, its just the passenger sill and top of the windscreen that is sketchy. 

If you send me a message i can give more info and get some pictures for you

On 2/17/2024 at 6:45 PM, Hector.Bishop.Penn said:

Ive sent you a message 👍

I've followed you on Insta if you wanna DM me


Unfortunately not, Rich. I'm after something boring now


Edit: The BBS RC321s are up for grabs aswell. £800 if you want them

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This is the rust on the sill for anyone wondering



MOT is due next month, if anyone wants to go mad and buy it before that i will let it go for £2,750

afterwards depending on what needs doing I might actually just take it off the road and get the bodywork sorted on it 



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Holy crap! Er, yeah, I've only ever seen it that bad on a South African imported mk4 (with minimal wax injection)- mine.

And I too sold it as I just couldn't be bothered to fix it. But that was a regular cheapo, common as muck mk4. Not a Lupo GTi, worth a shed load more in good condition. And a lot more desirable. And in Raven Blue!!! (I'm talking myself into making you an offer here...).

Looks like you'll need to run an angle grinder right down the entire length, both sides? What's the inner box section like? The construction is 3 pieces- inner box, vertical stiffening plate and outer sill. Time for an exploratory dig?

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Yeah, not sure somehow I missed it when I bought it from the previous owner, maybe the excitement of it being blue got the better of me!

The drivers side sill doesn't have a single mark on it.

I still use it daily so I won't be digging around in anything just yet!

I'm gonna stick a few more (winter filth) pics on of the rest of the car




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Just had a thought- if you have or know someone who has a snake inspection camera, you could look down the entire length on the inside, all the way to the front.

Inside the back arches, there are 45mm inspection bungs, just under the noise/stone chip dampening felt. You need to take the back wheels off to remove the felt- at least the front part of it. Torx screws hold it against the metalwork. Easy enough to inspect then. There are also bungs underneath, where the rear beam pivots.

I removed the whole lot last summer to spray lots of fresh wax into all my Lupos. And replaced any that were missing afterwards.

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