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  1. mickster

    Wanted Urban Fox

    Thanks Kev, nice comprehensive write up and reflects a lot of what I've been told from someone who bought both of his kids foxes! Rich I like how you've sort of said it is a good car there, in order to worry about the more asthetical issues the mechanics must be fairly sound. I agree 6 cupholders is madness though (the gf has a ds3 and there are NONE!!). I feel like this thread needs to be renamed and moved into the fox forum now for future prospective fox hunters to read, wheres a mod when you need one...
  2. mickster

    Wanted Urban Fox

    Thanks for the input, you two are single handedly propping up this forum! Was a little concerned when I saw Rich had answered that it might just be a request for photos, fortunately not 😅 Rich - what has gone so wrong with your good lady's Fox to give such a damning warning? Mk2 - naturally, I had considered getting her a Loop but they all seem to have either been molested or trashed in some way. Plus the newest Lupo is what, a 55 plate, so lower mileage examples are few and far between and most need some work doing. Plus plus they mainly seem to be bloody miles away! I have always hated the Fox with a passion but without any real reason, the one we drove had a much better gear box than my girlfriends old 14 plate (black x across the face style) Aygo and my brothers 11 plate 107 and I really like the movable rear bench. Visibility is much better than the Aygo clones too and the car feels a bit more usable as its just that little bit bigger. If we do go for something different it might be an i10 😲
  3. mickster

    Wanted Urban Fox

    After a successful test drive of one of these ugly imports earlier today, my (not so) kid sister would like one as her first car. On the wild off chance anyone has one they'd like to sell and/or spots one locally that looks decent, please give me a pm! Criteria is as follows: <40,000 miles <£3,500 '59 plate or newer Must be Urban spec Not too untidy!
  4. Shame this was damaged in the first place as seems a nice example. It appeared overpriced to me on eBay, did you manage to negotiate a reasonable deal?
  5. Wow is that so, bit naughty the ad makes no mention of this! Perhaps they hope you’ll be so disappointed you’ll buy the Rover 25 with only 5000 miles to cheer yourself up...
  6. I would have assumed this was owned by an old dear (and maybe it was!) but I can't imagine them getting the engine remapped, looks a nice example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283864817891 Watch the video with sound and hear the classic squeaky driver's door hinge!
  7. Bahh that bloody swift driver with the constant block!
  8. https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/72464-key-fob-not-working/ To pair you should just need to follow the guide halfway down in that thread, although it does rely on you having two otherwise-functional keys. Worked for me on my old GTI where the owner had buggered the lock button, I bought a used, Skoda badged but identical looking fob for the princely sum of £1.20 on eBay and swapped the chip and key bit over, took 5 mins tops.
  9. Collected mine from the collection point today, great detail! Shame the wheels don’t move and the interior is in bog-standard grey but still very happy with it. Now for them to do a black one with red interior... Just noticed they are numbered, mines 47, don’t tell me yours is a single digit number Skajme?
  10. Anyone got theirs yet? Just got a dispatch email, almost forgot I’d ordered it!
  11. Ill keep an eye out for you next time we visit the in-laws, don’t think I’ve even spotted a standard Lupo the last few times I’ve been in Inverness. Shame the A9 is all average speed, I’ve only had the pleasure in an Aygo for which the limit is optimistic if anything...
  12. Just to confirm these are awesome, if any are still available for the price of a pint (down south anyway!) you’d be mad not to grab em!
  13. Looks good in silver! My Mum finally got her black one last weekend - she ordered back in February on the first day they were taking preorders. Windscreen has a nice big scratch on it too, great QC there VW... Anyway having driven it round the block it’s a nice car, has the essence of the Loop GTI and looks good from most angles. Ride is a little firm though, especially in the back!
  14. Nice! Surely if you gave the dimensions to one of these custom mat makers they could whip some up?
  15. Did you buy the one sold by cnfaner? I even messaged them a few times about the sensitivity issue and they did reply but not with anything helpful. I’m pretty certain there isn’t a switch or dial of any kind but it’s been a while since I looked. The warning tone is pretty annoying and comes on unless I have the dial set to lights off, which means the welcome home lights don’t come on which defeats the object. If your one wasn’t from cnfaner let me know who you bought it from as I’d be tempted to swap mine out for one!
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