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  1. I have a spare of these new in box but wasn't really looking to sell it as no doubt I will need another in the distant future. That said I can't sit back and allow the spoiler to be smoothed over. What would you consider a reasonable price to pay?
  2. Might be a bit optimistic 9 years on...
  3. Some premium content right here. More of this, less of the 17 year old my first car mods!
  4. She can't be that young as her first YouTube upload with that loop is 13 years old! I have this job to do and bought some ebay replacements - did you use genuine parts and if not have you found the quality alright? Some terrible reviews on ebay!
  5. Thanks Skezza, assuming the design is the same I may do that with my sister's Fox which at the present time only has early signs of the checkstrap going. I've actually been driving the Fox quite a lot lately and it's really grown on me - weird then getting into a Lupo which feels like you are sat on the floor! A few days after making this thread I bought a pair of eBay special checkstraps, but the Loop needs to go for a mega service to fix an array of niggles when I am finally able to drive up to my Dad's and make use of his garage with it's pit. I'll report back on whether they are any g
  6. Thanks folks, I'm loath to give VW the money as clearly the original design isn't fantastic! I'm told many of the eBay specials replace the rubber part that breaks with a metal part that is less likely to. I have seen the bodge in the how to section but would rather just get it done properly, this video makes it look fairly simple(!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmGxBtAn7HE
  7. My passenger side door checkstrap has decided it's finally had enough and now sounds like two gunshots when attempting to close the door. It might therefore be time it is changed... Question is has anyone purchased an eBay Special checkstrap that is still available and found it to be good? If so, please link me so I can buy as some of them have absolutely terrible reviews.
  8. "13 years later..." 😂
  9. I've just remembered actually it did help with responsiveness so you may still benefit. Mine was a little sluggish between 2nd and 3rd and now it's perfectly fine, so much so that I forget it was ever an issue!!
  10. I assumed this stuff was snake oil but it did seem to make a difference to my GTI, in fact I'm not sure I've had any jerkiness this winter after having used it around September. Prior to this mine also liked to be a bit jerky in reverse, which given the tightness of my parking spot at home, was rather irritating!
  11. Where abouts in London?
  12. Ah that's interesting, I was close to buying a blue Swift Sport myself before you put the Loop for sale! She's broken the 100,000 mark this year (currently on about 102k) but still going strong. Performed amazingly on a 1000 mile tour of the furthest reaches of Cornwall in summer 2019, had a lot of fun especially when Google Maps took us down what can only be described as a footpath between 8ft hedges- I don't think anything wider would have fit! Paintwork could do with some love, I think I've lost a full set of tow eye covers during my ownership, the last thanks to a pheasant that
  13. Ahh I'll keep an eye out! I live more Withdean way but my Mum is in Patcham and I'm often parked up near the shops, albeit briefly, or in Asda 😂 I used to see a Y reg silver GTI around here occasionally but haven't for at least 18 months. There was also another black GTI parked just off Dyke Road but the guy has either sold up or moved, was in lovely condition and I'd have been interested in purchasing it. Lupos seem to be less and less common down here, I've been noticing more and more Foxes but that might just be because my sister recently got one so they've caught my eye more!
  14. I wonder if I’ve ever seen you about, only yellow I know of is in Patcham and permanently has a huge ladder strapped to the roof!
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