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  1. Very nice, those brand new mats must have sealed the deal!
  2. Thanks for this tip off, ordered a spare honeycomb grill to go with the rest of a new front bumper I have in the shed for £67. Had heard of them but hadn't realised they were only down the road from me in Shoreham! Interesting it has a manufacture date of 2017, how much longer will they make Lupo GTI parts given we must be a pretty niche market...
  3. Ooh, uncommon - I'll keep an eye out for you!
  4. Shame about the mileage on the red one, wasn't looking too bad until I spotted that!
  5. Ah of course it was! Just noticed the rear lights are the SE ones too, shame the sunroof isn't original as that looks a nice clean car!
  6. The story I heard was that all the Jap Lupos were shipped over at the same time, same spec just 3 different colours. It's hard to tell from the photo but could the sunroof be a retrofit? I've seen some odd ones on UK cars (light grey against the dark grey/black headlining). Not sure on the aircon though, seems like it would be a bigger job!
  7. Why did the pheasant cross the dual carriage way? Probably not to get mowed down by a Lupo at 70mph but there we are, upshot is I once again need a passenger side tow eye cover. Black would be ideal, however since this is the second one I've had go AWOL I'll consider any colour and am also interested in pairs or just the drivers side as clearly I could do with some spares...
  8. Hopefully they will still have it long enough to drop to about £6k then I might go have a look. It has nothing on that raven blue one that was up for that much earlier in the year though! My Mum has an Up GTI which I have driven a fair amount this year due to her not being able to drive much due to medication. It’s a fun car and obviously buying a 15+ year old car isn’t going to appeal to a lot of people, but I much prefer driving my Lupo GTI and if price wasn’t a factor I’d choose it every time. The Up isn’t as solid, isn’t as responsive at low speeds (turbo lag ftw)l struggles up hil
  9. mickster

    Lupo 3l

    It’s a shame this wasn’t released over here, I’d like one but don’t think I’d enjoy a LHD. To be able to get to the far reaches of Scotland on one tank would be great for us!
  10. Ridiculous but I like it
  11. Well for better or for worse we bought a Fox, ended up with an urban 09 1.4 in fetching metallic indigo blue, full service history, 2 owners, 47000 miles and pretty flawless MOT history. Plus it was only 40 mins away. Quite a revvy little beast and hardly fast but you can get a full Tesco shop in the boot which is more than can be said for a Lupo! The sister has had an hour driving round quiet residential streets and likes it so that's a relief.
  12. Saw an 02 plate Lupo GTI on my travels through Dorset today, which was a nice surprise. I was driving a black Up GTI and noticed too late to engage in any frivolities, although what with me not being in a Loop I doubt I was noticed anyway!
  13. mickster

    My new car

    Lol at the colour showdown. I love my black GTI but reckon they photograph the worst! Lots of the angles and curves are lost in the darkness, although in person I do prefer them to silver. Each to their own though, I've not seen a GTI look bad in any colour as of yet...
  14. Thanks Kev, nice comprehensive write up and reflects a lot of what I've been told from someone who bought both of his kids foxes! Rich I like how you've sort of said it is a good car there, in order to worry about the more asthetical issues the mechanics must be fairly sound. I agree 6 cupholders is madness though (the gf has a ds3 and there are NONE!!). I feel like this thread needs to be renamed and moved into the fox forum now for future prospective fox hunters to read, wheres a mod when you need one...
  15. Thanks for the input, you two are single handedly propping up this forum! Was a little concerned when I saw Rich had answered that it might just be a request for photos, fortunately not 😅 Rich - what has gone so wrong with your good lady's Fox to give such a damning warning? Mk2 - naturally, I had considered getting her a Loop but they all seem to have either been molested or trashed in some way. Plus the newest Lupo is what, a 55 plate, so lower mileage examples are few and far between and most need some work doing. Plus plus they mainly seem to be bloody miles away!
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