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  1. I thought they differed aswell due to the need to accommodate the GTI's wider track?
  2. Yeah I got one from https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/profile/47049-terexus/
  3. I changed my drivers one maybe 6 months ago for an Ebay special. it's still good now, so for the money I paid I'm happy with it. It was pretty straightforward to change, think that's the video I used for reference aswell actually!
  4. You decided to keep it then I'm assuming? Not sure how bothered you are about this but I used to have the wrong length wipers and they missed a spot at the bottom of the screen it annoyed the hell out of me! The wipers should be 21' and 19'. not 18' and 19'. You can get a twin pack which is what i use, search up Bosch A928S
  5. Ordered one of these for my drivers door, as its been on the way out for a while 'No lights left on tone' 'car relocking after 30 seconds with the door open' which i could live with. But now the drivers door doesn't unlock with the fob which I can't be doing with so I'm finally replacing it. I've looked at a few golf tutorials, and i know about only loosening the lock retaining screw. So it should be pretty straightforward, right?
  6. I follow you on Instagram, absolutely love those wheels. Suit the car beautifully
  7. They look lovely
  8. yeah they are. If you pull the centre dial out there is a little bulb behind it
  9. I've stuck a Pioneer double din with Android Auto in mine, modernises it quite well I think. Not much more you need!
  10. Had this problem on both my GTI's, both times I replaced the pack and the leads because the ends of the leads were corroded aswell.
  11. The bushes along the bar that have those flat metal clips that you press onto the bush and then screw in, I have managed to get them back on in the end the times I've had to remove them but what an absolute nightmare they are to get lined up again, it takes forever! Is there a knack to it or some sort of trick to line them up easily? With new tougher bushes it feels almost impossible at times!
  12. They are a straight swap, in fact my car had mk4 recaros in when i bought it! I think there's a very slight amount that needs grinding off the bottom so they will slide back and forward freely without catching on the carpet. But that's no hard job!
  13. They are wired differently, I'm fairly sure there is a thread or a diagram on here somewhere that shows you what pins need swapping
  14. I just bought one off someone second hand, sorry!
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