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  1. Cheers, as am i! Honestly it was easy enough. Toughest part is potentially getting the collar thing off the steering column, which is what put me off for the longest time. But if you have one of those bearing puller tools, that makes light work of it!
  2. haha tell me about it! 90% of that time to be fair was me not wanting to try and remove all the bits to get to it. But with the right tools it was actually relatively simple!
  3. Just to update this, incase something similar happens to anyone else. It was the ignition switch causing the issues
  4. Couple more pics, don't think I will ever get tired of looking at this car!
  5. That looks like Bury?? You don't see many Lupos around these parts!
  6. Yeah, seems to work perfectly! Crystal clear
  7. nah, it isn't a compartment and doesn't open. there's nothing under it either. It's where I hide my DAB aerial!
  8. Skajme

    Hello 😁

    Get some pictures up!
  9. I doubt it, I wasn't allowed to buy one as my missus has bought me one for my birthday. I don't think she would have been as on the button as I would!
  10. It's really all over the place, it's very hard to notice any kind of pattern other than the temperature outside. Like today, stereo worked perfectly fine, windows opening and closed, stayed on without an issue, I'll get in it tonight when its cooler and it probably won't come on at all. I have thought at times that maybe the headlights weren't as bright as my black GTI but put that down to just being in my head! I checked the alternator at the battery with a multimeter while the car was running with everything I could turn on, on. And it was in the 14 volts area. I forget the exact number, but I know it was as it should be. Whereabouts are the earth points? They're probably worth having a look at next?
  11. I never actually got around to trying to fix this as changing the ignition switch looks a hassle, it isn't effecting day to day driving and it's never gotten any worse. Plus in the summer months it works a lot more consistently. I'm just kinda thinking I should sort it to check it off the list more than anything. A new aspect of it that I have only recently noticed though is that sometimes if i press a window switch or spray the screen wash, the stereo will power down, turn off then immediately come back on. Battery and alternator voltages are still where they should be so would this still point to ignition switch? I do have a spare one lying around somewhere!
  12. Yeah, you can just replace the switches individually.
  13. Skajme

    New shoes

    neither link works
  14. Thanks! Gonna get that done when I renew next time, not to tempt fate but it's only a few months away! Would I be better with a specialist insurance company for something like that aswell? Is the standard immobiliser not upto much? Any recommendation? haha, be as nosey as you like unfortunately I don't have an answer for you though. It came off a gti someone was breaking, and he said it was custom made. All I know is that its a 4-2-1 manifold Cheers 😊 Definitely worth doing, going to get it done for sure! Thanks! The hours of cleaning/polishing are worth it!
  15. ARB is on, like everyone's said it makes a big difference, so I'm very happy with it! Have since put on a BMC CDA with metal piping and I have a stainless manifold to go on, I'll probably get this fitted at Tony Banks with a sports cat. Gonna keep hold of the standard mani incase I ever want to revert back! Got some car park pictures today, multi-storeys have the best lighting!
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