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  1. Not 100% on this, but I'm sure i remember reading somewhere on here that there was only around 10 or so of them
  2. Just to update this, seems that you can now pre-order them for a July Delivery! https://club-ottomobile.com/en/july/398-volkswagen-lupo-gti.html
  3. ah ok, nice to hear it was an honest mistake! Lot of dodgy characters about, ha
  4. Cheers, have just been and bought the ARB from Awesome. I've got a tin of black hammerite knocking about, so I'm going to give all the mounting hardware a couple of coats just to at least give it some protection as I have heard a few times already that they rust up pretty badly! It comes with all black bushes now that don't require greasing. I'm guessing that's recent as all the pictures i've seen before they are yellow!
  5. Alright mate. Do you have the scuttle panel, and if so is the clip that slots into the windscreen intact all the way along?
  6. Cheers, mate! It's getting there! Hopefully getting a whiteline rear arb next week, heard great things so i'm looking forward to sorting it! Quick pic aswell
  7. Done some sleuthing...and I feel like it's this Lupo... Year and mileage fit, the mats are the same, same blue centre logos and where the bootlid lines up with the rear left light it has the same slight misalignment. It does look laser blue in the pics, so all I can think is, altered photos in the hope of cashing in on the rarity of laser blue? It's very easy to adjust a blue in photoshop
  8. it's listed as first registered in 2002 on the MOT history aswell, so it must be accurate!
  9. Noticed this on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-GTi-Laser-Blue-60k-FSH/192922678368?hash=item2ceb167460:g:-BIAAOSw965c4s5L An original laser blue GTI from 2002 is something that doesn't exist though?
  10. Nice, glad to hear it was such an easy fix!
  11. Saw this on Facebook yesterday. They actually look really well made! From what I can see on the website, all the other 1/18 cars are about 60 euros. I might have to order one of these!
  12. How much was the spoiler out of interest?
  13. well, the 20's did scrub very occasionally, I think around 17mm is the sweet spot! I didn't really notice any difference to driving with them, certainly nothing negative
  14. Cheers! Every time I look at the wheels, I love them more!
  15. Such a nice colour, almost as nice as Raven Blue 😉 Looks a tidy example! 15mm spacers will be fine without rubbing
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