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  1. The little cubby hole should pull out pretty easily, then you should be able to reach behind the stereo which should give you the leverage to force/wriggle it out. Basically what Rich was saying, ha
  2. Skajme

    Lupo Gti

    Link above still works fine for me
  3. There's a girl I follow on instagram that has one of the original press cars that was in top gear magazine in 1999! Number plate is T62 DBW, green one with the triple bench in the back!
  4. Great video that, seem's like a decent bloke, him
  5. I live in Manchester, but I'm down Barnsley way at weekends so could take it up there with me
  6. I'll dm you Edit: actually, looks like you can't send pics over DM so I'll stick it on here
  7. I actually have one that I bought a few years back off a lad breaking a gti. I obviously had every intention of fitting it to mine but never got around to it and probably never will now. Have been thinking I should probably sell it. I've no idea what make it is or anything, but you can have it for £100 if you want
  8. Wheels look decent, but there's no way they are 17 inch wheels. Look like they are 15 inch to me. 17 inch alloys barely fit in the gti arches
  9. it isn't an MOT failure anyway, it was an advisory on my first GTI before I fixed it, and on my second GTI before I fixed that they never even mentioned it
  10. if its the glass clamp you are needing, you can get them on ebay, they're pretty cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361072649114?hash=item54119b639a:g:wrAAAOSwajVUMbFK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221576161398?hash=item3396f7e876:g:464AAOSwF1dUMawn There's links to both sides as I'm not sure which side you need.
  11. Yeah I've seen the video aswell, and 'that' corner 😂 Amazing stuff! amazing car
  12. it's just what happens to them unfortunately, both my GTIs had the exact same issue with just two leads and mine were all attached properly. I've seen it mentioned a fair few times on this forum by others aswell!
  13. if you take the leads off of the coilpack, the connections will be all crusty if that's what is causing the issue. I've had it on both my GTI's I replaced both the leads and the coilpack as the corrosion was on both
  14. Left is 6E0 809 961 E Right is 6E0 809 962 F All I can say to you is good luck! I was after one for my old GTI about 6 years ago and it took me a fair old while to find one back then!
  15. oh, well in that case I don't think you should have any issues at all as long as you're not going crazy low! I have 195/40/16s on 7.5j et35 wheels on mine and never scrub I was also at one time running 8J 16 inch wheels with an offset of 25mm and they only rubbed occasionally so I think you will be fine
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