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  1. Interesting, might have a go at that then. run it for how long with the tabs in? Just having a quick google, I'm assuming its the hydrochloric acid type stuff for cleaning the tank? how much you after for the loom and switches? I can't agree on the tailgate though, sorry Rich! 😊
  2. Small update, nothing of note to add really, working on tidying up a few engine bay bits at the moment, bit of rust on the power steering tank bracket the usual suspects! Also on the lookout for a coolant reservoir as mine is fairly grim on the inside. Anyone know what they cost from VW or have a clean one they don't want? Also bought another bootlid with a polo 6R handle on which is situated a bit lower down than the one I currently have on. Needs a bit of work before it gets put on though. Few pics anyway My personal driver there on the last pic, She's ok. Can be a bit ruff with the steering...
  3. Can't have helped the aerodynamics driving about with a kid holding your spoiler on!
  4. yeah, it's smart that! Nice to see one where the sills aren't all chewed to bits!
  5. There's a view counter right down near the bottom, it says 4284 currently!
  6. no, these are cambridge lights, they have a grey strip across where the indicator is.
  7. it's because the GTI has a slightly wider track up front, so the front struts need to be slightly different to accommodate this
  8. yeah, i drilled mine out! The powerflex one, you'll think you won't be able to get it in, but like a lot of things in life, if you use enough force and some gentle lubrication you'll get it there.
  9. Skajme


    I'm a fan of that, looks lovely!
  10. I use Bosch A928S wipers, they're 21 and 19 inch which I believe is the same as the GTI ones. I'm sure i originally found the info for them on here somewhere
  11. Yeah, I had a feeling I was looking at something in the barrel being knackered just by how it felt. I think I'll just take it in to a VW specialist in the morning, definitely beyond my capabilities and it's not really something I can leave. Had to park it round the back of the house with the fuel pump fuse out for tonight. Cheers man!
  12. Got home from work earlier, turned the car off as normal. But the key is fully stuck and won't come out. I've had a search online and can't find a great deal of help, i've tried the obvious stuff, wiggling it and the steering wheel to no avail. The car still starts back up, so battery is fine. from what I can see it looks like it won't quite turn all the way left to the point where it releases. Probably 2 or 3mm away and the actual ignition slot is depressed in. Any ideas??
  13. that's what i had to do on my old one. someone had overtightened the 3 bolts and stripped the plastic around the back so they were just spinning! Just be careful not to damage the spoiler and you should be fine
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