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  1. They are a straight swap, in fact my car had mk4 recaros in when i bought it! I think there's a very slight amount that needs grinding off the bottom so they will slide back and forward freely without catching on the carpet. But that's no hard job!
  2. They are wired differently, I'm fairly sure there is a thread or a diagram on here somewhere that shows you what pins need swapping
  3. I just bought one off someone second hand, sorry!
  4. Yeah it does. Replaced mine a few months back because it had been snapped off and was loose on one side
  5. It's a damn sight nicer than the absolute dog on Auto Trader thats up for 7k!
  6. Lemforder arms and mk4 golf R32 rear bushes for it is what I personally would go for
  7. Does look smart that! looks well looked after, no doubt it will get more of the same treatment from you!
  8. Skajme

    My new car

    I'm sure i've seen on here somewhere that Bosch spark plugs don't play nice with the GTI and to use NGK ones. I'm not sure if that's still the case though I can't see why it would have changed!
  9. I used one of these boys to get that collar off https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-12pcs-Bearing-Splitter-Gear-Puller-Fly-Wheel-Separator-Set-With-Box-Tool-Kit/263550520539?hash=item3d5cd5ccdb:g:2~MAAOSwKtBd0lfE Made light work of it!
  10. Pretty common this. The loom for the boot attaches on the passenger side behind the plastic trim that surrounds the rear seats latch, just above the wheel arch. The connector for the rear wiper likes to disconnect there and spray the water all over the place. Best place to start looking!
  11. Looks good! I feel like the rear needs to come down slightly though!
  12. You can get them on ebay for about £30, they come in primer. Pretty expensive but its an option and they're easy enough to paint
  13. Looks really smart that, good height I reckon!
  14. To be fair it wasn't pristine anyway, or I wouldn't have done it
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