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  1. Skajme

    GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Your old ones are not GTI ball joints, they look like they have been replaced at some point with standard ones. The new ones are the right size!
  2. Skajme

    wheel spacer size for 16" BBS RC'S

    The ET on the RC's is 35, so a 20mm spacer on the rear would take it down to 15ET. I would recommend not going under 25ET if you are lowered, because unless your arches are rolled you will get scrubbing! Me personally, I would go for 10mm on the back and 5mm up front
  3. Skajme

    Lupo GTI

    looks tidy!
  4. Skajme

    My Raven Blue GTI

    was 90% looks, not gonna lie 😁
  5. Skajme

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Upgraded my brakes to g60s today, went for the Brembo performance discs in the end, also replaced the ARB bushes and the droplink bushes with OEM. Getting the metal bracket to fit on to line back up for the bolt on the ARB bushes was an absolute nightmare! Took forever! Couple of pics, didn't have time to clean the arches or paint the calipers, will be done once better weather arrives! Thanks to @yeha for the carriers!
  6. Skajme

    G60 Carriers - New

    Nah I had lupo ones lying around because I was due new pads/discs anyway and they are supposed to fit. You got yours on without any issue?
  7. Skajme

    G60 Carriers - New

    So, these don't fit. As in they fit on the car and the discs fit, but the brake pads do not due to the bit the pads sit on being different. Here's a couple of pics are these just useless then, or is there a pad that will fit??
  8. Skajme

    Lupo Pop-out rear Window Conversion

    Very handy this as I have some pop out windows sitting here waiting for warmer weather to be put in. Some helpful tips!
  9. Skajme

    Window regulator clips

    Fair enough, I'll remove it all then, not messing about blind! Was actually just thinking that about upgrading the speakers while they're out. Why not throw some more money at it while i'm messing about! 😀
  10. Skajme

    Window regulator clips

    Haha fair one, I've replaced both regulators on my old car so I do know the logistics of it. Just on this car it still has the original speakers so they will need drilling out where as my old car had aftermarkets screwed in. Much easier Thought you might just be able to lower the window to the bottom and do it from there. sigh 🙄
  11. Skajme

    Window regulator clips

    Need to replace these as my window is loose and rattles when i close the door with the window down. Can you replace them without taking the regulator out of the door??
  12. Skajme

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Was thinking shadow chrome for mine, but I think I want them a bit lighter than that. Probably just going to get something thats a close match to the original finish! Managed to get myself an Arosa dash for free, so I took the centre stereo surround out and painted the surrounds on the vents to match the car, finally got around to swapping it over today! Always preferred the round vents, think they suit the style of the Lupo a lot more than the boring stock ones! I have two spare side vents aswell, was thinking of doing them gloss black to match the top of the binnacle? I think doing them blue aswell would look too much
  13. Skajme

    G60 Carriers - New

    That's a pass then, nice one!
  14. Skajme

    G60 Carriers - New

    Anyone know if MTEC are any good? They do some at a pretty decent price
  15. Skajme

    G60 Carriers - New

    I just spent £120 on some mapco ones about 2 weeks ago 🙄🙄 typical!

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