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  1. The brake hose sort of slots around/against it, It positions the brake hose correctly and stops it from moving around. That was my understanding when I stuck on a new caliper a few weeks ago anyway Edit, can see it on this picture I shamelessly stole from google
  2. The GTI anti roll bar is 22mm diameter
  3. It was mounted correctly yes, though this issue did make me double check, so not such a stupid question ha! Weirdly It's been on for almost two years without an issue so I'm not too sure what has happened! it's off for the time being anyway, Forgot how much difference it made now it's gone! That's the issue I want to avoid ha, Keen on an Up! GTI though!
  4. Which facebook page was that on? I'm on a few and never saw that! Would have been handy as a spare for that price!
  5. Just been MOT'd for another year, failed initially on a stuck front caliper which i replaced and weirdly the D bar on whiteline rear arb that goes around the rear beam was touching the fuel tank so there was a risk of it damaging it so that's had to come off! Any one else had that issue? Actually been having thoughts of getting rid recently, but I don't know if i could do it to myself! Here's a recent picture anyway
  6. putting the part number into this website returns a result. https://gtvnaujos.lt/#/ Only problem is that it's in Lithuanian, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to figure out. Crazy that these have become a nightmare to get a hold of. Maybe I should have bought a couple when I replaced mine a couple of years back!
  7. Looks good, loads better now it's a bit lower. I'm impressed at what a good condition those sills appear to be in! You don't see that too often on a Lupo
  8. I used emanualonline to get elsawin and had no issues.
  9. It's probably the switch, yeah. Them dying is pretty common. You can confirm it by swapping the switches over and seeing if the problem moves with them. It's pretty simple to do, you just need to remove the door card to get to the connectors, it's all fairly obvious once you're in there
  10. You can only get away with 16s on a GTI imo. for one, they actually fit. And they look good with the wider arches. Not that I am biased at all... l
  11. I thought they differed aswell due to the need to accommodate the GTI's wider track?
  12. Yeah I got one from https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/profile/47049-terexus/
  13. I changed my drivers one maybe 6 months ago for an Ebay special. it's still good now, so for the money I paid I'm happy with it. It was pretty straightforward to change, think that's the video I used for reference aswell actually!
  14. You decided to keep it then I'm assuming? Not sure how bothered you are about this but I used to have the wrong length wipers and they missed a spot at the bottom of the screen it annoyed the hell out of me! The wipers should be 21' and 19'. not 18' and 19'. You can get a twin pack which is what i use, search up Bosch A928S
  15. Ordered one of these for my drivers door, as its been on the way out for a while 'No lights left on tone' 'car relocking after 30 seconds with the door open' which i could live with. But now the drivers door doesn't unlock with the fob which I can't be doing with so I'm finally replacing it. I've looked at a few golf tutorials, and i know about only loosening the lock retaining screw. So it should be pretty straightforward, right?
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