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  1. Skajme


    I'm a fan of that, looks lovely!
  2. I use Bosch A928S wipers, they're 21 and 19 inch which I believe is the same as the GTI ones. I'm sure i originally found the info for them on here somewhere
  3. Yeah, I had a feeling I was looking at something in the barrel being knackered just by how it felt. I think I'll just take it in to a VW specialist in the morning, definitely beyond my capabilities and it's not really something I can leave. Had to park it round the back of the house with the fuel pump fuse out for tonight. Cheers man!
  4. Got home from work earlier, turned the car off as normal. But the key is fully stuck and won't come out. I've had a search online and can't find a great deal of help, i've tried the obvious stuff, wiggling it and the steering wheel to no avail. The car still starts back up, so battery is fine. from what I can see it looks like it won't quite turn all the way left to the point where it releases. Probably 2 or 3mm away and the actual ignition slot is depressed in. Any ideas??
  5. that's what i had to do on my old one. someone had overtightened the 3 bolts and stripped the plastic around the back so they were just spinning! Just be careful not to damage the spoiler and you should be fine
  6. Managed to get hold of some OEM heated leather seats! They're not perfect, but they're in great condition for the age and original seats beats the mk4 golf ones that came with the car! Have to look into getting a loom to wire them in now! Not the best pic, sun was a nightmare today, but you get the idea
  7. Looks smart that! Wheel twins
  8. Cheers, as am i! Honestly it was easy enough. Toughest part is potentially getting the collar thing off the steering column, which is what put me off for the longest time. But if you have one of those bearing puller tools, that makes light work of it!
  9. haha tell me about it! 90% of that time to be fair was me not wanting to try and remove all the bits to get to it. But with the right tools it was actually relatively simple!
  10. Just to update this, incase something similar happens to anyone else. It was the ignition switch causing the issues
  11. Couple more pics, don't think I will ever get tired of looking at this car!
  12. That looks like Bury?? You don't see many Lupos around these parts!
  13. Yeah, seems to work perfectly! Crystal clear
  14. nah, it isn't a compartment and doesn't open. there's nothing under it either. It's where I hide my DAB aerial!
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