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  1. it isn't an MOT failure anyway, it was an advisory on my first GTI before I fixed it, and on my second GTI before I fixed that they never even mentioned it
  2. if its the glass clamp you are needing, you can get them on ebay, they're pretty cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361072649114?hash=item54119b639a:g:wrAAAOSwajVUMbFK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221576161398?hash=item3396f7e876:g:464AAOSwF1dUMawn There's links to both sides as I'm not sure which side you need.
  3. Yeah I've seen the video aswell, and 'that' corner 😂 Amazing stuff! amazing car
  4. it's just what happens to them unfortunately, both my GTIs had the exact same issue with just two leads and mine were all attached properly. I've seen it mentioned a fair few times on this forum by others aswell!
  5. if you take the leads off of the coilpack, the connections will be all crusty if that's what is causing the issue. I've had it on both my GTI's I replaced both the leads and the coilpack as the corrosion was on both
  6. Left is 6E0 809 961 E Right is 6E0 809 962 F All I can say to you is good luck! I was after one for my old GTI about 6 years ago and it took me a fair old while to find one back then!
  7. oh, well in that case I don't think you should have any issues at all as long as you're not going crazy low! I have 195/40/16s on 7.5j et35 wheels on mine and never scrub I was also at one time running 8J 16 inch wheels with an offset of 25mm and they only rubbed occasionally so I think you will be fine
  8. I'm not sure about fitment on a standard Lupo because I own a GTI so I won't comment, but as for the tyres, 195/50 tyres would fit on 7.5J wheels, I have 7.5J wheels with 195/40 tyres on. The 195's would give you slightly more breathing space aswell
  9. If there's the two plastic nuts and nothing else it sounds like you mean the little black plastic box that the clip sits inside? Found a pic online of said box, its not a great pic but should give you an idea of what's missing. you can see the sensor cable going into it. I don't know if the box is GTI specific but i'm sure someone will be able to help you more if that's what's missing
  10. I used to see a few GTIs about near me, but in the last couple of years I haven't seen any! Saw a gorgeous TDI on the M60 today though! Spot on it was
  11. Yeah. It fits all lupos, not GTi specific
  12. Took it off my car a few months ago and it's just been lying about ever since. It's in good condition, I painted all the fixings with black hammerite when I first got it so it's all been well protected and they're all there and intact, so ready to go straight on your car. Pick up only from Manchester in the week or Barnsley most weekends £100
  13. Looks absolutely bang on that mate. What colour have you had the wheels done? They look smart
  14. That is absolutely gorgeous! Something about a nice straight sill! Good luck with the sale
  15. Wow this was cheap! Even with the mileage I feel like you could of probably gotten close to 5k for it!
  16. The fact each of their posts except for one have a dubious link in them, makes me very suspicious about it. Of course I would be happy to be wrong, but the internet is a strange and misleading place at times!
  17. Fairly certain Alexagan is a bot account
  18. The brake hose sort of slots around/against it, It positions the brake hose correctly and stops it from moving around. That was my understanding when I stuck on a new caliper a few weeks ago anyway Edit, can see it on this picture I shamelessly stole from google
  19. The GTI anti roll bar is 22mm diameter
  20. It was mounted correctly yes, though this issue did make me double check, so not such a stupid question ha! Weirdly It's been on for almost two years without an issue so I'm not too sure what has happened! it's off for the time being anyway, Forgot how much difference it made now it's gone! That's the issue I want to avoid ha, Keen on an Up! GTI though!
  21. Which facebook page was that on? I'm on a few and never saw that! Would have been handy as a spare for that price!
  22. Just been MOT'd for another year, failed initially on a stuck front caliper which i replaced and weirdly the D bar on whiteline rear arb that goes around the rear beam was touching the fuel tank so there was a risk of it damaging it so that's had to come off! Any one else had that issue? Actually been having thoughts of getting rid recently, but I don't know if i could do it to myself! Here's a recent picture anyway
  23. putting the part number into this website returns a result. https://gtvnaujos.lt/#/ Only problem is that it's in Lithuanian, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to figure out. Crazy that these have become a nightmare to get a hold of. Maybe I should have bought a couple when I replaced mine a couple of years back!
  24. Looks good, loads better now it's a bit lower. I'm impressed at what a good condition those sills appear to be in! You don't see that too often on a Lupo
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