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  1. His last visit to the forum was in Feb 2019. However, he was selling a GTI with the number plate on it at that time and the advert contains his name and mobile number.
  2. I am also always on the lookout for a minter, but this time it has to be in order of preference Laser, Anthracite then Raven. It would have to be an amazing car stock car for me to go north of Β£7K πŸ˜€
  3. Yep big improvement the Cambridge rear lights. Your GTI is looking really good.
  4. There is an Anthracite grey one on Pistonheads for a eye watering Β£9,495!
  5. That's the million dollar question. All 3 of my GTI's had bubbling paint on the spoiler when I bought them. Each time I had them professionally resprayed and fitted a new brakelight. I tried various ways of sealing both the spoiler where it joins the tailgate as well as the brakelight unit into the spoiler, however, no joy!
  6. The link doesn't work and all Lupo GTI mats were edged in red.
  7. Yep sorry I forgot it was March 02 not March 01 they changed to 6 speed πŸ‘
  8. Could do with a bit more info before suggesting a value. I am guessing its a 6 speed. Can see its got a sunroof, any other factory options. How many owners and what is the service history like. When and at what mileage was the cam belt, tensioners and water pump last changed. Two keys and manuals etc present?
  9. Well done on your perseverance. I am sure you will find one at sensible money. Good luck.
  10. They are having a laugh with that Ebay one. I got mine from my local VW dealer albeit probably 2 years ago. I have sourced obsolete stock in the past from Heritage VW.
  11. I haven't bought an OEM one for a couple of years but it was only about Β£50 new. I would be wary of a used one due to the known issues with water ingress to the spoiler/brake light. Keep us posted on the work on your Anthracite GTI πŸ™‚
  12. Yep last visit to the forum as a member was 22/02/15.
  13. They do come up on ebay from time to time. I picked up a genuine full set which had been lightly used for not a lot of money.
  14. Well done. It looks a pretty honest example from the limited photos. Keep us updated with your fettling.
  15. Has this sold?
  16. Your Lupo GTI appear to have turned up 5 minutes from where I live in Cardiff. Small world.
  17. Yep that looks a really great job. I would say the GTI badge on the front grille is not quite sited in the right position.
  18. Looks really good. Bet you are pleased your Clio went instead.
  19. Welcome! I like my GTI's stock but I must say yours looks good.
  20. I can help save you the outlay by taking your beautiful Laser blue GTI off your hands 😁
  21. It would be useful if you showed the number plate as anyone interested would probably want to look at the mot history before making contact. Number of previous owners and when and at what mileage was the cam belt, tensioners and water pump last replaced would also be handy. GLWTS. πŸ™‚
  22. I noticed your Lupo was no longer listed on Autotrader. Horses for courses but I prefer the Lupo over the Clio. Nice to see a brand new set of OEM mats.
  23. I don't think you can say the UK car I have referenced is inferior unless you have physically seen them both which obviously you haven't. I have bought and sold 3 superb Lupo GTI's over the last 8 years and remain very close to the market. Despite people banging on about future classics and an appreciating asset the price of a standout UK car has remained sub Β£7K. There was a company in Bristol a few years ago who imported a fair few Lupo GTI's from Japan and they priced them about Β£750 to Β£1000 below a comparable UK GTI, which I think is right. The Japanese imports are only available in the least scarce colours of black, silver and red. They have increased standard spec of aircon and side airbags but I have never seen one with a sunroof, leather or heated seats which leads me to think these options weren't available for the Japanese market. Service history etc is of course a whole new ball game. I wish you well and it's nice to think there will be a couple of more GTI's available soonish.
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