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  1. almost exactly a year later........
  2. i also owned it, was it you that put the orange/black leather interior in it?
  3. haha theres loads mate, all under ****ed up names, do them in white, gold, black and graphite as well, i like 'em
  4. ah i see, ye i've seen the dare ones, i thought they were these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/18-D-LUX-RETRO-Q-SILVER-STAGGERED-WHEELS-5-112-ET45-VW-MERCEDES-ALLOYS-/230962258398?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item35c66c61de
  5. nice! they those kingpin os4 deep dish rotiform replicas? was wanting a set for when i get my next car, good choice, look mint
  6. there is no spare wheel space lol its gone to make room for the exhaust
  7. couldn't mate, speed bump that i have to go over every day pulled all the screws loose that kept it in place, so it was continually scraping
  8. it was a cupra splitter, i took it off as it was scraping on speed bumps so its for sale
  9. check out this thread http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/93464-sams-bola-green-mk2-arosa-hashtag-bullet-steels-lol/page-6
  10. ye they'd look lovely, thought you were on a budget hence i mentioned trims....buy my banded steels lol
  11. looks nice man, love smoothed white lupos. Should get some merc/audi trims, can pick some decent ones up on ebay for between £10-30 mine cost me £5
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