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  1. Thanks, Ashley! I've just put in my order at Elite! Can't wait! I had a look at the paints4u site, and chose a kit, but it wont let me add it to the shopping basket, so will have to call them tomorrow. Any tips on that side of things would be very welcome, as a dodgy finish would bug me no end! Here are the two main offenders: I have to park on a main road, hence all the dust already on the car
  2. It seems a trip to an online store is in order then! Any suggestions? Really appreciate the advice by the way
  3. Well, to be fair 'screwed' is probably an exaggeration! It has some nasty chunks taken out by flying gravel and things, but most of the dirt that you can still feel on the paint could be taken away with a clay bar? I expect it's obvious I don't know much about this kinda thing, but I have a friend who details cars who says a lot can be removed with clay bars... I'll try to get a picture later.
  4. This is one of those times when I wish I'd listened to someone's advice! The guy just rang me to explain that the windscreen has cracked! He had the seat right the way forward and then flipped the lever to get in the back and the headrest has hit the windscreen! He was genuinely shocked though. Autoglass are coming Monday as the screen isn't one that's on the shelf in Bristol. The clean has also revealed how screwed my paintwork is, so gonna think about getting a quote for that. Anyone know any good sprayshops in or near Gloucester? *sigh*
  5. Thing is it's already booked in for tomorrow morning and I've already had to change the date. I know what you're saying about taking pride in it more myself, but really it's more a case of not having time. I work long days away from home, and at the moment I just want it clean! The idea is to get them to do the major job and I'll keep on top of it from then... that's the plan!
  6. I have 68,000 on the clock... I think that's 20k more than when I got it in August '08.
  7. That's nice. Be good to see the whole car though? Also nice Shame we can't use the VW logo... it'd make a nice keyring, too! Really like these ones! Nice idea to have them in the Lupo colours, too Not sure if that's been done before as I'm kinda new round here! Maybe a collaboration of this last design (with www. and .com in smaller font either side) and the outline drawing? Good work
  8. pretty sure my black one is all standard. ive had it 3 years now and not modded it at all. not sure whats on the clock, ill have a look in the morning.
  9. That does look amazing! does it affect the lights much?
  10. Thinking of getting new ICE and wheels...

  11. I've had the bug to some degree a few times, and ended up buying a bunch of stuff I never used! :op Been almost living out of my gti for a while now, and it's embarrassingly dirty! Having it valeted next weekend, then I'm on a strict no workwear or coffee cups rule!
  12. Spotted a yellow Lupo heading north on the M5. I beeped as I went past.
  13. I like the new roof, mate. Very nice. I've had my Lupo GTi in the garage for the past week after some idiot in a stolen Corsa (*spits*) ran into me at some lights. The bumper's wasted, the exhaust was buckled and pushed in and under the car, and the boot compartment was squashed slightly. They've had to change the exhaust too, as they reckon they couldn't find a match. Once I get it back it's going for some serious cleaning, and I'm looking into getting some mods on it, at the moment it's all standard stock. In the meantime I have to drive the garage's courtesy car....a Ford KA. Nice My car... and their car. I tried to insert images, but it didn't like it! After the accident I took these pics for the insurance claim, and when I turned round he'd fecked off somewhere! So I had to call the coppers in to report it all. lovely persono. Coulda been worse I guess.
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