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  1. times everyone staying till? might a drive over
  2. its fine now thanks i managed to get it off, its got 3 m5 allen key bolts in the box at the bottom of the pipe that needed removing to take it off. thanks anyway
  3. hi guys, anyone know how to remove the engine breather pipe? if so how do you do it ? thanks
  4. hahahaha that made me laugh, i ment out of most chargers someone told me when i first got mine that there fairly easy to install and set up
  5. if you wanna to suup it up i have reason to believe the g40 charger fits fairly easy, however i could just be talking **** hahah
  6. just wondering if i could get a few more ponys out of it
  7. which of the cats gives the most restrictions or do both have to go ?
  8. hi guys what would be the best injector upgrade for a lupo 1.4s and what gains would i get ? thanks
  9. any one know the roof dimensions of a lupo? im at work and want to order checked vinyl for mine thanks in advance
  10. morning people, just wondering what my cars is worth, its an x reg lupo 1.4e, its WHITE yum yum, and has 73000 on the clock, exterior is not bad od mark here and there but its over 10 years old so i guess there probably will be on all cars of this ages (unless kept in the garage and not parked in tescos for over 10 mins haha), and the interior is next to mint, really clean. if i was to sell it how much do you think i should be asking ? i was think 1300-1500? what do you think cheers
  11. Bazza21

    golf back seats

    cool, is it hard to do ?
  12. Bazza21

    golf back seats

    hi people, what length are the golf back bench sizes ? would they fit in a lupo or are they too long ? if so how much work is reuired to make them fit. thanks guys and gals baz
  13. im down 40mm at the back on springs :/ so its not even that low really. they sit well when no ones in the car. when theres a little weight in this is when the problem occurs. might take out my sub, spare wheel and seat haha
  14. isnt lower profile the percentage, thats the 45 part, the 195 is the width? there running on 7js which is a wide wheel tbh
  15. lowered my car about 2-3 weeks ago but was running on normal lupo wheel set up (5.5j, 175 65) then last night i got my bmw e30 15inch 7js (tyres 195 45 15 slight stretch but nothing much) finished and fitted, after a quick run down the road i found out that it scrapes doing anything other than going straight. So out came the bar and hammer, had a good hour rolling the arch lip in. tried again going down the road. BRILLIANT no scraping, thought i had cracked it, until somebody sat in the back and i did 20 miles in it, this made carnage of my tyre :/ so what would be the next step to try ? more rolling or buy a set of camber shins ? thanks in advance barry
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