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  1. Sooooo glad they got done in the end lol would have cried if they had to be given up on & sold on I think!! I'm still for taking it & putting it in the car park at UD with some sarky note about not being on air & rotiforms in the window ....... but that thats me! Haha
  2. Would rather a harvester or pizza hut or ruby tuesday or TGI's :-p lol
  3. As above just by McArthur Gen outlet with bonnet bra on 6.10pm
  4. July/Aug probably best shout, will start a thread in May?
  5. Because people are all over the place & the cost of going for a good run I'd be more likely to say once every 3 months say 4 a year. Personally I'd rather have less meets & more people turn up & make the effort, than regularly & people just think - oh well I'll go to the next one cos their so close together. If that makes sense? If its going to be a "static" meet monthly for an hr or so on an evening then fair enough but I'd prefer to spend an afternoon on it, have a good drive & go to some nice places for pics like the Elan Valley. Just my opinion :-D Plus between other car club meets & shows all summer, once a month would be too much.
  6. Fab meet! Really enjoyed it & meeting everyone, really good turnout Can't wait to see all the pics, that ones awesome with them all in lol.
  7. Mines taped & gimp masked up ready just gotta roll it out I moan about it being garaged but it has its plus sides haha
  8. You've got it! Looking forward to seeing you all!
  9. Want to say 3pm Sunday at Coldra, 3hrs for a good drive then pizza hut after? Ed - getting into a country this awesome costs :-p
  10. Yeah keep us updated. Good luck getting it sorted! Hopefully its something simple & cheap lol
  11. Can't quote you Ed but think your right - it limps you home & limits your revs & speed
  12. Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully its a little electrical fault
  13. Haha like after 3 probably lol, only because I maybe towing in the morning, but I'm happy to catch up if the concencus is earlier though
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